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  1. I've recently been playing Dragon Quest VI (SFC) (and I'm currently at Tania's procession), and I've been planning a monsters-only (except Hero and Barbara) run after defeating Mudou.. What vocations should I give my team, and what monsters should I use?

    1. Ring Man

      Ring Man

      I'd recommend training the Slime Knight as a Paladin or Gladiator. He seems like the best mixed attacker. The Mud Man also looks good for Hybrid's like Paladin or Armanmantalist.


      A Healslime in the obvious role, and the Rookie Slime from the arena seems like he has a decent spell set.


      Lastly, maybe the Wyvern or Wind Mage for Magic, and the Super Tensk, as it's called in the SFC version, has all around decent stats and some helpful dance moves.

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