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  1. Kind of wish the text in the game for the English release had the simple text design of the original. Oh well it's still fine, nothing to complain about
  2. Here to get the second badge, I have been away for a few days if you know what I mean.
  3. So Labor Day is on Monday and on Tuesday I also have that day off! So close to release AAAUGH!!!
  4. As much as I would love to get it on PC, I wouldn't mind buying a collectors edition for PS4, plus having already Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 already on the system for me, I might as well keep the DQ games going. Too bad about the 3DS version and Switch eh?
  5. I don't care about the Switch at all in general, I just want to know when the PS4 version is getting localized. As for the 3DS version, well I don't care much about that version either.
  6. Perhaps they are going to announce something at PlayStation Experience? Even I can't see them doing that but I can only hope.
  7. What are some good auto translating tools? I would really like to at least try to play the online portion after buying the game last year.
  8. I know the Wii version is getting canned, so maybe this would help someone make an english translation of the single player game! Still cool to see in this video of the person playing online through the emulator.
  9. It would be cool to see if someone can insert translated Chinese text into the online portion of the game.
  10. Still in the middle of finishing 7 on 3DS and 8 on PS2 at the moment.
  11. Does anyone have a translation of the online main menu and it's sub-menus? I know it seems a little too much but it would be a big help to me as I have no idea how to talk to the team on there and I am pretty much writing every thing I know down on a piece of paper so I can look at it if I am stuck.
  12. I copied my name and ID from the site, maybe that would work? Also, I don't know how I can possibly be on another team when I'm a new player. Do they automatically put you in a team when you are a new player or what? How do you even leave a team anyway?
  13. Name: ブラソドソ ID: PW128-368
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