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  1. I named the green monkey from gen 4 (or 5, I don't know) Broccoli. That one was good for a laugh.

    Probably should've called it "Tree Freak."

    The green monkey's Pansage, and it's from Generation V.

  2. I like nicknaming my Pokemon with the first things that pop to mind.


    For example, I named my Skitty's "GetsAround" and "Baby Daddy" for the female and male versions respectively...I'll show myself out now.



    Another of my favorites is what I usually call Pidgey: CACAAAAAAAW!

    Usually, I like to nickname my Pokemon after fictional characters, taking characteristics of said character as well as similarities into account.

  3. So I finally beat the Battle Maison's double battles. Basically, Mer-Man fell to Evelyn's Persian without a chance to attack, Skeletor burned both Primeape and Persian, Sora-Kage used Dragon Claw on the weakened Persian, and Erika took care of the Primeape, Pachirisu, and Lumineon.

  4. Do we know its really a Pokemon and not a construct of some sort?

    It did say !? ã“ã€ã“ã‚Œã¯æ–°ãƒã‚±ãƒ¢ãƒ³!? (Th-this is a new Pokemon!?), plus there's bits and bobs flashing after the lightning.

  5. Images from the third XY movie revealed.


    Apparently, it has a new Pokemon in it. It's not Volcanion, since this new one is bipedal, so I think it must be a generation 7 'mon.

  6. I think I need to take up breeding again, because I only went as far as the 17th battle on Triples with my story team.

    I was thinking of Jolly Dragon Dance Charizard again, but I don't wanna breed the crap attack IV'd one from X, and I can't trade between games, since my first two 3DSes are broken, and I only have my third left.

  7. Doubt it. First generation remakes were during Gen III, with a new handheld. Second generation remakes were during Gen IV with a new handheld. Third generation remakes were during Gen VI with a new handheld. I expect Gen IV remakes after a new handheld.

    Probably in Gen VIII or something.

  8. Speaking of low-level Bug-types, I used a Beautifly in Emerald, just as an excuse to emulate May's anime team (well, as much as pre-E4 allowed me to).

    Anyway! What is your planned team in Pokemon Z, if it ever is announced? Me, the final team will be Chespin, Dunsparce, Blastoise, Salamence, Aurorus, and Umbreon, with several more to be used in rotation.

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