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  1. According to my Amazon, my copy is out for delivery, so it should be arriving in just a few hours.
  2. I got my notification today that mine has now been shipped! I am floored!!
  3. Oh yes, trust me, I'm all on board with XI before getting any sort of remaster. No question about that. I don't know the process of remastering any DS game for 3DS, and I don't know if it was much work for that Inazuma Eleven re-release or not. But seeing how Square-Enix has been handling re-makes/reissues/remasters in the past 10 years, I wouldn't completely rule it outside the realm of possibility. Now on the realm of probability... that's another story. But I'm the kind of person who really enjoys the pick up/put down aspect of IX. How it's just something I can hack at for a while, but stil
  4. I very much wonder if Square-Enix will consider remastering IX for 3DS. Something similar happened for Inazuma Eleven, and the screen ratio and such was optimized for 3DS. I figure, if they could adjust the screen ratio, perhaps upscale their textures a bit, the game would actually perform quite well. IX was made with the StreetPass in mind, and while it was brilliantly conceived, it was poorly executed (at least in the West) due to having to keep the DS in "search mode". But I would purchase the game again in a heartbeat if they remastered it for 3DS and utilized it's wireless capabiliti
  5. I'm quite curious if Nintendo has distributed any physical promotional items in stores yet. I've been meaning to step inside a Toys R Us or Gamestop to see.
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