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  1. DWM2: Tara's Adventure update - Currently level-grinding in Sky World and Limbo to prepare for Darck. Current team as of this writing: Dracolord (Draco), wight king (Lord), and Mildrath 2/Mirudraas2 (Nimzo).

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    2. mdb510
    3. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony

      Current team's levels: Lv.28 (Lord the wight king), Lv.29 (Draco the Dracolord), and Lv.14 (Nimzo).

      Only problem is, they grow slowly, and I might have to level them up to Lv.40+ to even have a chance against Darck.

    4. PantheonSasuke


      Yeah, I make it a point not to get monsters like that until I'm in a good spot to train them. Birds and bugs all the way, yo. And killing machine / Roboster.

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