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  1. So just downloaded Shuffle. I'm not much into FTP or puzzle games, but I think it's pretty fun so far.
  2. Your rule cannot extinguish mine. Your hands look like paintbrushes!
  3. See that smile? That's my confidence that I'll run away before I die by the likes of you.
  4. Shut your annoying little trap. I'll have you know I have a mouth, and I'm strong.
  5. [A zombie draws near! Command?] [Fight/Item/Parry/Succumb to Hug]
  6. #DragonQuestIn5Words - A slime draws near! Command?
  7. Probably in Gen VIII or something.
  8. Speaking of low-level Bug-types, I used a Beautifly in Emerald, just as an excuse to emulate May's anime team (well, as much as pre-E4 allowed me to). Anyway! What is your planned team in Pokemon Z, if it ever is announced? Me, the final team will be Chespin, Dunsparce, Blastoise, Salamence, Aurorus, and Umbreon, with several more to be used in rotation.
  9. Just got a Clear Bell, and tried catching Lugia several times. Basically, it involves using Iron Head on it a few times with Gransaurer, sacrificing my Tentacool, then using Tsubomi to put it to sleep. Both times, the attempt was unsuccessful. I really need to stock up on more Poke Balls, as well as Ultra and Great.
  10. Late to the party, but vote for whatever characters you want as DLC here: cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/ Me, I voted for King K. Rool and a few others. M
  11. Been watching GaoGaiGar and Heartcatch Precure since I resumed watching them last month.
  12. Here's something that's been stuck since I listened to it recently, after not listening to it since I was 11 or something: I do admit, I can get through somber moments just fine, but this song will always make me cry.
  13. Sorry for necroposting, but let's see how the DQIX dragons have improved compared to TW3D. ãƒãƒ«ãƒœãƒ­ã‚¹/Balboros/Barbarus Rank SS/Size 2/Dragon Family Skillset: Vile Void Traits: メガボディ/Mega Body/Big Hitter (all damage this monster inflicts is increased by 1.2x) AI 2回行動/Double Trouble (monster will act twice in succession, even when given a direct order) プレッシャー/Pressure/Intimidating (can intimidate and immobilize the enemy party at the beginning of a battle) ベタンブレイク/Crafty Donker (reduces enemy resistance to Donk-type skills; has no effect on ene
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