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  1. I've played the postgame before and beaten it before I lost my old computer to viruses and such. The postgame world of Professional contains many monsters you can't find anywhere else, a song or two played nowhere else (from DWM), and most of the bosses are references to the Dragon Quest series (one of them is Aamon and an Andreal/Rashaverak, for example). You have to beat the postgame world to unlock the Incarnus battles that are available in Joker 2 vanilla, and perform some other action in addition to unlock the dream egg you can buy from a shop one of the Pipits runs. The dream egg has some rare monsters you can't normally get otherwise, such as Barbarus. Giants are so much better in Professional than they are in vanilla it's almost hilarious. AI was touched up, they don't cancel multiple actions if given a direct order, Grand Slammer and multi-action traits were merged together so all of them can act more than once, and Night Clubber was nerfed.
  2. In addition to removal of negative traits from skillsets, a number of skillsets have been buffed. I was pleased to see Mortamor's in particular now teaches Kaboomle and Kazammle (instead of Kaboom and Kazam). Now if only they'd give Orgodemir his own skillset(s), instead of sticking him with Muspell, which still doesn't give the strongest versions of skills - not even Cremate.
  3. Oh, well if it's just cosmetic, that eases my worries of trying to make something I think looks good, only for the game to go "enjoy your piece of garbage" and riddle it with terrible stats and traits because I didn't understand some bizarre system that was in place. ã“ã†ã©ã†ã¯ã‚„ã„ is indeed the Early Bird trait; in Terry's Wonderland 3DS, they altered the trait so that it lowered resistance to status ailments by two stages (a stage is 0.25, so this would be -0.5), presumably to balance it out. In contrast, Last Word was made to INCREASE resistance to status ailments by two stages, again presumably to balance it out (most of the monsters with Last Word tend to have terrible Agility and couldn't dream of going first most of the time anyway). The changes to stats based on addition of a metal body trait, Counteractivist, and Bouncer seem about the same as in Terry's Wonderland 3DS (only a handful of monsters "learned" the latter two through the rank-up system; it wasn't something you could pick with the ultimate combination feature, thankfully). Looking at the picture, they list level numbers at the top of the columns. I can't read Japanese, though, so I'm not sure what's going on there. All in all it looks like they actually care about balance and they seem to know what they're doing, which is more than can be said for Pokemon nowadays. They probably decided to tie the boosted status resistances for bigger monsters to the specific traits since now you can go Rita Repulsa on anything below 3-frames.
  4. I have some questions that have been bugging me. 1. Do the parts you select for your partner monster actually matter, or is it just cosmetic? 2. We know you can make monsters bigger (but only up to 3-frame), but if you make a monster bigger, can it be reversed later? 3. Did bigger monsters lose their resistances? I imagine the resistance tables are just incomplete, but I'm getting concerned. Bigger monsters (3-frame and 4-frame in particular) need two things to not suck horribly: first, they must be able to act more than once per turn, even if it's not guaranteed, to compensate for giving you less allies. Second, they MUST have resistance to status ailments, or else they're just a liability. EDIT: Metal monsters now HALVE magic, elements, etc, instead of being straight-up immune, like they are in every other appearance in the Monsters and main series games. I don't think I agree with this.
  5. It's a 1-frame monster that is guaranteed to act twice a turn, has Critical Massacre (doubles crit rate, which is normally 4%), Desperado (while at 1/4 HP or less, crit rate is multiplied by 16; stacks multiplicatively with Critical Massacre), randomly gets Oomph status at the start of a battle, randomly gets Accelerate status at the start of each round, boosts all its stats over time regardless thanks to Hidden Power, dodges physical attacks more often because of Small Body, and at low HP can become effectively immune to anything except direct damage, and you think it's not strong enough? EDIT: The Master Slime originated in Caravan Heart. Can't tell you how good it was there; I never finished that game because I didn't like the drastic changes to the Monsters series (and I was spoiled by Joker 2 at the time).
