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  1. If you live in America, the Dragon Quest X IP ban has been lifted! I'm trying the trial out, it's fun!

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero


      We don't know if it's intentional/permanent.

    2. Imutone


      I already spilled the beans to all 733 of my Twitter followers. Whoops!

      Still, I'm going to try this trial version while I still can. I know I could have done it sooner with a VPN but I'm a broke college student, I gotta wait out on these rare occasions.

    3. ignasia


      They could be testing the waters to check US/EU popularity.  We'll see whether this is the case if they shadow reveal this to different news sites.  That's usually the telling factor whether it's an oversight or they're testing the waters due to DQ11's recent release and name brand recognition to ultimately determine DQ10's fate in the West (whether they would be willing to try a server...afterall if no one is using a VPN to connect they might just transfer, or offer a direct transfer.  Or if they'll stick with the stated idea of a potential offline DQ10 (assuming that's more than just discussion at this point).

      Likely though, it's an oversight.

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