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  1. the minecraft mod pack update is going good sry so long i what to to be right not a mess 

  2. I'm still working on my Minecraft Modpack dq feel I think I've been worked on this before Builders was announcer comes out I think the mod been around since 2013 i start working on it 2014 or idk it been to long  if have any ideas please give me a heads up

  3. hi ppl srying take so long for the next update been busy and etc if what to know the update and what going join my discord https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR i need some help if your a big dragon quest who know what food be good for a mob to drop and more
  4. surprised me most people found my Modpack because of this forum post
  5. if need get hold of me fast here my discord https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR
  6. mods that I add SpiceOfLife,cookingbook,AppleCoremod that update VillageNames a lot of work has been done under the hood recipes and etc there is a biome radar in the game now go find yourself some biome essence and make the ore and mine it up it allows you to find a biome you just got fine the right one https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crafting-warriors.895959
  7. version 5.15 add Treecapitator add BowInfinityFix add Et.Futurum add signposts add VanillaTeleporter Remove fast Leaf decay Remove VeinMiner Mod Integration Update VillageNames big update decided to add the vanilla swords back in but made the Dragon Quest swords into an enhanced swords And some work under the hood I turned off the lumber axes in Hammer time because there's no point for them anymore https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR my discord
  8. cool seeing you back on here

  9. this maybe odd to say do what hope on my minecraft sever

  10. my Dragon Quest Builders one doesn't show up on my badges list

    1. Dakhil


      If you're talking about the Dragon Quest Builders 2 badge, you'd have to wait a couple of days or weeks until after Dragon Quest Builders 2 is released before you get your badge.

    2. KibaTheBarbarian


      Dragon Quest Builders one badge

    3. Dakhil


      Ah ok. I think you'll still have to wait a couple of days or weeks after Dragon Quest Builders 2 is released since Woodus (or whoever is in charge of distributing the badges) likes to give out badges all at once.

  11. Ver 5.10.1 UPDATES Alright so several mods have been added in todays update the mods that have been added are as follows Real Bench This mod litterally just expands the function of the crafting table giving it the ability to store the item your crafting in it if you need to close it and get something it also allows other players to acess it and see what your crafting aswell and No it does not have its own internal storage excompressum Im sure your all aware of what this mod does but for those of you that dont or arent familiar with it essentially lets you hammer compressed blocks such as Iron gravel,Sand,Dust for ore duplications Born in a Barn Quality of life mod adds no noticeable changes player side But server side it fixes a Issue with villagers interacting with doors leaving a chunk loaded even if the player isnt inside said chunk MoVillages has been returned to the pack it allows villages to spawn and multiple biomes besides the standard vanilla limitations NVL'S Storage Blocks We now have included a larger storage option This mod also includes multiple storage items VillageNames Balances Villager trades,Sea Temples now have life. Witchs,buckets,squids,furnace's now have custom sounds BONUS!!!! Thanks to the additon and update to VillageNames we can now add randomly generated names to the Dragon mounts Extra utilities Quarrys Have been added however the name has been changed to HammerHood Quarry, Also Once the Quarry is crafted it doesnt need any power to function. MUST BE CRAFTED IN ALCHMEY POT QED Renamed To ALCHEMY POT The Alchemy pot allows ores to be duplicated up to a factor of five! Auto Items Speaking of ore duplication! Im sure you all have some awsome ideals planned for auto Hammers and Auto Seives However we thwated those evil plans and made them only craftable inside the Alchemy pot Muwhahaha! Take that evil masterminds! Villages Garden decorations Removed from villager Trade options. BONUS!!! Once agian thanks to villager names the Dragon Quest NPCS also now have randomly generated custom names when spoken to! TWEAKS The Mod Big doors was modified to have Dragon Quest Sound Effects Changed death message From "Monster Spell name" To "Killed by a Monster" Dragon Quest mod weapon shop name changed to Equipment shop As he sells more then weapons Minecraft Vanilla Skeletons name Changed to Skeleton Archer due to Dragon Quest Mod Having skeletons To stop confusion open block elevator sound changed to the Sound of moving up and down dragon quest stairs Did some Behind the scene editing https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crafting-warriors.895959
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