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  1. Glad to see this community still kicking. I watch the CEO lets plays every so often. I always wanted to play this MMO and get involved. Sadly between life and just not wanting to deal with all the VPN stuff, I probably never will. But keep up the Dqing all!
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    Thanks. I'll give that a try. I had no idea amazon had their own vpn service. My wife and i use amazon for everything so i can totally feel comfortable giving them my money.
  3. Taubu

    few questions

    Before I start, I would like to say, Hi! After watching several lets play videos by cranberry, project ceo, and saigancat, I have come to show a growing interest in this MMO. I feel that Square-Enix gives this game as much or almost as much love as FFXIV and that's good. I think what draws me to it is that it seems to have more of the old fashion MMO style to it while still feeling very much like a dragon quest game. Don't get me wrong. I'm enjoying FFXIV. The story is neat. It has a great patch cycle. And the game is pact full of content. It's a good MMO. However, I feel like establishing bonds with people is unneeded, due to the fact that one can pug 95% of the content (savage mode raids being the exception). I really am kind of looking for something that encourages you to actually talk to people and make friends. This probably comes from me being an MMO player from the days of Ultima, EQ, and Asherons call. Anyway, before I commit, I really just want to give the trial a go. My hold up is the VPN thing. I'm paranoid about security. So I don't want to pay for one unless I know the company is reputable. I also don't want to use one of the free ones like VPN Gate because I don't want strangers having access to me like that. It just sounds like a security risk. So can anyone help me out with this by both clarifying if I'm getting the VPN security concept wrong and just recomending a good VPN provider to use. This would help out greatly. Thanks and nice to meet everyone.
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