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    2. Imutone


      While I'm disappointed, ResetEra needs to understand he was alive during WW2 and remembers very clearly the war crimes America committed to Japan.  And if they won't take that, he's 87 for God's sake! Just treat it as  'Old Man Yells At Clouds' at this point. Maybe sigh about it and say "God dammit Sugiyama! Not this #$*! again!"

      Many wonderful people work on DQ. If you dismiss a series because of one bad apple, well good riddance! We do not need fans like that around!

    3. ignasia


      LOL, yeah, that's actually my visualization of him at this point, only his usual complaint in my mind being "damn those kids wanting my precious, precious, PRECIOUS orchestral renditions!  Buy them in a store if you want them so bad, or go to my concerts!"  *shakes cane into the atmosphere*

      Best friend: "eh...what did you say Sugi?"

      Exactly, silly mortals finding things to complain about when everyone has something to find fault with.  The series is fun, so enjoy it.  It's not like there are hidden messages to "kill the phonies," or "Japan recruits you into its army to take out pearl harbour!"  Or you know, lol, something like that.

    4. Dwaine


      ResetEra understands very little. All they do is react, conduct witch hunts, and harm their cause. It's some of the best far left cringe you'll find outside of Tumblr and Twitter.

      I wanna give a shout out to long time DQ fan Ice Cypher for giving the best response to this bad news.

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