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  1. Thank you for the induction My program also refers to memory in the same way. However, "DQ10ChatMon" can not be used. Because Japanese Dragon Quest X was encrypted in memory. Also, my program does not want to see the log contents in a dialog. It is made to see the enemy's encounter information from the contents of the log. The format of the log output format is "Advanced Combat Tracker" to read it. I also make a tool to display enemy encount information as shown below apart from "Advanced Combat Tracker". http://i.imgur.com/hyXdhPe.png
  2. I am a Japanese Dragon Quest X player. This application is a program which outputs system log and chat log with Dragon Quest X Version 3.4.2b. I do not know what the text output program you have points to.
  3. This application outputs the Dragon Quest X system log and chat log to a file. For operation, Java 1.7 (32 bit) or more is required. Download: https://srv02.bitsend.jp/download/2cc44255ffa724256d47d638d399a352.html
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