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  1. It was definitely starting to wear out its welcome by Vogograd.
  2. I hit a wall at the Silver Dragon. Lost the motivation to continue. Beat Rhapthorne again, watched the "true" ending, decided to take a break and reevaluate my life choices.
  3. That's the Emerald Dragon down. Not sure what I should do at this point. Challenge the next dragon? Figure out where the four mini-medals I'm missing are? Grind? Get the stupid Stella quests out of the way?
  4. Has the list of which blue chests belong to which loot groups been completed? 'Cause I just got a skill seed out of the one near the Herb Grotto, and I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be only in the highest-ranked ones.
  5. After a bit of grinding just to be sure, I took out the Lord of Dragovians. My levels were between 50 and 55.
  6. You aren't missing much. Just a Seed of Wisdom. Yes, but I'm forever stuck with the knowledge that I didn't do everything.
  7. I just realized I never did the Lady's Ring quest. Is postgame too late?
  8. I picked up mine late Saturday night. By now,everyone should have been able to get it.
  9. And, after 69+ hours, Rhapthorne has been vanquished. I finished with levels between 45 and 49. Time to start the Dragovian trials...
  10. Someone on GF has reported getting Erdrick's Sword. I'll have to check on it today. *edit* Yep, looks like the EU has Ye Old Erdrick's Blade, which means it should be available in NA in a few hours. If you toss it in the alchemy pot with a Liquid Metal Blade and an Orichalcum, you'll get Erdrick's Blade (120 ATK).
  11. This would be my situation as well. But I'd think all the added content would put it over the edge.
  12. Okay, so I just finished the first brand-new dungeon.
  13. Of course there's no beating Pokemon, but that seems pretty good for a port that had no TV commercials.
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