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  1. Finding and killing all the wanted is going to be difficult. Some of the monster medals are taking a while to drop. Im also personally going to have a rough go with getting all the puffpuffs. Yes it is it a real pain getting puff puff is also aa real pain you need to kill 200 monster per chara by playing as them to get there puff puff event it seems ;S collecting al lthe gear weapon is also kinda of a pain but it´s do able i just need a break abit that´s a good way of doing it indeed. was think wait for a while to do it my self.
  2. I really need to upgrade my ps4 HDD but i have no clue what to get for for a good price around 1 or 2 TB also dose not live in the US lives in the EU..
  3. I feel in a similar way,but in my case i love the DQ's monsters desings but i can't get into the monster games,i don't know they seem a bit clunky and flat,,, Is Joker 3 better than Joker 2 and Joker 1? Really they feel flat to you? i don´t feel like they do but i enjoy all DQ games.
  4. Questing in the world of Nier currnetly and FE Echoes

  5. So i have finshed the story and did all the Quest got the trophie for it most what left is collection and killing all... but i think im burnt out abit from playing so much. really enjoy the game thoe i enjoyed 1 as well but i think i shouldf move on and retun for clean up at a later point. but who is going for the full 100 percent right away?
  6. Questing in Dragon Quest 7

  7. I personaly Like the joker games iv played 1 and 2 and would love to play 3 personaly and from the sounds of the setting sounds pretty darn good. and sorry my Spelling isnt the best sadly.
  8. What shall be mine next Quest.

    1. Democrobot


      To seek the Holy Grail

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