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  1. One more question. Is it easy to transfer my PC progress over to the Switch? I know the game is cross-platform but I am currently running the trial
  2. I started playing again and playing on PC right now looking to pick up a switch copy if you wanna play together. I have a lvl 12 Dwarf Warrior and a Lvl 1 other short race forgot what they are called Wizard Also; Is it easy to pay per month for this game? Looking to play on Switch
  3. Well.. If that is the case then I might pick up a Switch Copy and get on playing! (I just want a hard copy for my collection)
  4. Man this looks so good. I'll have to think about it but I'm so tempted...
  5. I hear that! We need more DQ Swag. Even the Yakuza series is getting a better treament here. and I love that game too lol
  6. It's okay me neither. Half of the company got the go, but as an intern, I didn't get that perk But someone who knew I love DQ was able to get me one, Imma rock it soon.
  7. Nope that's one of the restrictions being a trial user. Do you happen to know if we can use bitcash to pay for sub/time?
  8. I have a hard time trying to type in game. Is it possible for Trial Users?. If not, how do you chat?
  9. I know what I'm doing this weekend haha. Anyone got discord and wanna party up?
  10. Whoa, now im really debating if I should just resub to ffxiv or play DQX haha.. Is that enough content to beat Ver 1 story?
  11. Looks like I'm waiting until Version 4 to come out before I buy it. (Just going to assume there's going to be another all in one package unless Ver 4 is pretty cheap) Max level for F2P is still 20 right? Enough for base game story?
  12. It's looking dope yo!
  13. I'm a lvl 7 dwarf and with my new job I can actually pay for this game. Was hoping to find some like minded folks who wants to hang out and grind when I get off work or on the weekends.
  14. source: http://gematsu.com/2017/08/dragon-quest-i-ii-iii-coming-ps4-3ds-august-japan other source: reddit I hope a hard copy comes out so I can buy this and add it to my DS collection!
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