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  1. I been using this site for my guide; https://ドラクエ10.jp/dq10_chart.html The main website is in japanese but you can google translate it with chrome
  2. One more question. Is it easy to transfer my PC progress over to the Switch? I know the game is cross-platform but I am currently running the trial
  3. I started playing again and playing on PC right now looking to pick up a switch copy if you wanna play together. I have a lvl 12 Dwarf Warrior and a Lvl 1 other short race forgot what they are called Wizard Also; Is it easy to pay per month for this game? Looking to play on Switch
  4. Well.. If that is the case then I might pick up a Switch Copy and get on playing! (I just want a hard copy for my collection)
  5. Man this looks so good. I'll have to think about it but I'm so tempted...
  6. I hear that! We need more DQ Swag. Even the Yakuza series is getting a better treament here. and I love that game too lol
  7. It's okay me neither. Half of the company got the go, but as an intern, I didn't get that perk But someone who knew I love DQ was able to get me one, Imma rock it soon.
  8. Nope that's one of the restrictions being a trial user. Do you happen to know if we can use bitcash to pay for sub/time?
  9. I have a hard time trying to type in game. Is it possible for Trial Users?. If not, how do you chat?
  10. I know what I'm doing this weekend haha. Anyone got discord and wanna party up?
  11. Whoa, now im really debating if I should just resub to ffxiv or play DQX haha.. Is that enough content to beat Ver 1 story?
  12. DjKniteX

    Version 4

    Looks like I'm waiting until Version 4 to come out before I buy it. (Just going to assume there's going to be another all in one package unless Ver 4 is pretty cheap) Max level for F2P is still 20 right? Enough for base game story?
  13. DjKniteX

    Version 4

    It's looking dope yo!
  14. I'm a lvl 7 dwarf and with my new job I can actually pay for this game. Was hoping to find some like minded folks who wants to hang out and grind when I get off work or on the weekends.
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