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  1. This guide served me well during my playthrough: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/3ds/726426-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-to-ruka-no-fushigi-na-fushigi-na/faqs/71935 And I hope you'll have the same experience with it as I did. A few minor errors, such as the moosifer (anklehorn) being confused with the very similar-looking abullddon, but nothing that'll necessarily ruin the experience.
  2. DS/Wii Wi-Fi was terminated way back in 2014, and although fan efforts to bring it back have succeeded, at least for Pokemon, I don't believe the same has been done with DQMJ2 (though I might be wrong about that). No idea about DWM2, but I don't imagine it's very active, since it's 19 years old at this point.
  3. In these tough times, we shall stay even farther away from those blasted adventurers!
  4. Finally got the slider king, and all I had to do was reset my 130th won StreetPass battle until it was offered to me as a reward. Now, only V-long remains. Anyway, here's a set of monster stats, for old time's sake. スライダーキング/Slider king Rank SS/Slime Family/Size 3 Skillset: Cleric Traits: ギガボディ/Giga Body/Grand Slammer (normal and slash-type attacks strike all enemies, and damage dealt by skills and abilities increases) AI 2回行動/Double Trouble (attacks twice in a row, even when directly given an order; exceptions include the "defend" order or when certain attacks (eg. Mercurial Thrust, Selflessness) are used) れんぞく/Hit Squad 3 メタルキラー/Metal Killer (reduces Metal Body traits by one level: Super-Hard Metal>Hard Metal>Metal>Light Metal) ギガキラー/Giga Killer/Giant Killer (deals extra damage to Big Hitter and Grand Slammer monsters) ギャンブルカウンターGamble Counter/Perilous Counterstriker (will usually take more damage, but can counterattack) くじけぬ心/Close Scraper (enables monster to survive fatal damage with 1HP) (+50) スタンダードキラー/Standard Killer (deals extra damage to Small Body and Standard Body monsters) (rebirth trait) How to obtain: Random StreetPass reward for every 10 wins after winning 60 StreetPass battles HP: 2304 MP: 608 ATK: 722 DEF: 476 AGI: 880 WIS: 493 As always, feel free to comment, or at least as much as a necroposted thread will allow.
  5. Pardon the necropost again, but I finally got Captain Crow and nearly filled out all monster families. Now the only ones I have left are chocolate golem, slider king, egg-en-ciel, and V-long, and getting everything except slider king may require lots of Wi-Fi battles. EDIT: Regarding the ones I'm missing and their requirements, as far as I know: V-long, egg-en-ciel: These were given out through long-defunct events. V-long was given out by code in the April 2014 issue of V-Jump, meaning the codes are most likely expired by now, while egg-en-ciel was given out in a collaboration event between DQM23D and Super Light, and required a Square Enix account and some way to link the two games to the account. Both can potentially be hatched from rainbow and gold(?) StreetPass Dream Eggs when the players having said monsters pass by you, although whether the slots will be filled with the desired monster is another story. Since they cannot be scouted due to their rank, this is currently the only legitimate means to get V-long and egg-en-ciel. Good luck finding a player who has one or the other! Chocolate golem: From what I understand, the StreetPassed player (whether fought on Wi-Fi or on the rare occasion you actually StreetPassed them) has to have SQEX (golem x2, chocolate golem) registered in order for the latter to show up. Slider king: To the best of my knowledge, it may be related to StreetPass wins or matches.
  6. Alola Dex completed! And to think that blasted Goodra would be the last one I needed, and additionally, had to level up (with the aid of Poni Plains Chansey/Blissey encounters), since I could find no good GTS offers for it. Now that I have the Shiny Charm, I kinda want to breed Chikoritas and Wonder Trade them until I get a shiny one.
  7. So in light of the National Dex announcement, I've decided to complete the Alola Dex in Ultra Sun, which will also serve as an archive of sorts for events and old party members since Black 2 and so on. So far, nearly all the remaining pages have been filled by GTS trading, although I did have to actively evolve some boxed 'mons. First time I've actively tried to fill a regional dex since Emerald, and I just need six Pokemon for a complete Hoenn dex.
  8. We shall turn fate on its head so that we will be the slayers instead of the would-be travelers!
  9. Been trying to improve my DQM23D team for Wi-Fi battles, and also in the hopes of getting Captain Crow again. Aside from that, well, Neptunia Re;Birth2 on Vita.
  10. For PS games, I just buy whatever interests me on a gameplay standpoint or some other, or if I hear it's a particularly good game and I'm interested in checking it out, not caring whether it has gorgeous settings or just upscaled assets, be it God of War or Neptunia. And even B-list games can be high quality, too, so I'm not buying that implication that Sony's giving us.
  11. I do believe it can be acquired rather cheaply used at Amazon (which is how I got my copy), although last time I checked, $50-ish is what the recommended price was for new specimens. It's honestly my favourite out of all the Monsters games since vanilla!Joker 2, so I do recommend you check it out, if you have a Japanese region 3DS or its variations over the years.
  12. Just realized.

    Valgirt from DQ Swords is "Triglav" from Slavic folklore in reverse.

    How I never caught it until I reversed Valgirt's spelling out of curiosity and suspicion a few days ago, I will never know.

    And now I want to find a book about Slavic mythology and read it.

