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  1. Right, working on a mostly-complete English list of all the DQM2R monsters (with DQVIII-onwards names for most of the monsters and other English names where applicable, for monsters who do have localized names), first on WordPad, then converted to Google Docs.

    I say "mostly complete" because there are monster names whose localizations don't exist or I don't know about. Same goes for some of the skillsets.

    Why this instead of DQMJ3Pro? I dunno.

    1. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony

      If there already is a list like this as with TW3D, then I'll cease and desist immediately.

  2. Continuing my quest to get a GoldSlime in Dragon Warrior Monsters. So far, I have LavaMan done, and now trying to get an Iceman for a GoldGolem, all while breeding my TreeSlime up to +5 with various monsters (she has +3 so far) to get her into a KingSlime and breed it with my MetalDrak.

    1. PantheonSasuke


      I still miss the slime / king slime + metal dragon = metal slime / metal king slime combo. Joker 2 made it pretty easy to scout metals, but that wasn't the case in the first Joker...

  3. High school starts Tuesday. Yaaaay.

  4. I've recently been playing Dragon Quest VI (SFC) (and I'm currently at Tania's procession), and I've been planning a monsters-only (except Hero and Barbara) run after defeating Mudou.. What vocations should I give my team, and what monsters should I use?

    1. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      I'd recommend training the Slime Knight as a Paladin or Gladiator. He seems like the best mixed attacker. The Mud Man also looks good for Hybrid's like Paladin or Armanmantalist.


      A Healslime in the obvious role, and the Rookie Slime from the arena seems like he has a decent spell set.


      Lastly, maybe the Wyvern or Wind Mage for Magic, and the Super Tensk, as it's called in the SFC version, has all around decent stats and some helpful dance moves.

  5. Is it weird that your avatar didn't give me nightmares or seizures?

  6. One of my aunts, because she's moving with her husband to another house, is giving me everything in her rather small NES collection, including the original consoles and games in boxes. Then, I'll buy Dragon Warrior in a flash when I see it. But which ones, besides the obvious Mario games, would you recommend?

  7. Taking a break from DQ (until Terry's Wonderland 3D is released in the US (in the oft chance it's announced for release here)).

  8. My mom is taking me with the Girl Scouts if I do recall to see "Pitch Perfect." And for my DQVI monsters (and 3 humans) run, I've only recorded Monstora so far.

  9. Because we're not going to Animinneapolis because I had close to a horrible week at school, I can safely say there's not going to be a next time for me this year in regards to going to another anime convention. There's always MetaCon in early November, but it doesn't matter anymore. (I'll probably be pessimistic enough to not go to another con next year, too.)

  10. Soooo.... just found out that Dragon Warrior 1+2 at my local Half Price Books store has been sold. Damn. Sure, I found some soundtracks of Silent Mobius and Megazone 23, but that's inconsequential!

  11. Had a habit of calling s'mores "schmoes (in reference to Buzz Lightyear)." Oh, and BTW, purchased the first DVD collection of Tekkaman Blade at Half Price Books almost a few hours ago.

  12. Planning to continue DQVI DS (from the festival point) and DQVI SFC (all over from the beginning, complete with redux videos with Garcia, Scott, Holidy, and Brast and going to continue my monsters 'n' tamers walkthrough from that point on). Obviously, I plan on finishing the DS version before the SFC version.

  13. Watching Wander over Yonder on the Disney Channel, and enjoying it so far. You could say, Craig McCracken

  14. Watching Wander over Yonder on the Disney Channel, and I have to say, I'm enjoying it so far. I can wait for the next episode, though, but I am looking forward to more of the adventures of Wander and Sylvia.

  15. I have an account on Twitter. If anyone wants to tweet or follow me, feel free to do it: https://twitter.com/ChoudenjiZT

  16. Happy 67th birthday, Michael Rosen!

  17. Bred my first three monsters: A wing slime (Butta), walrus man (Tusk), and pyuro (Pyu).

  18. Bred my first great monster - Orochi (Yama) on DWM2.

  19. First Boss-family monster bred on Dragon Warrior Monsters!

    It's a DracoLord1. So now, in order to conquer the Starry Night Tournament before the internal battery dies on me, I'll need to train it more, so that it gets Meditate and BeDragon, and also so that the Dragonlord form passes them down. Should've known it'd take my whole party a good long while to grow...

    Late-game team planned: GoldSlime/DracoLord2/ZapBird

  20. Ordered DQM2 for the 3DS!

    Because just a week ago, I got a Japanese 2DS for $40, and due to region-locking shenanigans, wanted to test its effectiveness with an import game I've always wanted to play for a long time.

  21. I've been using my Tumblr more and more lately. If you want to reblog and/or follow me, go here: http://tenkuu-ken-v-no-jigiri.tumblr.com/

  22. Got Kaiju Pusgon via SpotPass again in DQM2.

    So I guess a reappearance from the Captain Crow team on SpotPass may be possible, as long as I do enough Wi-Fi matches.

  23. Started playing Dragon Warrior Monsters. So far, my current team is: Slime (Slib), dracky (Drak), and firebird (FBrd).

  24. I just found three videotapes at the video store part of a grocery store called Coborn's. Well, that's something you don't see everyday, let alone every decade or century!

  25. Just got my cards from robotnikthedrak today. YES! I FINALLY GOT THE EVIL MUPPETY THING! ALL HAIL THE DRAK!

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