  6. It does if you give it the Critical Guard trait through the new inheritance system, and really, I see nothing else worth giving a metal slime monster. All other traits pale(sp) in comparison to immunity to critical hits for the metal slime subfamily. EDIT: They altered how big the total stat boosts are for skillsets again. In Terry's Wonderland 3D, the Uber Defence and Wisdom Boost skillsets for example give 600 total, while the Uber Attack and Agility Boost skillsets give 300 total. In DQM2 3DS, Uber Defence/Wisdom give 400 total, and Uber Attack/Agility give 200 total. Likewise, Uber HP Boost granted 150 total, but in DQM2 3DS was buffed to give 200 total. Uber MP Boost used to give 600, and now gives 400 total.
  7. So I played around with a monster maker on a Jap. site for DQM2 3DS (the one like the site for Terry's Wonderland 3D). From what I can tell, how the new trait tutoring mechanic works is that you erase one of your monster's present traits, and replace it with a different one. As far as I can tell, you can have a monster get any trait this way, within reason (no, your 1-frame monster doesn't get to have the 4-frame body trait). To the right of this option, however, was listed a few negative traits: Foot Dragger, Disenchanted, Late Riser, all those things. What I don't get is what it's for; while you could choose one of them, you could also choose "None," and leave it alone. I also see no real reason why you would want to give your monster a negative trait.
  8. It's worth noting that there's a larger number of breath category skills in this game. God of war Togamihime (è»ç¥žãƒˆã‚¬ãƒŸãƒ’メ)'s skillset in particular teaches seven - they all have "Flute" in their names, but they're classified as breath skills. One restores HP to the party, one restores MP to the party, one boosts the party's Attack, another Defense, another Agility, and the last Wisdom. There's also one that was introduced in Terry's Wonderland 3D that does Zam and Woosh damage to all enemies and has a high chance of reducing their tension. LordDraco's skillset is pretty solid and gives him most of the things he could want: 5: Kazap, 15: Scorch, 25: C-C-Cold Breath, 45: Sag Ward, 65: Sap Ward, 85: Gobstopper Ward, 110: ã›ã„ã—ã‚“ã¨ã†ã„ã¤/United Soul (Caravan Heart fanslation) (Ability skill, costs 15 MP. On the next round, the monster's number of turns is increased by 1), 150: Kazapple, 200: Lightning Storm, 250: Cremate
  9. Got stats for end boss' first form (the one you can make, rather). Name: ç‹­é–“ã®é—‡ã®çŽ‹ (The King of Darkness, Hazama) Rank: X Family: ??? HP: 1875 MP: 750 Atk.: 552 Def.: 552 Agil.: 621 Wis.: 552 Total: 5454 TRAITS: -Ultra Gigabody: This is a 4-frame monster. Damage inflicted is increased 1.3x. Physical attacks/skills hit all enemies twice; the first hit applies a 1.3x bonus, while the second hit applies a 1.1x bonus. Damage cap is increased to 9999. -AI4 Times: This monster will act four times each round, even if a direct instruction is given. -Early Bird: This monster will always act first, with few exceptions. If competing with another Early Bird monster, a monster using a skill with increased priority similar to the Early Bird bonus, or if this monster and another with Early Bird use a skill with the same level of priority, the monster with more Agility will act first. Resistance to Paralysis, Sleep, Confusion, Poison, and Inaction is reduced two stages (a stage is flat 0.25, so -0.5) -Wave of Panic: At the start of each round, there is a chance this monster will use Wave of Panic on a random target. -Giant Killer: Damage inflicted to Big Hitter/2-frame monsters is increased 1.25x. Damage inflicted to Grand Slammer/3-frame monsters is increased 1.5x. -ã„ã‚ã¤: At the start of the battle, there is a chance this monster will intimidate each enemy, inflicting Inaction (there are three traits with this effect, and I'm unsure which one is which). -å—ã‘æµã—: +25 Trait. This monster may repel physical attacks. -強ガードブレイク: +50 Trait. Enemy resistance to this monster's (something) skills is reduced two stages, but MP consumption is doubled. No effect on immunity or higher. (Description: "相手ã®å…¨ã¦ã®è€æ€§ã‚’2段階下ã’ã‚‹ãŒã€æ¶ˆè²»MPã¯2å€ã«ãªã‚‹") -Hidden Power: +Star Trait. After 6 rounds, this monster's Attack is increased one stage (1.5x). After 7 rounds, its Defense is increased one stage. After 8 rounds, its Agility is increased one stage. After 9 rounds, its Wisdom is increased one stage. After the first 10 rounds, this monster's Attack, Defense, Agility, and Wisdom are increased two stages (2x). (Description: "攻撃力ã€å®ˆå‚™åŠ›ã€ç´ æ—©ã•ã€è³¢ã•ãŒã€6~9ラウンドã®é–“1段階アップã—ã€10ラウンド目以é™ã¯2段階上ãŒã‚‹ã€‚") I put the Jap. description by anything I wasn't sure I had made sense of from Google's Engrish. For Hidden Power, I actually have two guesses: the one above, and a different one where the monster's Attack, Defense, Agility, and Wisdom are all increased by one stage simultaneously, but the boost is applied randomly at any time between turns 6-9. He DOES have a unique skillset (which ofc shares his name), but I didn't feel like typing it up.
