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  1. Why does every single convo in this group always turn to weaboology? Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  2. Still waiting for Part 5... Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  3. I like it! How about baby Rhapthorne? Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  4. Emotionally, my preference might go to the Impressionism in V. But I'm trying to retain an objective musicological view here. Something that never appears in V is the counterpoint that sets Sugiayama apart from all those other video game composers. Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  5. I also agree that VI has the best music overall. It really is the most "symphonic" one, with a harmonious structural thematic recurrence, while also combining the baroque counterpoint of the Alefgard trilogy and the more Romantic tonalities of V. IV really marks for me Sugiyama's experimental period, when he breaks away from his Bachist technique and into more modern composition. (By that I meant the different recording with the London Philharmonic, Tokyo Philharmonic and NHK Radio Orchestra. I prefer the London one...but it's also one of the most prestigious ensembles in the world.)
  6. The most interesting thing about Sugiyama's music is its great contrapuntal nature. Take fugues like the DQ1 or DQ3 castle themes, or "The Saint" from DQ6. Is cringe a vital human necessity? That fugato section in the Baramos battle theme is also quite extraordinary. Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  7. Which game would you say has the best symphonic suite? And which recordings do you prefer? LPO, TPO, NHK? Or maybe the string quartet/wind ensemble arrangements? Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  8. Last anime I saw was 91 Days. Lovely mafia story of family feuds, revenge and power struggles. It's basically The Godfather Meets Richard III. Is cringe a vital human necessity?
  9. Isn't that the unsufferable $#!&@ from IX? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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