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  1. Tell her that her no importing rule is of little import.


    Then be grounded for a long time.

    I'm afraid I can't. The only place for me to find them is at a Half Price Books store, but most of the time, I find the same ol' game each time and decide to hold off on it. You know she doesn't like to shop online, so that's why we go through all this effort for even a half-decent import game.

    (Argh, no localization details about TW3D/RS3D (at least not until tomorrow, by some miracle); I really wanted to see what a gemslime would look like with Deathtamoor's hands. Guess I'll have to buy original!Terry's Wonderland/Dragon Warrior Monsters or DWM2: Tara's Adventure whenever I have the money and I can find it.)

  2. (cue death theme music from DQIX)

    That was exactly what I expected. Guess I'll have to import it after all, but my mom has a "no importing" rule, so tough sh*t for me.

    EDIT: Tomorrow still holds hope for TW3D/Rocket Slime 3D, but if it doesn't happen, then I'm totally out of luck. Come on, Ninty, make localization announcements for them happen!

  3. I swear to Numen, if they don't list this at the end or post a preview on the website afterwards, I'll smite some wicked soul and plunge them into the fiery pit!

    Just kidding, but seriously (the following will go off-topic) if they don't list it, then I'll just have to stick with DQMJ2, but I got tired with it after I leveled up my Zenith dragon to level 100, so I'll have to play Dragon Warrior III for the GBC (which I recently got 2 days ago at a Games N Go). I wanted DWM or DWM2: Tara's Adventure, but I couuldn't find it anywhere in the state of Minnesota.

    Now, going on-topic: I do agree that there won't be a trailer in the main convention, but like Emptystar, I'm sure Nintendo will post the trailer (if they have one) on their E3 page.

  4. It almost looks like アギロゴス, which gets goog'd into Agirogosu. I might've got one of the characters wrong, since I was looking at a chart of them and seeing which ones best looked like the ones in its name.


    Oh. I was thinking he was supposed to be the spirit Rubriss, whose named is dropped a number of times in Caravan Heart.


    EDIT: The monster under EvilMech is named "Shingami Knight"(sp). Again, I think it's based on the strongest variety of the knight monsters in the original Dragon Quest/Warrior. You find them in the Dragonlord's castle.


    EDIT 2: The orange and red text are extra traits, which seems to confirm that the rank-up system from Joker 2 Professional is back, working not only for all monsters, but has been altered so that any monster below SS/X-rank can do it. Shingami Knight's bottom two traits are Close Scraper, and Crafty Sizzer, respectively.

    It is indeed "Agirogosu," PantheonSasuke, but I translated it to Agilogos.

    Shinryu, it's actually reaper knight, but I guess "shinigami knight" is OK, too.

    EDIT: Can someone get higher-quality scans of what's already posted, but a few more too (slabbit, Zenith dragon, dragon machine, metal star, and (if it's in here) slime family (SlimeGang, to make things simpler for those of you used to the latter name))? Also, can anybody confirm if master slime made the cut?

  5. The metal star looks interesting, but I wonder how it will compare to canzar, slime blaster, liquid metal king slime, sli-dark robo (RoboSlime), the tanks, the ship, or the slime family (SlimeGang). Nice to see that they're adding more Giga Body slimes, though I hope they're not forgetting about Mega Body monsters as well.

    Who knows, they may add master slime eventually (though there's only four more days before it gets released), but they could be keeping its inclusion highly confidential in order to surprise some people (if it ever is added).

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