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  1. I already got one. I mostly got it after hearing all the good news such as Super Mario Odyssey's trailer with Jump Up Superstar. I mostly held back due to shortages and also the fact that I almost never buy consoles at launch, because they tend to have dead game release schedules and also sometimes a small fraction of rushed, defective models. Unfortunately, I already have the PS4 versions of the DQ games, so I can't necessarily buy them on Switch without it being an absolute waste of money, so that sucks. If there is any DQ exclusive on the Switch, I definitely will bu
  2. *When school is nearing and you haven't finished your self-studies* Oh lord, this is gonna be pure hell. I'm pretty much trying to finish up whatever much I can so I absolutely have the least amount of stuff to finish up during the school year (occasionally during my spare time after homework and such). Just the thought of doing any of it in general in conjuction with homework feels horrid. It isn't necesarily hard or anything to do so, but it's probably the easiest thing to p...

  3. I don't really read story books or comics very much. Like I said in my introduction though, I enjoy academics and language learning so I have books on that, so I guess I can speak on that. I currently have English (grammar and crap) and Japanese books and an some secondary reference books for Arabic and Chinese My English books are mostly all by the same company, Princeton Review, but I also have one Grammar book by Barron. They are as follows: Reading Smart, Word Smart, Grammar Smart & E-Z Grammar I've been through pretty much all of Reading Smart except for the extra read
  4. Well, considering they out of all games they localized Fortune Street Smart out of all games, I wouldn't be surprised if they did this one XD Okay in all seriousness though, it's a shame this game has failed to have much of a fanbase in the west. However, it makes sense considering it's just a monopoly-like virtual board game with way more rules such as districts and stock (unless you play on easy rules). In order to really appreciate it, you have to like the gameplay itself for what it is. It also doesn't help that there aren't many virtual board games in the west or video game industry a
  5. Relatable to my first time studying Japanese. You can reach out to me and I can help you and even push out some resources if you want. I do like to use textbooks for language study among other things, but their quality can vary immensely. This is mostly because some go way too fast over some material for some people or don't go into detail as they should about some things. So, please don't be too intimidated. It does take work and dedication, but it could be you might just need to pace yourself differently than how the book might be. Anyway, I've mostly have been self-studying Englis
  6. Although I may be biased since it is my first Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest 7's hero was the one I felt I had the most intimate connection to personally. Mostly because his story was not some "hero overnight" or "chosen one" story. Then again, not that many in DQ are I believe. However, DQ7 did it so well. The relationship they established with his parents and friends made it feel as if he really was just some ordinary kid with an imagination and dreams who got into a weird predicament that turned into an adventure. I have never played Dragon Quest 1 Here's to hoping the new r
  7. Maribel rejoining is definitely God awful. She is a character I have a love-hate relationship with. She isn't necessarily bad to me as a part member, but her constant brash remarks, regardless of their reason and intent, makes her definitely not somebody you'd miss. It only adds insult to injury that I'll have to deal with her yet again in Heroes 2 -_-. She is funny and from my observation, a lot of it is out of concern and a little bit of jealousy, but sometimes it becomes obnoxious and goes too far from that line of just simple nitpicking.
  8. *Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 on Switch* Welp, not sure what to do since I have the PS4 version of 1 already.

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    2. DarkBaramos


      I+II are bundled together on the Switch.

    3. Bururian


      I'm buying it regardless. JP and NA

    4. winky55


      Already have the 1st game on PS4, and beat it and even did a YT walkthrough of it. So, I'm waiting for the 2nd one to get 5 DQX monsters and 1 DQMP monster and fight The Twin Palpatines

  9. I'm currently on this part very later in the game And currently... because of my rather terrible leveling with Maribel... Yeah... it's gonna be a rather fun time
  10. Being an avid language learner, it was fun seeing the foreign language colloquialisms like "It is strictly verboten (forbidden)," "No te preocupes (Don't worry about it)," a character being called a "Dummkopf (Dimwit)" and using the term "oder (or)" to mean "Am I right?". Also names like "Al-Balad" and "L'Arca" were absolutely just awesome to see for me. Not to mention, it did give the feeling of exploring places around the world. I do wonder though how people feel about it. Did it ever make conversations hard to follow or confusing? I know one of them I found difficult because I believe t
  11. I can't say much about it, as I still have a way to go with my Japanese. However, I can say that with the Japanese I already know and seeing videos of Japanese gameplay, that translation could be pain. Due to the nature of the Japanese language and some ways of expression, some stuff doesn't necessarily translate very well systematically into English. I haven't seen much dialogue of Dragon Quest, but I would assume that colloquialisms and informal or even grammatically incorrect but still understandable speech may be used in some cases, which could make for some sentences that would turn i
  12. Hi there, I'm chillv. I'm a recent fan of Dragon Quest and can't get enough of the series the minute I laid hands on it. I'm also into some ofSquare Enix's other franchises such as Kingdom Hearts, Theathrhythm and Fortune Street. I also like anime, manga as well as studying languages (and obviously one of them is Japanese) and academics such as math, science and the humanities. With my introduction out of the way, I want to tell my story about my entry into the series, as it is quite an interesting one, but it's also long one unfortunately, so this will be an essay. Growing up, I was
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