  10. No idea what the white Balhib is, the green one originates from the bonus dungeon of Dragon Quest V. Its official English name as of the DS remake is "Bilhaw," and it was available in Caravan Heart and Joker 2 Professional (which we didn't get).
  11. The mini Estark's official English name is Starkers; he originated in the DQV DS remake afaik. The slime pictured above has ギガボディ, which is Gigabody/Grand Slammer. I'm surprised the Slime's HP is so high, though the skillsets/other traits it has may have something to do with it.
  12. 1. I've only seen stats for three of them: Orligon, the blue serpent, and the ice mammoth. They're basically 3-frame monsters, but they can't have a partner and are guaranteed at least three turns. I assume they can have six skillsets at a time, since 3-frame monsters get five and 2-frame monsters get four. The blue serpent's name is リãƒã‚¤ã‚¢ã•ã¾, which google claims is "Ribaia Customers;" it's probably a play on Leviathan. The ice mammoth's name is マンモデウス, which google claims is "Manmodeusu." I'm just making a guess that its name is a combination of mammoth and a play on how Roman and Greek names commonly had "eus" at the end, as the stone it has on its body resembles Spartan armor. 2. Orligon's max stats are: 2387 HP, 713 MP, 621 Atk, 642 Def, 386 Agil, 528 Wis. It is a rank X Dragon monster, and has its own skillset that shares its name. 5: ジãƒãƒªã‚« (second level of a new spell line from DQX. It inflicts its own elemental damage, which judging by a screenshot is earth) 15: Oomph, 25: Boulder Bash, 35: Defending Champion, 50: Double Up, 70: ジãƒãƒªãƒ¼ãƒŠ (third level of the previous spell's line), 90: Oomphle, 120: ジãƒãƒªã‚¢ã‚¬ãƒ¼ãƒ‰ï¼‹ (resistance to the previous spell's damage type), 150: Boulder Toss, 200: ジãƒãƒ«ãƒ³ãƒ (final level of the previous spell's line) Its traits are Super Gigabody, AI3 ~ 4 times, Sometimes Shuffle (judging by the description, sometimes turn order will be randomized), ジãƒãƒªã‚¢ãƒ–レイク (Crafty trait for the previous spell's damage type), プレッシャー (one of the traits that may randomly make all enemies suffer Inaction, but I don't remember which one), and Fast Learner. At +25, it gets Critical Massacre. At +50, it gets 先手ãƒãƒ³ã‚¿ãƒ¼ (brand new trait. Description: "行動済ã¿ã®æ•µã«å¯¾ã—ã¦ä¸Žãˆã‚‹ãƒ€ãƒ¡ãƒ¼ã‚¸ãŒå¢—ãˆã‚‹ã€‚"). At +Star (i.e. when the + is over 99), it gets ジãƒãƒªã‚¢ç³»ã®ã‚³ãƒ„ (Meister trait for the previous spell's damage type. +15% dmg, MP cost is reduced by half). リãƒã‚¤ã‚¢ã•ã¾ (Blarney the blue serpent)'s max stats are: 2124 HP, 713 MP, 428 Atk, 535 Def, 713 Agil, 607 Wis. It is a Rank X Dragon monster, and has its own skillset that shares its name. 5: Crackle, 15: Geyser, 25: Venomous Volley, 35: Paralysing Punch, 50: Kacrack, 70: Sleep Sock, 90: Baffling Bonk, 120: Crack Guard, 150: Tidal Wave, 200: Kacrackle Its traits are Super Gigabody, AI3 ~ 4 times, Poisonous Touch, Paralysing Touch, Crafty Sleeper, and Gold Getter. At +25, it gets Fly Swatter. At +50, it gets Sudden Accelerate (at start of battle, may cast Accelerate on itself). At +Star (i.e. when the + is over 99), it gets Crafty Paralyser. マンモデウス (Sparta mammoth)'s max stats are: 2248 HP, 698 MP, 571 Atk, 678 Def, 571 Agil, and 357 Wis. It is a Rank X Beast monster, and has its own skillset that shares its name. 5: War Cry, 15: Donk, 25: Helm Splitter, 35: One-on-One, 50: Heart Breaker, 70: Body Slam, 90: Ice Breath Guard, 120: Kadonk, 150: ç£çŽ‹ã’ãã‚Œã¤ã—ょㆠ(Dramatic Strike in DQMJ2Pro patch), 200: ã›ã„ã‘ã‚“ã¥ã (I'm not sure what this is. Ability skill, costs 20 MP, has a dmg cap of 500. Description: "1ターン目ã§åŠ›ã‚’溜ã‚ã¦æ¬¡ã®ã‚¿ãƒ¼ãƒ³ã«ä½“技ダメージを与ãˆã‚‹ã€‚") Its traits are Super Gigabody, AI3 ~ 4 times, Sometimes Unnatural Order, Crafty Ice Breather, ã­ãŒãˆã‚Š (can attack even while asleep), and Talent Scout. At +25, it gets Steady Recovery. At +50, it gets Standard Killer (+25% dmg against Standard and Small Body monsters). At +Star, it gets Giant Killer. I should note that there is no data on what their stats are like when upgraded; the site for Terry's Wonderland 3D was the same for a while. Also, it seems Enix decided to stop putting negative traits in skillsets - none of the ones I've looked at that had any in Terry's Wonderland 3D have them now. This is good, since I thought it was silly to begin with. I should point out that ジãƒãƒªã‚«'s element is not listed on the site's resistance table, though it may just need to be added since it looks like they pasted the tables from the Terry's Wonderland 3D site. The Boulder Toss line's damage has been changed to Bang and ジãƒãƒªã‚«'s element, from Bang and Donk. The Tidal Wave line still does Crack and Ice Breath damage, though - there is no water element. EDIT: Orgodemir still does not have his own skillset while every other main series final boss does. You may resume wielding pitchforks and torches.
  13. There is almost no information on any of the Super Giant monsters aside from their names, skillsets, and traits (and one of them we only have its name). However, they all have Super Gigabody (increases all damage dealt, makes physical attacks/skills hit all enemies, and raises their damage cap to 9999). They also all act a minimum of three times, with some acting 3-4 times and others always acting four times. Shin Dragonlord for example will always act four times. Super Giant monsters get six traits to start with, and can get three more through upgrading (+25, +50, and +Star).
  14. So this is a thing that exists in this game. Note it's a bit of a spoiler, hence why I put it in appropriate tags.
  15. I've never played the original, but I've heard that they are a lot stronger than the regular form. Actually, I'd like to know the stats for all of the size 4 monsters. Resistance-wise, yes they were definitely stronger. However, as far as stat growth, all the boss family monsters had insane growth so close to one another that it hardly mattered. I remember clearly that most, if not all of them, got 20 or so MP per level. The "upgraded" forms tended to have stronger skills, though.
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