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  1. Howdy everyone! I made a video game review for Dragon Quest Builders! I became so addicted to it that I had to review it.
  2. Just released my latest VGM cover! It's for Chrono Trigger though if people are interested. :)

  3. MohawkGaymer

    DQB launch event - London

    This was at the Dragon Quest Builders launch event in London. Was tons of fun!!
  4. There are some really good choices there. For me, my top 3 would have to be: "Homeland" from DQIV (orchestral version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1602EJC__I "Endless World" from DQII (orchestral version) "Memories of a Lost World" from DQVII (which I've also done a cover of on my YouTube channel)
  5. I would TOTALLY play this. I love the music from the DQ series. I have the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm too and played it for hours! I wish they would localise the Dragon Quest Theatrhythm.
  6. I love the guy with the leather harness and mask (even if the mask is pink). Does anyone know where that concept originally came from?
  7. Hello, So I looked everywhere for a soundtrack or at least a list of music and where it came from of Dragon Quest Builders. I still couldn't find anything so I created a list that should be helpful for everyone. This might contain spoilers, but here is the list (all pieces are orchestral arrangements): INTRO - Opening overture - (Dragon Quest 1 "Overture") Main menu - (Dragon Quest 2 "Love Song/Only Lonely Boy") Dragonlord - (Dragon Quest 1 "Dragonlord") CHAPTER 1 - Dungeon - (Dragon Quest 3 "Dungeon") Overworld - (Dragon Quest 1 "Unknown World") Town - (Dragon Quest 4 "T
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