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  1. Man, just listened to the overworld theme. It does sound so much better than the in game version. I want to remain gratefull that we got voice acting, but this is going to bother me when I get to play the game. Really wish we got orchestrated music. But, oh well.
  2. Shin megami tensei V coming out is what it is going to take. Just waiting for that right now. Don't have the money for it anyway.
  3. Man, voice acting, huh. I was hoping for it, but I was definately not expecting it. Would have prefered orchestrated music over voice acting, but I am not going to complain about this. This is great. As for the 3DS version, I don't want it as much as the console version. But I hope we get it. I know some of you really wanted that version.
  4. Enjoy. And as for 4, I may prefer the DS version, but the PSP version of 4 is great as well. Like Yangus said, especially the beginning portion is super easy, but it is a fun game all the same.
  5. Yeah, the DS version of 4 is definately my favorite. Absolutely recommend it. 5 is in a bit of a difficult situation tho. The only great version of FF5 is the GBA version I feel like. The remake is just straight up unappealing visually. If that is not a problem to you, it plays great. The ps1/psn version on the other hand has a terrible translation, and some issues that make it difficult to enjoy. The GBA version is the most difficult game of the bunch to get your hands on. I have no idea how emulation works "never done it myself", but maybe you should play it that way. 5 has a very unique vibe for a final fantasy game. It kind of feels like a combination of final fantasy and dragon quest. I really enjoy it. 6 is my 2nd favorite game in the franchise after 9. And you should go for the GBA or the SNES version, and like Yangus, I too prefer the SNES version between those. The PS1 version is more appealing than the PS1 version of 5 imo, but it still isn't worth it if you can play one of the other two versions. And like 5, 6 also got a ugly remake. For the same reasons as 5, stay away from that one unless that doesn't bother you. 1 and 2 you should get on GBA or PSP. Both versions are very pretty in their own way, and they play fine. Well, 2's gameplay has problems by nature. You might even want to skip that one entirely. I still like the music and story enough to where I really enjoyed it, but most people consider this to be the worst game in the series.
  6. I started playing FF5 last week, and I am enjoying it a lot more than my first run through the game. It might honestly replace FF4 as my 5th favorite game in the series.
  7. Yes, but only becouse I really like the look of them in 8 on the ps2. It has nothing to do with them not looking western enough, and I don't dislike the traditional test boxes, but minimalistic will never be my first choice.
  8. Persona 5, Nier automata yakuza kiwami and yakuza 0. 1. Persona 5. What can I say? I just love atlus games, something about them. Especially on console. It is not even my favorite persona game (at least storywise), and still it was the best gaming experience I have had in years. Loved it. 2. Yakuza 0. My reintroduction into the yakuza series. And oh boy, am I back in. Great story, fun gameplay and lots to do. I actually went for the platinum trophy in this one. 3. Nier automata. Big fan of the nier and drakengard series to begin with. Made by platinum games no less this time. It is definately not as deep as platinums other works and It was a clearly not super high budget, but the story and characters were totally up to par with Yoko Taro's standards, and the gameplay was filled with interesting stuff, and it was still super smooth and fun to play. I am really happy this game is getting so much praise. It is really looking like the trend of Yoko Taro games having bad gameplay is finally over. 4. Yakuza kiwami. I didnt love it as much as yakuza 0. Story was weaker, cinematography was weaker, boss fights were weaker and it was just a smaller game in general. But I still really enjoyed it. I know people were mixed on the Majima everywhere system, but I really enjoyed it. Just a great game. I have enjoyed other games this year as well, but they did not come out this year.
  9. Well, just did the dragon quest event in FF14. Really starting to feel the pain of not having DQ10 in the west now. But besides that, I love the king slime hat, and I am definately going to use the golem minion a lot. Kind of wish it came with a mount tho, I'd use that non stop. Oh, and I started playing red mage earlier this week, and I am really liking it. I still really like dragoon as well, but I might just stick with red mage as my main job.
  10. The dragon quest event is coming back to FF14. What timing. Now I can represent as well.
  11. Sure, I'll judge it for myself when I get there.
  12. I have heard some mixed things about stormblood's story. Most people in my FC seem to think HW>SB. But we'll see.
  13. Well, I just got to the heavensward content in FF14, and holy crap the story seems to have stepped up it's game all of a sudden. Like, the base game is good, but it wasn't anything too special. It is a fairly typical MMO/final fantasy story about the journey of a random adventurer becoming the hero of the realm (crystals and warriors of light and all). The update content was alright, but got kind of tiring after a while. But then you realize that they have been setting up a bunch of stuff that leads to a very satisfying conclusion. Those final cutscenes man. Really got me in the mood to continue the story. Like seriously, that kind of came out of nowhere for me how interesting that turned out to be.
