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  1. Square Enix is conducting a survey. Naturally I had to put down, "localize more games." Forgot to put "stop making garbage PC ports" though. Perhaps someone can do that for me instead?

    Here's the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SQUARECRO

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    2. ignasia


      I did Imutone, but I did something MUCH worse.  MUCH MUCH worse.  I believe I copied over my "extra feedback" response with the "what games do you want" response.

      It was beautiful as well.  I even nailed them on the mobile AND PC ports.  Asked them to please clean up DQ1~3 PS4 and 3DS, as there's no way they tested the horrible plastic mobile character models on fans for feedback.  They're hideous, and do not do Toriyama's work justice.  They would be better off changing them back to the SNES models, and adding in animations.

      Stuff about Nomura being spread too thin.  Needing new producers to keep people in line.

      Nevermind a plethora of other bits I've forgotten now.  It was 12 paragraphs...all for nothing.


      Aye, Xenogears is amazing.  It deserves more spotlighting and a proper remake or at least an enhanced port that does the original justice (why they should bring in Takahashi).

      There are definitely...sooo sooo many great SNES and even a handful of NES releases we've never seen here.

      Aye, DQ remakes...you and me both.

      LOL, true, but have you played Cross yourself?  I actually prefer it to Trigger.  Trigger is just easier to replay and grasp all the subtleties, as it never makes any bones about what it is, or what it's trying to say.  No hidden gameplay mechanics either, while Cross has quite a few hidden elements.


    3. Imutone


      I haven't played Cross myself but I have seen some game play and have listened to the OST. I outta play it sometime but I should finish Chrono Trigger first though.

    4. ignasia


      Definitely.  The connecting points make the most sense if you're finished Trigger, especially if you've seen the Lucca orphanage ending.

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