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  1. Does the Den have a discord and if the answers no, is there any interest in one?
  2. To the searchable thing with all the objects in houses, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand having more searchable stuff is cool on the other hand keeping it to specific types of objects is kinda merciful especially with how huge the enviroments are. I've kinda been blazing through the various cities and I'm missing a lotta stuff XD. My friend already found a seed of STR and AGL that I missed.
  3. I'm *really* digging it so far. I think I saw that thread actually, I'd of tried something like that but I actually wanna enjoy my first play through :p
  4. Hey had a lot of crazy personal life stuff go on so I havent been here in about a year but I'm back! I had to find some people to talk about DQXI with! Hope you guys have been doing well this past year. Anybody else doing the Draconian Quest stuff? All I went with was "super tough enemies" and they werent joking! I've had to grind a couple levels before each boss.
  5. I noticed something odd when I was fighting the first real dungeons boss, its a pair of enemies and there were a couple times when they seemed to get double turns and once or twice where the hero did. I havent noticed it happening as much as I did in the specific boss fight but it was kinda rough, I don't really know what that was about but it seems to have been an exception to the whole each combatant gets one turn in order of agility rinse/repeat.
  6. I'm thinking about dropping the permadeath aspect of it for another playthrough because I simply don't have enough of a grasp on the game to do it. I named my wolf Fir because I'm going with a tree naming scheme, I cheated a bit for the panda(Bamboo).
  7. I just got EO2 U and I'm liking it so far, some of the new classes are pretty cool like beast. I decided that I'm going to play on expert w/ permadeath or at least sort of, basically my characters can be revived in battle but if they're KO'd when the battles over they're dead. It seems pretty damn challenging so far I might run out of character slots before I beat it.
  8. Did you guys see that they had the nerve to release P5 Valentine's anyway? That made me salty af
  9. I'm really bummed about the Persona 5 delay today we would be within a week right now.
  10. I think V VIII and VI have the sharpest designs in that order.
  11. Hey Sword, Glaceon and Gooie I just got a decent night's sleep. I had gotten about 12 hours over the span of five days before that which was a major contributing factor to me being such a jerk. Anyway I just wanted to say that while I really don't care for the change due to the reasons I stated I'm sorry for acting like such a jerk to you guys. Sleep deprivation blew things way out of proportion.
  12. Quality of life improvements are just that; improvements to the experience that makes your life easier. But taken to an extreme like this they aren't improvements.Why not just cut out all the bullshit with basketball and just throw the ball through the hoop? That's some really warped logic you're using there especially when you consider that my primary argument is that the healing items are what make instant alchemy unbalanced and herbs are widely and cheaply available throughout the game. Why punish somebody who just wants to enjoy the story? Why not make every enemy fall in one hit? Why not give them an accessory to completely avoid random encounters, after all you could beat the monsters if you wanted to it's just a pointless tedious waste of time right? Too extreme? How about a level up for each random encounter? By the reasoning you and glaceon are using that wouldn't be unbalancing at all either. "That is proper balancing right there. You have to actively work for what you want, rather than being arbitrarily stopped by a timer that can be easily circumvented with Holy Water and time spent in the Farebury region. Grinding up what you actually need? Nah, no easy way around that" Except that you would still have to expend the time it takes to make the items so that you don't have an excessive amount of powerful items that would be unbalanced. Really you guys are selectively ignoring my arguments because you don't want to hear it. The whole point is that it acts like a damn cool down timer it's not some arbitrary thing to slow your progress if this were a multiplayer game and they removed cooldown timers the reason this is a problem would be instantly obvious to people but since this is what folks think they want and the industry is in the mood to pander this is what you get. Have a nice hollow experience and many more to come maybe you'll eventually come to realise this. I'm sick of repeating myself so I'm just gonna call it a day and lament the death of my favorite hobby.
  13. Obviously it's meant to be a help to the player and I haven't ignored that. The very real reason to have them wait for alchemy is that it acts like a cool down timer which preserves the games balance by limiting your alchemy usage. It's the same reason you can't use limit breaks every turn in FF7 ( oh but wait you can in the ps4 port!). It has everything to do with impatience because if you're spending a considerable amount of time waiting for alchemy then you're overusing it. In DQ VIII's case there should have been an option to not have the instant alchemy altogether. I understand where you guys are coming from but this is unbalancing and it's a problem. I'm honestly about to give up on the whole damn genre because all of these "quality of life" features are ruining it. Dragon Quest I guess at least has the distinction of being one of the first JRPGs out there and one of the last to become trashy.
