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  1. Bloody hell (and no, I'm not from the UK). Skylanders: Swap Force. There goes me and my mum's wallets as we try to get all the swappers and newlanders. Don't get me wrong, they're great games in their own right (and even as Spyro games), but as a shout-out to how previous Spyro console games were complied as trilogies, Swap Force will be the last game in my "trilogy" of Skylanders games.

    1. King Zenith

      King Zenith

      I'm playing Swap Force now as well. Definitely a money pit, but lots of fun. I think Hoot Loop is my favorite Swapper so far. Free Ranger is great as well.


      In general, so far every single swapper is better than all of the giants from the last game. Much more fun and interesting (and in many cases, much faster).


      Enjoy the game!

    2. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony

      I don't have the game yet (and probably won't until Christmas), Zenith. What I was referring to was the toys.

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