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  1. Dunno if it's already been made in the past or not, but I decided to make a thread about DQMJ3Pro, a game I don't even own yet, because why not?

    This is, as you can see, a place to talk about DQMJ3Pro and, for those of you who do own it or will soon, your experiences with it.

    Anyway, here I am, going back to tradition with some monster stats:


    Rank SS/Size 1/Slime Family


    スモールボディ/Small Body (dodges attacks sometimes due to its small size; also acts as a version of Early Bird)

    にげあし/Escape Artist (will always be able to flee from battle)

    ハードメタルボディ/Hard Metal Body (reduces damage sustained from enemy attacks to 1/4; however, MP consumption is multiplied by 2.5)

    ときどきピオラ/Occasional Accelerate (Accelerate will occasionally trigger at the end of a round) (when upgraded to Big Hitter)

    AI 2回行動/Double Trouble (attacks twice in a row, even when directly given an order other than "defend") (when upgraded to Grand Slammer)

    超こうどうはやい/Super Early Bird (the order is behind "Ultimate Early Bird," but above normal Early Bird) (when upgraded to Super Giga Body/Base Breaker)

    みかわしアップ/Artful Dodger (doubles the monster's chances of dodging enemy attacks) (+25 or more)

    星のまもり/Protection of the Stars (at the beginning of a round, if HP is at 1/8 or less, the ability Lucky triggers for three rounds; however, it can only be activated once per match) (+50 or more)

    光のはどう/Wave of Relief (removes most ailments from all allies)

    How to obtain: Wi-Fi present

    HP: 1080

    MP: 990

    ATK: 450

    DEF: 1500

    AGI: 1500

    WIS: 1350

    As always, feel free to comment.

  2. Been trying out the Nuzlocke challenge, particularly with Platinum and Sapphire.

    All four Platinum attempts failed due to team sweeping, and the first Sapphire attempt ended because I accidentally broke the "fainting=death" rule with a Zubat (for context, when I went to get my team healed up, I should've known to release my Zubat, which was killed by May's Grovyle, but no, I healed it).

    Now, I'm currently on my second attempt in Sapphire, with Mudkip (NEPGEAR), Zigzagoon (KILL-EYES), and Silcoon (MOTHRA) still alive, and Poochyena (PUFF) having died.

    In terms of non-Nuzlocke runs, I've been doing a normal playthrough of HeartGold (mostly for nostalgia's sake).

    EDIT: All of them are being played on real hardware, so I should expect some battery problems here and there.

  3. Bought Ultra Sun last Thursday, but only got around to playing it this week, and today, I shall now finally devote time to it until it's finally beaten.

    So far, my team includes: Sagat (Litten), Yungoos, Chop Shop (Grubbin), and Ichika (Buneary).

    (Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten around to vanilla!Sun's Ultra Beast storyline...)


    I've heard of the Ultra Sun/Moon news before, but late response:

    Wow, only a year between base and update? I'm surprised, Ninty/Game Freak.

    Pokemon Red and Blue came out September 28, 1998. Yellow came out October 18, 1999.

    Gold and Silver - October 15, 2000

    Crystal - July 30, 2001 

    Black and White - March 6, 2011

    B2W2 - October 7, 2012


    Having a span of approximately 1 year is not unheard of. Gens 3 and 4 had remakes between the sequel game and gen 6 didn't even have a sequel game. So the one year wait is about what we should have expected


    Forgot about those. How stupid of me.

    Maybe I should've clarified "exactly or less than one-year release between base game and definitive version/sequel (and yes, I know Yellow to Gold/Silver is a thing)," and even then, that would sound dumb.

  5. After two weeks of owning Pokemon Sun, I've finally beaten it, with the following team I used:

    Decidueye (Eziowl/Robbin' Hood), Lycanroc-MD (Rocky), Vikavolt (Shrapnel), Blissey (Peachy), Golisopod (Slush/Slash), and Oricorio (Baile Style) (Setsy).


    Now for the Ultra Beasts.

  6. And just under a month after my last post, I finally beat Dragon Quest VI (DS).

    I had Botsu (Hero), Ashlynn (Sage), Nevan (Sage), and Carver (Paladin)/Lizzie (Dragon) out for nearly all of the battle with Mortamor, only sending in Milly and Amos during when his third form was reduced to a head.

    Terry never played any role in it, but I'm sure he'll get one in the battle with Nokturnus.

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  7. Meanwhile, I've been planning to name my Bounsweet "Peachy."

    You know, like the nickname a talking ferret gives his human partner Cure Peach, from Fresh Precure (pictured here).


  8. You know, I'm actually going to go for the Grass-type. And I'm usually a Water person (exceptions being Blaziken in Emerald and Typhlosion in HeartGold).

    Also, the Sun legendary reminds me of Galeon of GaoGaiGar.

    EDIT: Also, starter evolutions, apparently. I'm going to have to take them with a grain of salt, because quite frankly, they might actually be fabricated and stuff.


  9. I just bought Pokemon Yellow from the 3DS Virtual Console, and decided to tailor my run around an animated TV show you've probably never heard of called Mighty Orbots. 

    So far, I have Ohno (Pikachu), Mankey, Butterfree, and C-Crusher (Pidgeotto), and recently, I've beaten Brock.

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