  14. I just explained the point of it the point of the timer was to keep alchemy from being unbalanced they took it a step further and made it so that you couldn't just sit there and get the item while idle. It isn't literally or figuratively pointless because the whole damn point was to not benefit from alchemy in a way that would unbalance the game. If you chose to break the game by doing all of that stuff it wasted your time at the very least there should be an option to disable it. Anyway I've lost my ability to be civil about this this is becoming a vapid genre for a society of vapid people who are extremely impatient and afraid of challenge.
  15. And you could walk into the waterfall cave at lv.99 . . . If you had the patience. This is the whole reason why alchemy didn't progress if you were just sitting around in VIII you aren't supposed to just get everything you can alchemise right off the bat to do so is objectively unbalancing. The whole point is not to wait until you had the best shiny new armor and huge stocks of advanced healing items so that the monsters have a snowball's chance in hell of killing you.
  16. No, you don't have an infinite amount of items to alchemise but you can consistently get the healing from an Amor Seco very early into the game and at less then 25% of the cost. If this takes time that's not unbalancing because you might make one or two but if it's stackable there's really no point in carrying or even using herbs for anything other than alchemy. The only way that isn't seriously unbalancing is if you're already overleveling to an extent that it doesn't matter.
  17. I understand that that can be frustrating but making alchemy instant isn't the solution. The dungeon crawling in a JRPG is supposed to be a battle of attrition. It isn't whether or not you can beat the boss it's whether or not you can get through the dungeon in a state where you're still able to beat the boss. In the PS2 version of VIII you had to prioritize and compromise with your alchemy, you couldn't simply walk into the dungeon with dozens of strong medicines and all the new gear. This is why it is so unbalancing you have easy access to whatever you can alchemise and in the desired quantity. You pointed out the theif key and someone else pointed out the timbrel of tension, those are good examples of items that could have standed to be made much quicker to create. The theif key because a) it's a key item and you aren't going to want to progress until it's made b) you've just unlocked alchemy and want to move onto creating other things, with the timbrel it's the end of the game and you likely don't have other stuff to do at that point but the solution to that would be making it take 5-10 mins instead of half an hour or so. Making alchemy instant to solve things like this is totally overkill and making it instant for consumables and equips is really unbalancing.
  18. What?! How is the ability to make stacks of strong healing items instantly and for hardly any gold more balanced then having to do it one at a time and having to choose between making healing items and upgrading your equipment? The alchemy system in IX made it hardly even feel like DQ (I mean it was still fun and all but it completely $#!&ed up item scarcity).
  19. Time to hit the casino! With the changes to alchemy it sounds necessary(honestly wish they hadn't changed alchemy it was much better balanced in VIII than IX). I'd also like to point out that gold is pretty easy to come by in VIII inbetween monster coins and a couple good places to grind gold early on, specifically the swordsman's labyrinth (first room+whistle for jewel bags) and the holy isle of neos for gold men.
  20. She loves you so much that she'll help you marry another chick because she wants what's best for you. Also attack/support magic ftw.
  21. VI is solid. I think they could have done a better job with the vocation system than they did but w/e. I went into it expecting it to be the big draw of the game I was pleasantly surprised that it had a really cool world before you even get to Alltrades Abbey. Go for it I doubt you'll be disappointed. The superfamicom version is also probably the prettiest Dragon Quest beside 8 and one of the better looking JRPGs of that era. Also best DQ Waifu is Bianca GTFO
  22. It doesn't bother me much it's usually easy enough to figure out with the context. I do kind of miss the courtly English of the old titles though. I kind of thought that Sancho in V was pushing it a little, he sounded kind of like Speedy Gonzales or something.
  23. It's normalish for that to happen your VIT might be a bit on the lowside but pumping it won't help much. What you want to do to beat rom is either use your Tonitrus if it's decently upgraded+compatible with your build or something strong with bolt paper. Don't hit ROM in the head and attack his minions from the side. Ignore the little spiders during the first part of the fight and just wail on ROM like crazy, during the next phase pick off some of the spiderlings just enough to keep from getting overwhelmed so you can kill ROM in relative peace. Edit: You might have some luck keeping them off you in the second phase with the hunter axe's tricked R2.
  24. There's an optional area leading from hemwick but unless you've found a certain item in a side area of the next location you can't access it. Did you have someone in cathedral ward ask you for a password? You should have that password since you've defeated Amelia. As far as the undead giant goes there's a spear weapon that'll make him easy enough. Sorry for being vague I'm just assuming you don't want spoilers since you haven't looked it up yourself.
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