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  1. Who allowed this small child on this website? Haha, I'm just teasing don't worry. Welcome to the Den! Or as I like to call it, the Salt Den! It get's heated around here sometimes but other than that, it's a great site! I'm so glad you have tackled the some of the older games! Even if you only played the newest games, that would be fine too! So if you ever feel like a "fake fan" for not playing the older, hard to get games, don't feel so! As long as you love the series, you are true fan! The levels under your profile picture are to show the amount of posts you made. The most posts, the higher the level! I hope you enjoy the site!
  2. Howdy howdy! Glad you could make it to the Den! It's pretty tame here but we still get salty folks. I'm pretty new myself, but I have a pretty good idea what the forums are like. I hope to see you often around here!
  3. So I'm kicking off an art series called "Drawing QWest X: The Quest for X in the West" (Big shout out to the anon on liquidmetalslime Tumblr page for the grade A pun!) where I draw either in-game screenshots of DQX or general DQX fanart. I'm doing this for the promotion of the DQX localization campaign! I want to at the very least, post one drawing per week. That way the campaign can stay alive and well. Plus this is GREAT practice for me as an artist! I need to draw more often after all! I'll kick off this thread with a cute Weddie.
  4. The end of the grading period is over so I'm trying to do more DQX art. If you have any suggestions or requests on what I should draw, please send me a private message!

  5. Hot damn! Team Terry did a mighty fine job! I guess now is the time to start figuring out how to play translated games.
  6. Okay so let's say the game DOES make it to the West but they can only keep things up for a year or so due to poor sales, etc. I'm pretty sure this would not hurt any other chances of other DQ games being localized because Square-Enix is fully aware that X is a monstrous task compared to localizing other DQ games. They know that DQ8, DQ7, DQ Heroes, and DQ Builders were successful so the other games are almost certain to happen with enough fan demand the first time. Even if the game only lasted about a year just think about how amazing that year would be. I'm pretty pessimistic about a plethora of things in life but the localization of DQX isn't one of them. Sure I don't have much information to back me up other than others saying that DQ Builders and DQ7 are being sold out, but I just want to believe you know!?
  7. I haven't yet mostly because my eyes are set dead on DQVIII. And sadly no that isn't my art, it was drawn my a good friend of mine. Well tell your friend that I like their art! Also, DQVIII won't be here until next year. I'm not too sure of your financial situation right now but if you can, go ahead and pick up a copy of DQVII to kill time before then! The series needs as much support as it can get.
  8. Welcome to the Den! I'm fairly new myself but I rather like this place! People can get a wee bit salty and dumb on here but hey, it's a LOT better than other sites like Tumblr or Twitter. I have two questions: Did you get the DQVII remake? And is your icon your own art? It's really cute I love it!
  9. Well it's not the BEST Precure ED but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7JBYQj4vn0
  10. She thought he was hot. Sent from my MotoPod Well lets be real here He's a pretty hot piece of man no homo ...ok maybe a slight bit of homo.... Slightly homo isn't allowed. You either go full homo or go home.
  11. I'm posting my promotional art here as well. Just to give a break from this intense discourse.
  12. Hey guys! I did a really big promotional art for this! I'm going back to my normal schedule now because I can't feel my legs haha. I did most of this in one sitting today. 8+ hours I think.
  13. I love all of this as well but I do wanna add one more. The death animations for each enemy! They change, becoming more dramatic if you get a critical hit or use Knuckle Sandwich from what I've seen. It makes encounters a lot more fun than usual. I haven't seen DQVIII 3DS gameplay but I'm assuming it's the same? I hope so. Details add SO much to the experience like you said.
  14. I know right!? Can you imagine if ALL the special attack animations in the normal DQ games were like this? Golden Sun does something similar but this is a whole new level.
  15. DQMBV Thread! Can we talk about how cool the animations are in this game? Seriously that's the only word that comes into mind. So cool! Despite being pretty into animation, I can't really pinpoint on why they are so charming to me. The music adds hype maybe? What do you think? I think it's best to show rather than tell. I believe these are the special moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdbMZtBqOUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpob9xPq1sU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVHUi4EJgmI And my favorite one out of all of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NINJJ7urTZY
  16. I would LOVE to cosplay as Meena since she's one of the few DQ characters with a skin color exactly my tone. I heard I look good with straight hair so I just might be able to pull it off and look cute!
  17. Don't worry I got ya. Viva la Dragonquestilution! And yes I have played DQ7! Roughly 42 hours into the game right now! I wish I could sink in some more hours but the end of the grading period is near so I gotta get my grades up. They aren't bad but I can do better. I draw mostly boring anime styled drawings. I have a Tumblr since I feel like I'm ready to show my art but not professionally. So lot's of goofy doodles and text posts are on there. Here's my art blog if you wanna see some of my "work". Thank you for the warm welcome! B-b-b-b-but Welcome, by the way. Here's some chocolate and a shota: Funny story, I JUST had a dream about Len. Maybe this was destiny?
  18. "Welcome to the Den, the place where nobody talks about things on topic and everybody has some degree mental insanity." Sounds like I'll fit in perfectly haha! In all seriousness, thank you for the warm welcome!
  19. So I did my part so far by sending in the ticket and even a handwritten letter! Now I come to you guys with a question: How can I promote DQX to non-DQ fans? Drawing fanart is my main plan so far. Should I reach out to those who love monster girls or something? On a side note, school work is keeping me quite busy so art progress is going to be slow.
  20. Hello everyone! I'm Imutone/Radtone. I go by the name Ira and I'm a high school senior who loves Dragon Quest with a burning passion! I first got into Dragon Quest when I was roughly 11 with the 9th entry, DQIX. Although I wasn't able to enjoy all aspects of the game, the single player campaign and replayability was more than enough to fuel my love for the series. As of now, I'm trying to collect as many English DQ games as I can and help promote the DQX campaign with my art! I hope to be a proud member of this site for many years! ​
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