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  1. it a mod pack i been working hard on this update if what faster update what going on join my discord i post it here when this update done
  2. I will try to release the big Crafting Warriors update tomorrow or today

  3. sry ppl about the update thing a long time to do after the operation and covid-19 and etc o most done
  4. is there a list of every single item used in Alchemy in dragon quest all games and quest i need them in picture with the name beside them I'm working on my Dragon Quest Minecraft mod pack and some items I cannot find a English version translation of them

  5. the minecraft mod pack update is going good sry so long i what to to be right not a mess 

  6. I'm still working on my Minecraft Modpack dq feel I think I've been worked on this before Builders was announcer comes out I think the mod been around since 2013 i start working on it 2014 or idk it been to long  if have any ideas please give me a heads up

  7. hi ppl srying take so long for the next update been busy and etc if what to know the update and what going join my discord https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR i need some help if your a big dragon quest who know what food be good for a mob to drop and more
  8. surprised me most people found my Modpack because of this forum post
  9. if need get hold of me fast here my discord https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR
  10. mods that I add SpiceOfLife,cookingbook,AppleCoremod that update VillageNames a lot of work has been done under the hood recipes and etc there is a biome radar in the game now go find yourself some biome essence and make the ore and mine it up it allows you to find a biome you just got fine the right one https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crafting-warriors.895959
  11. version 5.15 add Treecapitator add BowInfinityFix add Et.Futurum add signposts add VanillaTeleporter Remove fast Leaf decay Remove VeinMiner Mod Integration Update VillageNames big update decided to add the vanilla swords back in but made the Dragon Quest swords into an enhanced swords And some work under the hood I turned off the lumber axes in Hammer time because there's no point for them anymore https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR my discord
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