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  1. So apparently Japan is getting a digital version of the original Dragon Quest Monsters game next week? According to this article. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/09/13/dragon-quest-monsters-terrys-wonderland-retro-announced-for-switch-releases-september-17-in-japan/ If this isn’t posted in the right place or becomes a duplicate post, go ahead and remove it haha. Edit: Oh yeah, it’s for the Nintendo Switch.
  2. As long as this means we get more of the spin-offs, such as the Monsters series, I’m all in haha. I’ve a friend who is going to start of with XI soon. Maybe I’ll be able to talk them into the older entries as well.
  3. Working on my Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS version some more as I await more DQM news.
  4. Where is my new Dragon Quest Monsters information? It’s been four months haha. I need more imagination and hype fuel. 

    1. Slimeknight


      I want info too.  I am in the midst of playing Dragon Warrior Monsters 1 and I am making good progress.

    2. ethanej


      Probably after DQ XI S is released.

  5. I finally picked up Etrian Odyssey Nexus a few nights ago. Absolutely loving it.
  6. I’m digging it more than I expected so far. That and it is kind of easy as well sadly. It is definitely still fun at least. Heck yeah man. I played one of the demos in the past and it was quite fun and had some challenge as well. Most of the games I bought so far were on sale. Octopath didn’t budge unfortunately.
  7. I recently purchased a Nintendo Switch hoping that the next Monsters game hits it. I’ve been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Lost Sphear, and Let’s Go Pikachu (Still has RPG elements.)
  8. I’ll definitely be importing this one. I’ll purchase a stateside copy if they grace us with this entry. I love the Monsters series.
  9. I think I’m going to start a second more difficult play through. Save the rest of the trophies for something to work towards on that file. Just have to get through the rest of my shift.
  10. I ordered the Golden Sun games off eBay. It had been a long time and I don’t have physical copies. I wanted them in the best condition. Got The Lost Age new and the original used but supposedly “mint”. The Lost Age arrived today and I’ve now played for about 2 hours. I love these games and wish the series could have gotten a proper ending after the third installment. Oh well.
  11. I have missed out then haha. Damn. I will be playing through again, so I’ll definitely choose to have stronger enemies. Especially if it’s like Etrian Odyssey in that sense. I also like my exp, so I’ll keep that. I’ll probably choose no running as well.
  12. I personally feel the enemies are too weak. I should have started with stronger enemies. Since I haven’t played Draconian my opinion might not be valid haha.
  13. Working on post game stuff. It doesn’t seem like I’ll be finished with everything anytime soon. 76 hours clocked right now. Easily 24 more for me personally. So much to do.
  14. I just finished the main story. 67 hours. I just posted the picture in the Quest section. The game was amazing through and through. I’ll be playing it again with more difficult settings after I platinum it. There is still plenty for me to do.
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