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  1. Hi bro, data transfer works like this: Its basically "data save". 1st off > is you are prompted to make a "secret password" twice. minimum of 4 characters and must be in "Hiragana" text. you will have to find a english text converter on google. 2nd > then it will ask for your email address twice. then verification code will be sent to your email inbox. 3rd > once you entered the verification code, you will again receive an email containing your ID along with the secret code and secret password. you must keep that information. that is the only way to retrieve your a
  2. With the help of "Google Translate App", i an able to play DQMSL Japan version. Anyone playing as well? my ID is: 991 140 050
  3. Really? I even tried scanning every screen for 30 seconds to look for anything twinkling but still didn't complete it.
  4. wow haha.. well sometimes its just the internet connection so i turn off wifi or mobile data(whatever's you are using) then put them right back on & try again.
  5. I am having hard time finishing the challenge because even when i already try blind clicking the corners on every screen, it won't still let me complete the challenge.. can anyone show me the shiny spots location on this map? maybe i'm missing 1 spot..
  6. I wonder why September events are not yet released. Even the Super tombola not updated yet. they removed Egg Lair Event but didn't place a new event.. Hope they do the Gigantes event.. i want him since planning to make a critical hitter team
  7. I try to force stop the app then open my "Clean Master" app to delete junk file, cooldown phone, then boost the app, battery save. Last touch is use the app "Wipe Out" to make sure nothing that abstracts the DQMSL app is open. If all doest work, try clear data then download new data. If still not, reinstall^^
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