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  1. I hate how the probability of this happening is so high. I really do. Also there will be next to no marketing and the DQ Twitter will be dead for another 5 months outside of 2 wimpy Nintendo rts. I'm calling it now.
  2. I guess extremely linear is a bit dramatic. But we all understood what I meant, right? No worries then. There isn't much disagreement either on how open world DQ would be difficult to make work. That does pose a fun little idea though. What would you do to make an open world Dragon Quest game work?
  3. Let's uh, change the conversation. I forgot to say that I finished Made in Abyss. Holy #$*!, that OST is amazing. I don't think I would have cared as much for the show if it wasn't for that OST. Also saw the first The Garden of Sinners movie before my Prime ran out. I didn't think much since I was warned that it would not make much sense first viewing. Basically just sat there and tried to figure out the setting, characters, plot, etc. Now I'm watching Code Geass. I'm only 12 years late to the party!
  4. My biggest issue with open world games is that the brag about how big it is only to have absolute nothing in it. Do we have the bring back No Man's Sky as an example? That would be the biggest hurdle before we even address how Dragon Quest is an extremely linear series that would be difficult to make into an open world setting without removing what makes a Dragon Quest game a Dragon Quest game.
  5. I 100% believe it happened sooner. I liked DQ9's OST but many feel otherwise. Could be around then.
  6. Ah forgive me, I've been so busy playing FFXIV that I'm not properly keeping up with threads haha.
  7. I logged on, saw Steamed Hams and rushed to the thread to see if the Nier Automata one was posted. Good job eal, it's the best. Here are some other good ones.
  8. Never gets old. Koichi Sugiyama is godly. Also brings up another question, which game do you think was Sugiyama's peak? DQ7 for me.
  9. And make sure you get the definitive version, Explorers of Sky. There's so much post-game plot and content, I'd argue it's not even post-game anymore. Adds so much to an already good game.
  10. If Square plays their cards right, (which they probably won't. *sigh*) this could sell far better then DQ8 or DQ9. Also think of the lasting effects like what DQ9 and DQ8 had. The fanbase would grow as people recall DQ11 and realize this series is great overall.
  11. Happy birthday to one of our beloved Moderators but more importantly, fellow Denizen!
  12. Getting the most out of your financial investments before it's too late is the highest form of motivation. I'm kinda along a similar line. At least for Land of the Lustrous. Everything about the anime adaptation felt so... Right. I'd probably have to brush up on the terminology used to describe books, TV shows, and movies but if I had to phrase it in a way... Each episode flowed smoothly. I recall some reviewer saying the cliffhangers actually matter as they would have purpose in the next episode or segment, which I would agree to. The usage of CGI was good, not only for action sequences, but how humanoid gems didn't feel too jarring in CGI with hints of 2D. There's some other stuff that comes to mind too like how well the transition from manga to TV adaptation is but I'm quickly entering a half-baked review. Who knows? Maybe I will write a full, fleshed out review.
  13. Trust me, I'm WAAAY ahead of you. My Prime runs out in a few days and I've already finished Land of the Lustrous. Currently on the 6th episode of Made in Abyss. Is it a bad idea to lose sleep over anime? Absolutely, but I'm too cheap to fork over more cash for Prime again.
  14. I've adopted the, "Don't wait till New Years; Start now" policy but like the hypocrite I am, I did make one. I'm trying to "slow down". Relax a bit more, don't be so quick to make decisions, think before I speak more often, and reflect on my actions. I probably won't pay as much attention to this goal when February hits around.
  15. You know what I said about finishing those shows? Didn't do any of that, binged watched Tiger & Bunny instead. What a fun show! I understand why Japan loves it so much. On a more consequential note, they announced what MIGHT be season 2 roughly a day after I finished the series! What wonderful timing!
  16. Shhh! Let me pretend I'm smart and not some annoying hardcore fan!
  17. You're a damn good kid, you know that? You should hear that. Trust me, you haven't said anything that has made us upset or anything. Probably gave some of us a throwback to our own past! Thoughts like, "Oh yeah, I said something like that before too!" What I'm about to say might come off as a extremely personal to a few but if someone is willing to listen or in your case, might want to even hear it, I'm fine with sharing. I cut as well. I can't even say that I don't because I'm not too sure when I'll relapse again. I think I haven't touched a blade for a month now but still... I think... This has been happening for 3 years now? The reasons have changed a lot as well but I'd say there's a lot in common between my reasons and yours. Stress, school, self-esteem, lack of a social life, and many more. These thoughts build up for me and never seem to stop running. I probably need to get back on medication but part of my stress is kinda related to that. There's far too much for me to just put down in one post. But you did something I didn't do when I started cutting. Admitted you needed help. That is a wonderful step forward. Keep doing it. And please, do what you want to do. Find something that really makes you feel good. Depression won't be solved, but having something you can fall back to makes it a bit easier. I'll be waiting for you here at the Den! We will both make it!
  18. Well there's Emma, the childhood friend. I guess I thought I saw Camus in there but it's nowhere. Sooooo, one confirmed name. Better then none?
  19. What a fantastic take! Guess I didn't bother thinking about how Nintendo is playing into the localization this time since all we know is that PS4 is confirmed. (Remember when Sony accidentally posted the localization confirmation trailer?) If that's the case, we can have the comfort knowing Square isn't intentionally making nothing but poor decisions. Any hope is better than none.
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