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  1. Oh yeah, I probably should have summarized it! To get the gist you have to read a pretty long RHDN thread otherwise. This 4-year project is a rewrite of DQ4 DS's script using the old NES version's script and simpler, accent-free writing style as a basis. Items, Spells, Names, and Monster names have been changed to their original versions. Dialogue up to the end of Chapter 5 has been rewritten. I have also converted it to use a large, easy-to read font that resembles the NES font. Because so much text has been altered, I am asking for beta testers to help me look for any problems result
  2. Project Home at RHDN Here it is - v0.92. Ready for beta testers. 1. You need XDELTA to apply the patch to the US RELEASE of Dragon Quest 4 for Nintendo DS. I recommend XDELTAUI. ( http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/ ) 2. You need WinRAR or some compatible archiver to extract the file. Freely available online. Worth supporting. ( http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm ) Buy any game in this great series this fall! Show the mighty Enix some love. I know the file hosting site is basic - the first button that says 'Download' has classic Dragon Warrior style spell names. This is the in
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