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  1. Oh yeah, I probably should have summarized it! To get the gist you have to read a pretty long RHDN thread otherwise. This 4-year project is a rewrite of DQ4 DS's script using the old NES version's script and simpler, accent-free writing style as a basis. Items, Spells, Names, and Monster names have been changed to their original versions. Dialogue up to the end of Chapter 5 has been rewritten. I have also converted it to use a large, easy-to read font that resembles the NES font. Because so much text has been altered, I am asking for beta testers to help me look for any problems resulting from the changes. For instance: Text that doesn't display properly. Dialogue or gameplay choices that freeze the game. Lack of expository dialogue to indicate where the player should go next. I'll be finishing up Chapter 6 and the immigrant town in coming months.
  2. Project Home at RHDN Here it is - v0.92. Ready for beta testers. 1. You need XDELTA to apply the patch to the US RELEASE of Dragon Quest 4 for Nintendo DS. I recommend XDELTAUI. ( http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/ ) 2. You need WinRAR or some compatible archiver to extract the file. Freely available online. Worth supporting. ( http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm ) Buy any game in this great series this fall! Show the mighty Enix some love. I know the file hosting site is basic - the first button that says 'Download' has classic Dragon Warrior style spell names. This is the intended main version of the patch. The second button that says 'Old Spells' has the ordinary PS2 / DS style modern spell names. Either of these can be applied to original rom. Do not apply them to each other, I have not tested that. Do not apply any of my patches to a game that is already patched by something else. THANK YOU I can't believe I've reached this milestone, the relief of finally having the project out on the internet rather than just on my own system - it's something. All acknowledgements will be made in patch notes. Your feedback can be sent to dq4classic@gmail.com, or posted on this thread, or pm'ed to me. My goal initially is to find GAME BREAKING BUGS, and text that's missing or garbled. I know there's still a lot of content for me to get to. Also, I know the writing will not necessarily be appealing to everyone. All feedback is appreciated. GoFundMe This project, and the final version of the patch, is in no way contingent on funding - it is merely an optional way to say thank you by helping keep the roof over my head. I will be finishing through Chapter 6 and the optional content in future months.
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