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  1. I've been using my Tumblr more and more lately. If you want to reblog and/or follow me, go here: http://tenkuu-ken-v-no-jigiri.tumblr.com/

  2. I've ran into two viruses this month. First, the FBI Moneypak virus (which I removed with MalwareBytes), and just a few hours ago, the Internet Security 2013 virus. Even though I am almost succeeding at removing it, wish me the best of luck.

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    2. Stepchan


      I tend to get lucky since I have Firefox(I know it's prone to certain ones though). I remember almost getting one when going to Bulbapedia earlier this year when they had problems with a rogue ad. Fortunately AVG stopped it before it could do anything.

    3. Kalmana


      Ah, so MalwareBytes can remove the "FBI" virus? My GF has it and has been trying to get rid of it for ages

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I've got avast on my XP computer, and Norton on my Alienware, and I use Chrome on both. Haven't (knowingly) been hit with a virus in months.


  3. I've recently been playing Dragon Quest VI (SFC) (and I'm currently at Tania's procession), and I've been planning a monsters-only (except Hero and Barbara) run after defeating Mudou.. What vocations should I give my team, and what monsters should I use?

    1. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      I'd recommend training the Slime Knight as a Paladin or Gladiator. He seems like the best mixed attacker. The Mud Man also looks good for Hybrid's like Paladin or Armanmantalist.


      A Healslime in the obvious role, and the Rookie Slime from the arena seems like he has a decent spell set.


      Lastly, maybe the Wyvern or Wind Mage for Magic, and the Super Tensk, as it's called in the SFC version, has all around decent stats and some helpful dance moves.

  4. Is it weird that your avatar didn't give me nightmares or seizures?

  5. Just bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf last night (by that, I mean Friday). Also beat Pokemon X on that night. Don't believe me? Check out the "Pokemans!" thread.

    1. Mattcraft


      I don't believe you beat Pokemans. ;p

    2. JobClass


      Pokemans=Harder then Dark Souls, IMO. :P

    3. Havoccultist


      Dark Souls is a baby game, Bed of Chaos ain't nothin'.

  6. Just discovered a hentai in the KIDS' videos section at the Unique thrift store in Crystal. Luckily, I decided not to buy it, since I'm still not 18 yet, but still, pretty strange, huh?

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    2. Megalosaro


      They have stuff that isn't quite hentai but pretty darn close on Netflix. Pretty disturbing to find my 6 year old nephew watching a show about a nerdy guy being transported to a world full of women who all want his dick.


    3. Descender Sivs

      Descender Sivs

      Wow, that's no good.

    4. Stepchan




      That sounds familiar.

  7. Just finished watching Divergent. Got pretty bored pretty quickly, and slept through some of the scenes. However, playing Galaga was worth it, as was being forced to play Ms. Pac-Man with my mum, since apparently it was her favourite game during the '80s and especially liked 2-player.

  8. Just got my cards from robotnikthedrak today. YES! I FINALLY GOT THE EVIL MUPPETY THING! ALL HAIL THE DRAK!

  9. Just played the Project M mod of Brawl. You will never know how much fun I had playing as Meta Knight, Wolf, and Mewtwo. Oh wait, I implied it, didn't I?

    1. Soulerisn


      I remember hearing news about that a long time ago. Glad its fun!


      I should have done it honestly, I had my wii with homebrew at one point :/

    2. jay


      Everyone talks about Project M. While I'd love to play Mewtwo, and all these other characters like Dry Bowser...I just REALLY hate the Melee Physics.

    3. Ruesen


      I just hate the wavedashing. Give me brawl minus maxed instead!

  10. Just saw a Japanese copy of the DQV remake at Half Price Books. Ultimately, I decided not to buy it, since I plan to buy some anime stuff at Metacon, and thus, I'm saving my money.

    1. Mattcraft


      I don't understand import copies, unless they have an Engrish/English text on it.

    2. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony

      Pardon the late reply, but for Saturn and Dreamcast copies, often they're the more affordable option, because the international versions of certain games (eg. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure,  Magic Knight Rayearth) are just so expensive.

  11. Just saw the Lego Movie with my family yesterday. Pretty great storyline, and Bad Cop/Good Cop's my favourite character, alongside Unikitty and Emmet. Oh, and Metalbeard too. Hell, just about every character. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it!

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    2. Stepchan


      Didn't know there was a movie about Legos.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I expected it to boring and lame... It was pretty good though! I might even get the DVD/digital download when it's out.

    4. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Everything is awesome! I felt the kid used emotion to get what he wanted. Dad should realize those KEEP AWAY signs are kind of offensive and violent, yes, but some negotiating could be done: some together time, some area to play, but having his own creations intact should also be respected (I might change my mind if I ever have kids, but I dunno). I loved the kid's reaction when he was told who else was allowed to play there.

