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  1. Holy crap, this is insane. And I'm not talking about the methods used for the whole combination process. So I assume this means, even with lower overall stats, that monsters like Zoma's Devil and Mortamor II might actually see any use at all, though do correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. I plan on getting the Pro version myself, even though it's pretty expensive on Amazon. It helps that I've had a Japanese 2DS for over a month now. Is there anything I'm missing if I just go for Pro instead of DQMJ3Vanilla? Questions aside, here's some more monster stats, this time of one of the Super Giga Body demon lords. Let's see how he's improved compared to DQM2 3D: しん・りゅうおう/LordDraco/Shin Dragonlord Rank SS/size 4/Dragon Family Skillset: New/God/True(?) Dragon King Traits: 超ギガボディ/Super Giga Body/Base Breaker (damage inflicted is increased 1.3x; physical atta
  3. Dunno if it's already been made in the past or not, but I decided to make a thread about DQMJ3Pro, a game I don't even own yet, because why not? This is, as you can see, a place to talk about DQMJ3Pro and, for those of you who do own it or will soon, your experiences with it. Anyway, here I am, going back to tradition with some monster stats: ゴメちゃん/Gome-chan Rank SS/Size 1/Slime Family Traits: スモールボディ/Small Body (dodges attacks sometimes due to its small size; also acts as a version of Early Bird) にげあし/Escape Artist (will always be able to flee from battle)
  4. Ordered DQM2 for the 3DS!

    Because just a week ago, I got a Japanese 2DS for $40, and due to region-locking shenanigans, wanted to test its effectiveness with an import game I've always wanted to play for a long time.

  5. Been trying out the Nuzlocke challenge, particularly with Platinum and Sapphire. All four Platinum attempts failed due to team sweeping, and the first Sapphire attempt ended because I accidentally broke the "fainting=death" rule with a Zubat (for context, when I went to get my team healed up, I should've known to release my Zubat, which was killed by May's Grovyle, but no, I healed it). Now, I'm currently on my second attempt in Sapphire, with Mudkip (NEPGEAR), Zigzagoon (KILL-EYES), and Silcoon (MOTHRA) still alive, and Poochyena (PUFF) having died. In terms of non-Nuzlocke run
  6. I also forgot to mention there's a few more only available via transfer from TW3D: Ultra slime, Putric Stinkenheimer (Eteponge/Epong), FunkyBird, and Sebastian. Hope that helps!
  7. First Boss-family monster bred on Dragon Warrior Monsters!

    It's a DracoLord1. So now, in order to conquer the Starry Night Tournament before the internal battery dies on me, I'll need to train it more, so that it gets Meditate and BeDragon, and also so that the Dragonlord form passes them down. Should've known it'd take my whole party a good long while to grow...

    Late-game team planned: GoldSlime/DracoLord2/ZapBird

  8. Right, working on a mostly-complete English list of all the DQM2R monsters (with DQVIII-onwards names for most of the monsters and other English names where applicable, for monsters who do have localized names), first on WordPad, then converted to Google Docs.

    I say "mostly complete" because there are monster names whose localizations don't exist or I don't know about. Same goes for some of the skillsets.

    Why this instead of DQMJ3Pro? I dunno.

    1. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony

      If there already is a list like this as with TW3D, then I'll cease and desist immediately.

  9. You know how I never gave up hope for the Monsters remakes and VII despite Joker 2 pretty much killing off localizations for a while (for quite a variety of reasons)? Those were the days.

    We did at least get VII, though, so that's something. And as for the DQM games (which we'll most likely never see because of vanilla DQMJ2)? I may try to import them after Christmastime.

    1. Democrobot


      I remember those days. So long ago

  10. To the best of my knowledge, there is a transfer app for DQM23D after you've beaten the game. Indeed, there's quite a few monsters only available via transfer, which are as follows: Nemeslime, maulusc (GiantSlug), beanie meanie (BeanMan), axecutioner (ButchMan), and fencing fox.
  11. Ultra Sun finally beaten! Final team was Incineroar (Sagat), Crobat (Blood), Raichu (Yayoi), Tyranitar (Godzilla), Flygon (Bucky), and Pelipper.
  12. Bought Ultra Sun last Thursday, but only got around to playing it this week, and today, I shall now finally devote time to it until it's finally beaten. So far, my team includes: Sagat (Litten), Yungoos, Chop Shop (Grubbin), and Ichika (Buneary). (Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten around to vanilla!Sun's Ultra Beast storyline...)
  13. Pokemon Red and Blue came out September 28, 1998. Yellow came out October 18, 1999. Gold and Silver - October 15, 2000 Crystal - July 30, 2001 Black and White - March 6, 2011 B2W2 - October 7, 2012 Having a span of approximately 1 year is not unheard of. Gens 3 and 4 had remakes between the sequel game and gen 6 didn't even have a sequel game. So the one year wait is about what we should have expected Forgot about those. How stupid of me. Maybe I should've clarified "exactly or less than one-year release between base game and definitive version/sequel (and yes, I know Yellow to
  14. I've heard of the Ultra Sun/Moon news before, but late response: Wow, only a year between base and update? I'm surprised, Ninty/Game Freak.
  15. After two weeks of owning Pokemon Sun, I've finally beaten it, with the following team I used: Decidueye (Eziowl/Robbin' Hood), Lycanroc-MD (Rocky), Vikavolt (Shrapnel), Blissey (Peachy), Golisopod (Slush/Slash), and Oricorio (Baile Style) (Setsy). Now for the Ultra Beasts.
  16. After like, what, a week of not being late for work, slaying monsters for weapons, and overall grinding, I've finally finished Torneko's story yesterday. On to Meena and Maya's!
  17. And yesterday, I just started Dragon Quest IV (DS). Beat Ragnar and Healie's story, and currently on Alena, Kiryl, and Borya's part of the story. Damn shame about the party chat, though.
  18. And just under a month after my last post, I finally beat Dragon Quest VI (DS). I had Botsu (Hero), Ashlynn (Sage), Nevan (Sage), and Carver (Paladin)/Lizzie (Dragon) out for nearly all of the battle with Mortamor, only sending in Milly and Amos during when his third form was reduced to a head. Terry never played any role in it, but I'm sure he'll get one in the battle with Nokturnus.
  19. Currently, I've been getting back to Dragon Quest VI for the DS for the first time in ages. Right now, I've just taken down the hell stalker and jumping jackal at Wayfarer's Peak.
  20. Pardon my inactivity for the last few months. But I just saw Rockdog's evolution, and I think out of the two, Rockwerewolf looks better. Still getting Sun, though.
  21. Meanwhile, I've been planning to name my Bounsweet "Peachy." You know, like the nickname a talking ferret gives his human partner Cure Peach, from Fresh Precure (pictured here).
  22. Also, new Bug-type named Grubbin, and its ability is Swarm.
  23. You know, I'm actually going to go for the Grass-type. And I'm usually a Water person (exceptions being Blaziken in Emerald and Typhlosion in HeartGold). Also, the Sun legendary reminds me of Galeon of GaoGaiGar. EDIT: Also, starter evolutions, apparently. I'm going to have to take them with a grain of salt, because quite frankly, they might actually be fabricated and stuff.
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