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  1. One of my aunts, because she's moving with her husband to another house, is giving me everything in her rather small NES collection, including the original consoles and games in boxes. Then, I'll buy Dragon Warrior in a flash when I see it. But which ones, besides the obvious Mario games, would you recommend?

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    2. ignasia


      Castlevania 3...Megaman 2 and 4, um. Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2. Marble Madness is always fun. Solomon's Quest. Wizard's and Warriors 2 is pretty decent. Zelda 1, and especially 2. FF1 of course (2 and 3 I actually prefer the remakes, but 2 NES can be abused for max stats in about 2-3 hours per character at the start of the game).

    3. ignasia


      Little Nemo. Kirby started on the NES! Some good games too. Chip'n'Dale if you like platforming. Gradius 2: Life Force is probably the best, hardest, and most intense shooter (more so than Super C, and that's also a great game). TMNT: The Arcade Game. Uh...I have to look through my backlog, hold on.

    4. ignasia


      Adventure Island, Bubble Bobble (2 is better than 1). Crystalis...DEFINITELY THIS, it actually beats out Faxanadu imo for sheer awesomeness. Buggy though, but probably SNK's best 8-bit game. Jaws is actually fun and pretty simple. Track and Field 2 if you like sports games at all. Karnov is a classic! Metroid 1, and definitely 2. If you ever want to try an old Ultima on the NES: Ultima 4, and only Ultima 4.

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