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  1. Wild monsters drop particular orbs as listed here https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/system/obe/houju_mons.php. Dungeon bosses drop random orbs.
  2. The old woman is asking for the flame tree (炎の樹木). You can buy it at E5.
  3. Hi, Dagron. For your questions 1. There are three ways to reach the super high tension. 1) keep using "ボケ" in battle ,2) ask another player to cheer you up when you are in battles 3) change to battlemaster and use his "limit break" in battles. 2. Go to the castle in Ogre's second city. There is a big flame. Use the reborn stone to the flame. 3. Quest No. 199 in Dwarf's first city.
  4. BM: ジェイコフ in B1 of the Colosseum (娯楽島ラッカラン·コロシアム, the building near the casino). Take どくけしそう and めざめの花, and talk to the questgiver. For the other jobs, I recommend you searching this website https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/ You will see the introduction on each job (including the unlock quest)
  5. The priest in the bar can change your job. You will get your human body back at the end of Version 1, before you defeat the fake Sun.
  6. Dear everyone, SE has just released the new content in Version 5.0. Here are my translations. Since I'm not a English native speaker, sorry if there are any mistakes. 1. New story in devildom Prerequisite: Finishing V4.5 story New transfer item: dark crystal (transfer between Astoltia and Devilom) Cast: new NPCs in V5.0 are dubbed. 2. New created characters starting from V5.0 New characters created after V5.0 (even in an old account) can start their adventure from V5.0. Main quests from V1 to V4 are cleared automatically. Important items will
  7. Hi Dagron. It's definitely a good idea. In fact, I'm also thinking about writing an introduction on the dqx story, but I'm a little busy with my work recently. I have been playing this game for years. If you have any questions, I'm happy to help.
  8. There is no prerequisite to unlock the BM job. Take どくけしそう and めざめの花, and talk to the questgiver again. You can easily buy them from the dealer.
  9. I recommend pushing the story to V4.0, because it will unlock many useful functions. I guess your orbs here means "達人のオーブ" . For bm, I recommend 天下無双の極意 to enhance your dps. Double-edged swords are good weapons for both bm and warrior. So you can also choose 渾身斬りの極意 and ぶんまわしの極意. Particular monsters will drop particular orbs. You can search here https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/system/obe/houju.php. Remember to use perfume. Tamer has a skill to spawn monsters in battles named エモノ呼び. You can unlock tamer job by finishing quest 273. More information is here https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/quest/28.
  10. Wellcome back! I just joined this game in August and I have reached V4.0 now. V5.0 is coming. Hope there is more fun. Btw, I'm thinking about writing a story introduction on V1.0-2.0. Is there any similar introduction in this forum?(I couldnot see any) Or would you like to read this kind of introduction on the story?
  11. Hi, Cranberry. For the last few months, I was a little busy for my graduation and jobs. The shutup of Chinese server made me very disappointed, because this is the only mmorpg I played for years. According to what I know, SDO closed the server, because SDO was acquired last year. The new boss doesn't like DQX, as it didn't make profit as much as FF14. Many of my friends in Chinese server have gone to the Japanese one. They also invited me to be there and I just created my character last month. Btw, what's your ID in the game? or you are welcome adding me to your friend list.
  12. Hi, I'm playing in the Chinese server. But I have to say the Japanese one is a better option for English speakers. It's not only because there are more English speaking players, but also Japanese server has a children time (2 hours for free everyday).
  13. Yes. It's a new server separate from Japanese one. The lv cap is 60 now.
  14. Hello everyone: It seems that Shanda blocked all the ways to buy DQX through foreign credit cards. Here is another way to buy through a third party online shop. More information about the Chinese server is here (http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35469). As mentioned by Ashes, this server is separate from Japanese one. 1.Register for a Shanda account (1)go to http://www.sdo.com/ click "注册" at the top right corner; (2)Click spot 1 to register with foreign telephone numbers; (3)Type in your information, including 1:Your foreign tel. number; 2: click here to get the
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