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  1. Out of the loop with the new smash. Do the DLC characters get an assist or a stage too? Battling it out while various bosses appear in the background and attack the stage would be amazing. Zoma, Sidoh, Estrek
  2. Tastes change over time, you could just be growing up. Some JRPG's I just don't like due to the style. Very MOE looking rpgs I can't get into.
  3. Was my favorite of the GBC two, many replays. I wished the story was a little longer and had more version differences. Seemed pointless getting warabou so late, my monsters were vastly superior. The 3 unobtainable monsters could have been great late game challenges.
  4. I likely said this before in a similar thread. -Another Mystery Dungeon Dragon Quest styled game with a worldwide release. Make it a monster hero recruiting monsters for the team. Or you play as only a hero with some human/monster allies. -A Dragon Quest RPG maker. If Mario Maker was a thing this could be a thing. -A Dragon Quest fighter. (Soul Calibur or Samurai Showdown styled) -A DQ game with multiple endings and story routes
  5. I haven't given your rom hack a try yet but I saw it on rom hacking. Maybe this weekend. Have you tried that sites tile editors? I've been able to change GBC sprites before although it's tedious. Sad these games never got the Pokemon level of rom editiors. (Map/tiles/events/etc) Changing the enemies stats beyond 999 is a way to increase the difficulty, but like you said overkill. I recall in my maxed out Sidoh did 1000+ damage on twinhit boosted critical hits IIRC so steamrolling the late game was a breeze. (Twinhits+Focus+Quadhits = win). It's not only the stats but how move-sets stack t
  6. Attached is what I managed to compile, however some don't appear correctly in the tile selection slots. It took a while to get these auto tiles working. Ignore the filenames as I used Jami's opensource files to make my test edits.
  7. As of now I only have a incomplete/custom tileset for the overworld maps and one half done cave tileset in the DQ3 style. I’ll post them later tonight once I have my computer. Though they are half done i think they are still viable. When ever I muster up courage I may do a generic town/castle tileset.
  8. The DQ3 Auto tiles are for VXAce. I’m not sure if that’s compatible with 2003. Since the gbc game is a port of the snes version, the game has a massive amount of tiles to sprite. Almost every map has it’s own tileset. Tiles used in my demos are from DWM and DW 1&2. With a hint of custom ones.
  9. I'm late to the party. I think a difficulty hack is all this game needs. Perhaps have a cut off for stats for monsters instead of everything going to 999 after 3 to 4 breeds. I'm unsure how good your hacking is but I'd love to replay the game see newer monsters or even events take place. I'd be willing to make sprites of newer DQ monsters just for it!
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhiqubmkvedtxmm/DQDemo(Early Build).exe?dl=0 Very early build. You can fool around with this while I read over what was done and added to the later builds. The code and script lingo has escaped me like a metal slime over the years.
  11. He’s an old man. Too far gone to change his views. His political views and his ability to compose music are seprate entities. Its like mr. popo/stereotypes and Toriyama. Racist caricatures but it’s not the focus of the show.
  12. Howdy all, Been out the spriting and game development for almost two years. I got a sweet gig as an engineer and been adjusting to my change of location. Getting a raise this summer. Also working to get my master’s and PE in 2019-2020. Even master spainish and possibly learn enough japanese for the Olympics. DQ wise: Finishing up DQV. Polish up my fan game/tutorial. Pick up DQ 11 or wait for 12 if it’s going to be a thing. (Maybe buy 6-7 for the DS) Big goals!
  13. Amazing how time flies. I still have the files for this game. I'm simply too busy to perfect the game as I envision it,. The biggest hold ups were: -Monster Arena battles; monsters would still attack themselves. -Dialogue system, very tedious but simple to integrate. -Screen transitions; trying to remove the fading out to keep it more GBC/NES styled. -Party system, having monster and human storage systems. -Battle system, (bug free interface) If there are any VX Ace savy people I'd gladly give you the files. I'll try to continue Jami's work and try to ge
  14. Hey some updates I haven't given up on the game, just busy and not super interested in working on it after working all day. With my new job it'll take time to get the tile sprites from the DQ3 GBC game. I'll pick up working on the game in august.
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