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  1. im waiting for this info also... my DQHII is region 3... problem is ...i dont think i can use the dlc...because its only for west release right? [reg1] can anyone confirms this? i bought DQH1 also... but could not fight the DLC bosses
  2. You have to make the stone chairs (round with yellow tops) Like in this image [img=http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dqbuildersps4/screenshot/dress @Michster - Sorry, I got to that point in the Japanese version, but forgot how I did it, and I am still on Ch1 in the English version. already do that, but everyone still dressed like hobo.. i think there is something wrong with my room.. need to change location.. or make it smaller
  3. anyone know how to get chair? i need it for dressing room, problem is pipaa wont change to new clothes.. she still using her old dirty robe... i wonder if its because the chair im using is not perfect... it function as a chair, but it looks different than the picture in the recipe list
  4. addictive, i played till 03:30 AM from afternoon
  5. the demo is quite addictive its , dangerous
  6. does anyone know how the multiplayer works? is it the same like mario maker or maybe far cry?
  7. http://kissanime.to/Anime/Koutetsujou-no-Cabaneli if u like action zombies adventure..
  8. We have received the inquiry. Ticket Number: 642roto Please be sure to have your ticket number ready when you are contacting the Support Center for assistance.
  9. i hope u right, i almost buy the jap ver, in japan its cheap now..30bucks if u buy 2nd hand
  10. the chance are pretty low, normally its already announced since 2016 TGS YESTERDAY, but no info on it.. but im very positive, if DQBUILDERS sells super well, maybe there is a 50:50 chance it will be localized..
  11. my first dragonquest was IV, it was my first handheld jrpg i ever finished.. i hate handheld games, but DQ change my hate to love.. honestly...still hated it.. but for my love on DQ ..but i t was WORTH IT! next is DQV, it was beautiful, i couldnt finished it, because some piracy problems... (i think im already finished about 90%) so i watch utube for the rest,,, ;'( .. and then came out DQ HEROES,, and OMG,,, IM A FAN OF Hack and slash from koei .. and they give me this!? IM SO HAPPY AND HYPE! , it was the best exp ...could be my most fav PS4 games. after bloodborne i hope D
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