  14. Dragoon death or solo was a meme in FFXI too.I was one in FFXI and been a lancer since ARR started, though the only time I die a lot is in pvp XD And yes, based Yoshida. Had a costume contest with my FC yesterday for Halloween, I glamoured up to look like Erdrick of DQIII. Complete with wind up Brickman, and slime earrings to seal the deal. I'll post a screen here later. But yeah, I've gotta show my love for DQ too in FFXIV. Between one of my retainers having the king slime crown hat on in my yard, and my house being called the Quester's Rest, and parading the thug's mug, slime crown and golem minion around generally daily. Didn't know that was a thing from 11. I didn't play that game. I played WOW at the time, since I was very young, and very reliant of what my parents bought me. Kinda sucks I missed that dragon quest event, I would have loved to show of some dragon quest stuff in this game. But oh well, I am a big final fantasy fan as well, so I don't mind it too much.
  15. I am enjoying FF14 a lot. I picked a lancer, so I can turn into a dragoon later, which has always been one of my favorite jobs in the series (if not favorite). Very typical of me that I would choose this, becouse as I found out later, apperantly the stereotype for dragoons is that they die a lot, becouse some of their moves lock them in place. A lot of dragoon players don't seem to time this right. This has become a big meme in the community. But, I'll stick with it and try to get good at it. But yeah, I am having a really good time. Not only is it a fantastic MMORPG, it is also a fantastic final fantasy game. This is what I want from the singleplayer games as well tbh. It pays tribute to older final fantasy games a lot, and it sticks with the classic technologic/medieval setting, but it still feels very unique. And like I said, it is also a fantastic MMORPG, so the gameplay part is also great. I find it very interesting that this game is sandwiched between FF13 and 15, which were both pretty bad in their own way (and that is a very polite way of saying this compared to how I really feel), but I guess FF14 started out like that as well before Yoshi-P came in to save the day.
  16. There's a couple people playing 14 here. You all should get together and make a group. Yeah, maybe. I am playing on a european server tho. I think my internet would sh** itself if I went to the American servers.
  17. Well, after not having played an MMO in 11 years since I quit WOW I suddenly got the itch again, and I am now suddenly playing final fantasy 14.
  18. I'd be up for this. Really I just want a Dragon Quest fighting game period. Get Arksys involved.Anyway, I'd want a proper cross over with Final Fantasy. Fortune Street is fine and all, but let's see the two series in a big RPG together. Yeah, this. Arc system fighting game, dissidia and a proper final fantasy crossover. These can all be separate games, or be combined, I don't really care personally. This sounds cool as well.
  19. I really love what I am seeing here, for as little footage as it may be. Really getting Kaneko vibes from the character designs so far. At least, as far as I can tell without actually seeing their faces. I doubt it is him, but still, it is an observation.
  20. Well, I just beat yakuza 0 and Kiwami. Great games, especially 0. I still need to platinum kiwami, but I am taking a little break from the series for now. So, I recently watched a stream of the people at teamfourstar playing the first zone of the enders, and now I am in a huge mech mood. So, I just ordered the zone of the enders HD collection. I played these games long ago, but I don't remember much of it besides how smooth it played. Really looking forward to it. I was looking for something completely new tho, but when I started looking I really noticed how underused mechs are in videogames. Kind of a shame. Zone of the enders could have created its own genre.
  21. Emptilion

    Yakuza series

    And I beat legend difficulty. Just went through it as quickly as possible, and I beat it in 10 hours of playtime, which is quite the change from my 170 hours of my 100% completion playthrough. But yeah, I didnt grind, so I was a little worried that I would reach a point where I would get stuck. But as long as I kept stocked up on healing items it wasnt a problem. The one moment where I got a little nerveus was in the final dungeon. I ended up having to use up all my healing items. So the final two phases of the final boss were a little nervewrecking. But I did it, and now it is time to move on to kiwami.
  22. Emptilion

    Yakuza series

    Well, I only need to play the game on legend difficulty, and I have the platinum trophy. God, yakuza 0 was good stuff. Looking forward to kiwami "probabely" some time later this week.
  23. Emptilion

    Yakuza series

    Just finished Majima's cabaret club storyline. God that is a good fun mini game. And yes, the reward was totally worth it. Mad dog style is the sh**. Once I got it, I just went around beating random thugs for an hour. Really glad that is the style they are using for Majima in kiwami 2. It is so different from everything else. Also, new TGS footage from hokuto ga gotoku and kiwami 2 looks super promising. Really excited for these games.
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