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  1. Didn't see any topics about this, but it seems like I can connect and play just fine without having any VPN active on my computer.
  2. Don't see any R Pay in the subscription or crysta charge pages. Only see webmoney and BitCash. NM I found it, whoops.
  3. Hi, not seeing a rakuten button for purchasing a monthly subscription on the site anymore.
  4. Don't even remember unlocking a house when I played. Was in the middle of V2 content when I stopped last year. How would I go about getting what I need to see the cutscenes
  5. Was thinking of coming back but I'd want to rewatch the cutscenes to know what happened and such. FFXIV has this feature but I'm not sure if DQX has it or not.
  6. Hi, my friend and I are really new to the game and wouldn't mind some in game help to ask about things and what not. My character: ソシエ soshie YR918-776 Friend's character ã¸ã®ã¸ã®ã‚‚㸠henohenomohe MP755-868
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