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  1. Yes you can (IIRC). Using Multiplayer you can trigger the flag on the 'unconnected to DLC/DQVC' game, by visiting the other players world, and talking with Sellma and choosing to connect (as their world will have a cached version of being connected). At least this certainly used to be a viable Method, in fact, until recently, I believe Liamland was responsible for a 'Tag and return' topic which would unlock the quests using a similar method. However, i'm somewhat behind the times on whether such a method is still available (and works exactly as I say). Best check around for additional res
  2. UPDATE: For users running system firmware 11.3.0-36 and 11.3 systems Nintendo has recently pushed through 11.3 updates, this temporarily caused problems with accessing the Homebrew Menu. It can be fixed and made accessible through the following steps: 1. Delete 'Homebrew Starter Kit' and any files extracted from this Zip on your SD card. (If you have not installed 'Homebrew Starter Kit' before, please go to point 2. ) 2. Re-Download 'Homebrew Starter Kit' from the links in the main post (it has been updated to work with this firmware) 3. Delete 'otherapp.bin' and redownload it changing it to
  3. Greetings Gentlemen (and Ladies). I have just finished compiling the guide for an alternative method for unlocking additonal DLC content for DQIX. Requiring: 3DS Computer SD Card (+ SD Card Reader - connected to a computer) *some other Nintendo software - available via E-Shop* The full method can be found here: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35985 It is both detailed and somewhat concise and should cover all bases necessary. I tend to be available over Reddit and GFaqs most often in the event any contact is necessary, though i'm sure to check back here regularly what with
  4. EDIT: (12/08/2017) [boy, I'm late] Nintendo 3DS SoundHax has been patched as of 11.4 firmware. It will still work on systems operating 1.3 and below. Please refer to Part 7. for alternative methods. Contents (for quick search, use the ( 'Part letter' or 'Letter/number') codes (without the brackets) within a search function, or search the titles): (Part 0.) Overview (Part 1.) Installing Homebrew (1A - 1B) (Part 2.) How to Access Homebrew (2A - 2B) (Part 3.) Programme for Extracting DS Save Data (3A) (Part 4.) Extracting Save Data (4A - 4D) (Part 5.) Using the DQIX Save Editor (5A) (Part 6.) In
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