  13. I apologize for the necropost again. Aaaaand I just realized Mortamor is back in his Joker 2 form instead of the individual modes and hands. Anyway, here's some more monster stats: ゾーマズデビル/Zoma's Devil Rank A/Size 1/??? Family Skillset: Zoma Traits: スモールボディ/Small Body (dodges attacks sometimes due to its small size; also acts as a version of Early Bird) 闇の衣/Dark Cloth (reduces damage taken to 3/4, although light-type attack resistance is changed to weakness (cannot be changed by Light Ward)) いてつくはどう/Disruptive Wave (during battle, may fire off Disruptive Wave (neutralizes nearly all positive effects; negative effects remain unaffected)) 氷結ブレイク/Freeze Break/Crafty Chiller (resistance to ice-type attacks is lowered by two stages; has no effect on monsters who are at least immune to ice) (when upgraded to Big Hitter) 氷結系のコツ/Icemeister (ice-type effects increase by 15%; MP consumption of ice-type skills is halved) (when upgraded to Grand Slammer) 聖賢/Hallowed Wisdom (reduces spell resistance by 1 stage; has no effect on monsters who are at least immune to the spell used) (when upgraded to Super Giga Body/Base Breaker) AI 1~2回行動/Tactical Trooper (will attack 1-2 times a turn, even when given a direct order; exceptions include the "defend" order and when certain skills are used) (+25 or more) ときどき赤い霧/Occasional Red Fog (will occasionally fire off Red Fog (seals off all slash attacks for a few turns)) (+50 or more) 光のはどう/Wave of Relief (removes most ailments from all allies) (+100 or more) 超いてつくはどう/Super Disruptive Wave (on even-numbered turns, this monster may fire off Disruptive Wave (see above for this skill's description)) (combination trait) How to obtain: Starter monster (that, or transfer from DQM2 in the post-game) HP: 1800 MP: 750 ATK: 500 DEF: 690 AGI: 660 WIS: 1300 Feel free to comment.
  14. So.. I was wondering if I could be of any assistance to you, mjhopkins81. Mainly concerning alternate names for monsters which have not yet received official translations (and those listed on the database, like baboon beast and dark robot slime, I don't think have ever been used in official English-language media). I did something similar to that list once, but stalled numerous times and eventually had to cease when I heard just now that you were working on it.
  15. In the style of the Joker games, preferably with a wider variety of monsters, and not just stuff like multiple gem slime recolours (although platinum king jewel's return would be nice), and even some monsters not previously covered in any proper DQM game to date (the manguini family of DQIX and toady of DQIII come to mind).
  16. I can only hope. Anyway, I have the Undead and Beast family pages all filled out, and that was after owning this game and playing it on a pink 2DS for nearly a whole month. I'm still trying to hatch Slanin Black/black ninja slime via white or silver egg, since hatching is essentially the only way to get the Slanin monsters in this game, aside from the obvious StreetPassing and transfer from TW3D. And it just so happens that, after getting lucky on hatching Slanin Purple (by white egg, I think) and getting Gold and Silver (by breeding it (and another one I scouted from the D-rank key) with Blue and Pink, respectively), it's the only Slime-family monster I still need.
  17. I realize maybe I should've put it in the DQMJ3 forum... Anyway, here's some more monster stats for you all. プラチナキング/Platinum king/Platinum king jewel Rank SS/Size 2/Slime Family Skillset: Mega Power Traits: メガボディ/Mega Body/Big Hitter (all damage this monster inflicts is increased by 1.2x) にげあし/Escape Artist (will always be able to flee from battle) ハードメタルボディ/Hard Metal Body (reduces damage sustained from enemy attacks to 1/4; however, MP consumption is multiplied by 2.5) AI 2回行動/Double Trouble (attacks twice in a row, even when directly given an order; exceptions include the "defend" order or when certain attacks (eg. Mercurial Thrust, Selflessness) are used) こうどうきぶん次第/ASAP Actor (unofficial translation) (the order in which this monster may move depends on the level of tension it has) (when upgraded to Grand Slammer) いてつくはどう/Disruptive Wave (during battle, may fire off Disruptive Wave (neutralizes nearly all positive effects; negative effects remain unaffected)) (when upgraded to Super Giga Body/Base Breaker) ひん死で呪文会心/Despellrado (unofficial translation) (spell-based equivalent of Desperado; increases the chance of haywire spells when HP is extremely low) (+25 or more) 星のまもり/Protection of the Stars (at the beginning of a round, if HP is at 1/8 or less, the ability Lucky triggers for three rounds; however, it can only be activated once per match) (+50 or more) くじけぬ心/Close Scraper (enables monster to survive fatal damage with 1HP) (+100 or more) How to obtain: (Emperor slime × Emperor slime) × (Gem slime × Gem slime) (breed) HP: 1000 MP: 600 ATK: 560 DEF: 1500 AGI: 1380 WIS: 1400 Feel free to comment.
  18. Do pardon the necropost. I should know better. Anyway, the previously prefecture-exclusive 神将 (God General) monsters have been released as key monsters since November 2017. So now, all of you who still play DQM2 for whatever reason, be it missing a few monsters in the bestiary or because you just imported it, can breed Kunikuzushi and Togamihime without the reliance of StreetPassed copies, and there is at least a bit more variation in the Wi-Fi-exclusive key monster department.
  19. And indeed, the very first monster covered on this thread (Gome-chan) is from Dai no Daibouken!
  20. Got Kaiju Pusgon via SpotPass again in DQM2.

    So I guess a reappearance from the Captain Crow team on SpotPass may be possible, as long as I do enough Wi-Fi matches.

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