  12. My mom is taking me with the Girl Scouts if I do recall to see "Pitch Perfect." And for my DQVI monsters (and 3 humans) run, I've only recorded Monstora so far.

  13. My um's computer is currently infected with Internet Security Pro 2013. I tried to remove it with all the recommended antivirus software, but the warnings still continue, and I am just about ready to give up on it. What shall I do?

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (preferably on another computer, and keep the infected one disconnected from the internet) and put it on a DVD, pop it into the infected computer, install, and run a scan. Keep the infected one off the internet so the virus can't update (if it's one that can do that) and so it can't upload personal info.

    3. Mattcraft


      http://www.pchubs.com/blogs/internet-security-pro-2013-removal-process-remove-internetsecuritypro2013 - I used this process for a client's computer.


      Those fake virus scanners trojan themselves back in every time you remove them, so make sure they're removed via safe mode. And remove the startup commands for it via MSConfig, you'll notice them easily enough in the Startup bar. Don't turn off anything else if you're not familiar with MSConfig.


      SAFE MODE.

    4. mdb510


      I had that virus on my computer about a year ago. I wasn't the one to remove it, but it took many scans and restarts. I wish you luck in getting that bugger out!

  14. One of my aunts, because she's moving with her husband to another house, is giving me everything in her rather small NES collection, including the original consoles and games in boxes. Then, I'll buy Dragon Warrior in a flash when I see it. But which ones, besides the obvious Mario games, would you recommend?

  15. One of my aunts, because she's moving with her husband to another house, is giving me everything in her rather small NES collection, including the original consoles and games in boxes. Then, I'll buy Dragon Warrior in a flash when I see it. But which ones, besides the obvious Mario games, would you recommend?

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    2. ignasia


      There's also YS1 and 2, and YS 3 NES is superior to the SNES version (SNES has a bug that makes the game almost impossible to beat without cheating your butt off).

    3. ignasia


      Though really, the PSP/Steam YS1+2 are thus far the best of both games, are fleshed out further, and have improved combat mechanics to make things more enjoyable.

    4. ignasia


      YS3 though, all other versions since the SNES, have been full-on remakes based on the PC game, which is based on YS 6 PS2, and is a completely different experience, and even the story sees a lot of changes. MS version is the best for the original concept, but the NES is very close in quality if you feel like giving it a shot.

  16. Planning to continue DQVI DS (from the festival point) and DQVI SFC (all over from the beginning, complete with redux videos with Garcia, Scott, Holidy, and Brast and going to continue my monsters 'n' tamers walkthrough from that point on). Obviously, I plan on finishing the DS version before the SFC version.

  17. Poo. I'm gonna have school tomorrow after two-and-a-half weeks of winter break.

    1. Mattcraft


      Not the only one.

    2. Democrobot


      School started for me yesterday.

  18. Soooo.... just found out that Dragon Warrior 1+2 at my local Half Price Books store has been sold. Damn. Sure, I found some soundtracks of Silent Mobius and Megazone 23, but that's inconsequential!

  19. Started playing Dragon Warrior Monsters. So far, my current team is: Slime (Slib), dracky (Drak), and firebird (FBrd).

  20. Stored VisualBoy Advance and DQMs 1, 2, and 3 to an SD Card, and re-started DWM2: Tara's Adventure. So far, my current team is a giant worrm (Wormy), lunatick (Druin), and hood squid (Squiz).

    1. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony

      Not to mention I'm already on the Oasis world.

  21. Taking a break from DQ (until Terry's Wonderland 3D is released in the US (in the oft chance it's announced for release here)).

  22. The USB drive is refusing to respond, so that would mean I lost my emulator and DWM2 (unless I test the USB on my mom's computer). If that were the case, this would mean I also lost MUGEN! Arrrrgh!

    1. Nokturnicus


      Dude I totally feel your pain. Mugen rocks.

  23. This morning, we had to put down our cat because we were told the tumor in her mouth isn't getting better. Farewell, Mocha. See you in the afterlife.

    1. Motdrafin


      I'm sorry...

    2. Democrobot


      Sorry for your loss

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I'm sorry. I had a cat about ten years ago that ran away, but I've/my family has never had to put a pet down, I can't imagine what that feels like.

  24. Watching Wander over Yonder on the Disney Channel, and enjoying it so far. You could say, Craig McCracken

  25. Watching Wander over Yonder on the Disney Channel, and I have to say, I'm enjoying it so far. I can wait for the next episode, though, but I am looking forward to more of the adventures of Wander and Sylvia.

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