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  1. I've been super busy with DQ10 and even making posts trying to introduce new fans to the series! Only on Twitter and 4chan though. You know, I don't know if all of this attention will be a blessing or a curse. There's already people on the Smash Bros. Wiki fighting over the character's names. Let's hope nothing too bad happens!
  2. Has anyone ran into this when trying to type Kana? I'm on Windows 10 with the locale set to Japanese.
  3. Just add me whenever you can!
  4. I'm about 7 years late to the party, hope you don't mind!
  5. The protagonist being on the side most of the time. I don't mind a slient protagonist but I wish DQ protagonist were a bit more engaged in cutscenes instead of just... Standing there. It would be nice if DQ brought back the option to interact in the mirror, I'd love to see the protagonist stare in the mirror and make silly faces.
  6. Yeah Reddit is good for sharing fan content, not so great for discussion. I'll stick to here, Twitter, and /vg/.
  7. The answer is probably around somewhere, but does anyone know how to fixed the jumbled text on the game bar? The Quit selection screen is in question marks as well. The client works fine oddly enough. A friend told me this is a text-encoding issue but I'm not too sure how to go about fixing it.
  8. Just to double check, the only way to set up the subscription is through SE right? I was hoping to buy a DQX subscription card so I don't have to worry about using another service. However, I can't seem to find anything like that on Amazon.
  9. Yeeeeeeeeah, sorry about that. To be fair, I heard about the lift from another friend of mines and got too excited.
  10. You can't hide anything from me! Shloc Ltd has been doing most of the localization for the recent releases, right? I can imagine you sitting back, drinking tea out of a slime mug, watching with amusement over people speculating/bickering. I'm kinda curious, how often do you get DM'ed asking "WHENS ___ GOING TO COME OUT!?"
  11. If you live in America, the Dragon Quest X IP ban has been lifted! I'm trying the trial out, it's fun!

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      People's accounts are apparently being flagged on PC now.

    3. Imutone


      Ruh Roh

    4. Imutone


      Yep, I got flagged. Going to use a VPN from now on. Luckily, I got some help about a free VPN service while talking about on Twitter.

      I'll miss the lag free game-play but it's not the worst thing in the world.

  12. 6 years later and this guide still works perfectly. Thank you Cranberry!
  13. Today is the last day to vote for TGA. Dragon Quest XI has been nominated for Best RPG.

    Please vote, every vote counts in the end!


  14. "Downgraded" An offline version sounds like a blessing. No "LF DRAGON QUEST GF" or "U SUX AT THIS RAID KYS." Yes, it comes down to taste but to say an offline version is a downgrade is a subjective statement.
  15. Would the offline version be a test to see if the investment would be worth it for a online version? That's what it seems like to me. Test the waters with an offline mode, ya know?
  16. Even if DQ11 doesn't sell amazingly well on Steam, it's alright! I still have you guys and my friends on Twitter to talk about the game with!
  17. So the PC port is pretty good. If you have a Nivida account, you can most likely use Ansel. Ansel is a neat free camera mode.
  18. Wow! A fan from France! Nice to meet you!
  19. Talk about timing! I was on some other fourm board and they were talking about NPCs as well. There's not much room left for characters outside of NPCs, so I can see it happening!
  20. I forgot to mention yesterday but I'm making some cute little count-down doodles. https://twitter.com/imutones/status/1034848583135244290
  21. I have a PC that can support the recommended features so I'm fine with it. My real worry is the usage of Denvo. Heard some troubling things about Denvo like how you will need to be online and it can cause performance issues.
  22. As a fan? Pretty nice, the convention stuff was cool. But I didn't see any marketing that would get someone outside of the JRPG community interested in it. Gonna bet that sales will be okay but Square Enix blew too much on marketing.
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