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    Chill'in at my house, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and going to school. (So I actally get up in the morning, not to learn anything.)

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  1. Hey long time no see yall Hey Woodus woundering if i could get a name change (back) to " Gergi " Wounder if you rember me or not, but want my old name back for now (First was Goldslime101, then Gergi, then Konohamaru) If you can rmeember that far back
  2. Id there any way i can set my avatar as
  3. Hey Woodus (back ) Woundering if i can get another name change? From Juu Duzu to Konohamaru
  4. thanks :smleft: :smright:
  5. Hey woodus, could you change gergi to Juu Duzu Witht the space
  6. dorry for double posting, but... What does the icon look like when it is downloaded, the one to start the game?
  7. o dpwnloaded it all, but it doesn't seem to work, it says some failure
  8. i didn't under what u just said Raven star?
  9. thanks, i never saw this topic here.
  10. it's kinda in a different lasungage. kinda hard to read... i am taking japanease, still not shure...
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