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  1. Sadly, I had to cancel my CE of DQ11. On top of Sugiyama being... Sugiyama, my financial situation has taken a slightly worse turn. I'm still picking up the normal version! Just not that big ole fancy CE anymore.

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    2. Imutone


      College! Gotta do full-time this semester.

    3. ignasia


      Nice.  What are you studying?

      Also...ah, those college days and limited paychecks.  Of course my current situation isn't much different, but I do remember what it was like.  Having fun with your studies?  I don't mean the excessive workload, but I mean the material, the subject and where it's leading you?

    4. Imutone


      I'm currently majoring in Psychology. Not too far in actually. I took a Sociology class this summer to start off and it was pretty fun! Looking forward Introduction to Psychology and World History. Not looking forward to Statistics or Biology. Something tells me that I will only find some parts interesting and be bored with the rest. Out of all the majors though, I'm feeling pretty good about Psychology. No idea what I'll do with the degree, but at least I'll enjoy a handful of classes! 

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