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  1. Ok, that does seem familiar. Like when it's night, it's night forever! Thank you. I couldn't think of a good way to word it. Like--it's dawn for FAR longer than it should be. That sort of thing. Oddly enough, I've noticed that, if you goof around town for five minutes and then enter the map, you'll get a very sudden change of light when you move so time is possibly sped up while in town. Strange...
  2. I feel sorry for those who will have to buy this all over again but I can say this much: It's a must-buy for any fan of this game who missed out on the Switch version
  3. How are they different? I seem to remember them moving quite quickly in DQXI 2D, but it's been 9+ months. It's slower. Much slower. It's difficult to explain and better to experience. You cover much more ground in DQXI without experiencing a lightning change as opposed to DQIII or IV. It's especially noticeable after resting at an inn. The sky maintains this early morning dark dawn sky look for far longer than the natural progression of the day for DQIII.
  4. Agreed. While I don't hate the models (they're actually rather well done), I'd prefer the good old pixels and sprites. It's better for continuity and, in my opinion, looks better. At least the land/object sprites at the same. Same basic mountain ranges, grasslands, sea, etc. Plus, in my head-canon, I like to pretend Erdrea is a Pangaea version of the Earth-like world from DQIII. I even think of Hotto as an ancient version of Jipang/Zipangu from DQIII. On thing about the 2D mode of DQXI--I wish the day/night cycles were changed to match the cycle of DQIII/IV and V for consistency
  5. I agree with this theory. It can't be coincidence that the creators seemingly made a point of making Erdwin look very similar to the DQIII hero. Here is MY main question regarding all of this: Did the luminary reincarnations cease once the heroes of the DQ I, II and III trilogy proceed with their missions? We know that the heroes are I and II are direct blood relations to the DQIII hero. If we go by that point, it would seem that the Luminary ceased his reincarnations by that point.
  6. It's not just you--I feel the same way about 2D mode. Something about about playing Dragon Quest in handheld...it simply fits. This may be an unpopular opinion but I personally feel the 2D mode of DQ11 is the best of the two modes--and I've now beaten it on both. Plus, if you play Switch Versions of DQ I, II, III and 2D Mode of DQ11 then you're getting the entire Erdrick Saga in the same basic DQVI graphical style, allowing for the continuity to feel more cohesive. Dragon Quest is also one of the few mobile ports I actually enjoy playing on a phone. It just seems as if Dragon Qu
  7. So, I got home from a long workday yesterday and started playing DQXI around 11am. I wake up at 5:30 AM for work each morning so I probably should have slept. My wife was also staying away later than usual so I thought: "What the hell? If she's staying up a while then so will I" so I lay in bed and completed the Erik and Mia segments. ...Wow. This might be one of my favorite story lines of DQXI thus far. This one...HURT. Wow... I really view the Luminary as the brother Erik never had. The Luminary was the sibling Erik needed after losing his own. I was so enamored in this story tha
  8. That's a great assessment, to be honest. It DOES resemble Disney but more like Disney if you pulled out the stops/made the stories more like the dark fairy tales they're based on. I'd say a good example would be films like Pirates of the Caribbean--Disney-produced but darker material than the animated films. Merge those two styles and you pretty much have Dragon Quest. I'd also say Dragon Quest adheres to an old anime style, which makes sense.
  9. Exactly! It never feels TOO crushing in any scene. The only game I would say takes it past the usual Dragon Quest limits is Dragon Quest VII but that game manages to save itself with funny characters like Gabo/Ruff, Sir Mervyn and his prim and proper knight persona, Maribel's quips, etc.
  10. It's a shame. Dragon Quest games are the most enjoyable RPG experiences I've ever had. Sure, I enjoyed Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy VII and earlier--I hate this new era of Final Fantasy) but those games are lacking a certain charm and soul that Dragon Quest possesses, in my opinion. It's a zany series that doesn't take itself TOO seriously...just serious enough.
  11. You're right! I made all those assumptions and you assumed he would like Dragon Quest. We're an assumptive pair, it would seem.
  12. Oh, I like it, but I don't LIKE like it. In all seriousness, yes, it's a great game. Flawed? Yes. I consider the flaws, however, to be forgivable to an extent. This was an early-RPG game and they were still trying to hone in on a proper style. The game deserves respect as one of this series' pillars. It got the ball rolling on many major DQ hallmarks: the ship, multi-party system, large world map, series inter-connectivity of continuity from game-to-game, job classes before they were job classes, status spells, priests, multi-town saving, helmets, etc. I consider Dragon Quest to be
  13. Sounds like he doesn't care for the JRPG style. I've seen a lot of people refer to Dragon Quest games as "boring grindfests" but I have to be honest: there are a LOT of games out there that I consider to be boring grindfests...Dragon Quest has never been among them. The thing about Dragon Quest is that it has a bit of an acquired taste for mainstream gamers, it seems. Dragon Quest gives you a much in return as you put into it and I think that concept is lost on many gamers. Good call on the boomerangs. That's what I always do with DQV in the beginning for the ghost quest. It's
  14. After a VERY long hiatus, I FINALLY returned to my save file last night and am currently in the process of saving Erik from the gold monsters/vikings. As a massive lifelong Dragon Quest fan, I have NEVER left a brand new Dragon Quest game incomplete for months at a time if it was my first playthrough. Unfortunately, my life has simply been too busy this entire past year and I've been working very long hours Monday-Friday leaving me very little, if any, game time during the week. With little to no time during the week and mainly only weekend excursions, it's made this game difficult for me
  15. So, I resumed my 2D file and am currently in Gondolia. Honestly, I'm debating at this point whether or not to just finish the game off in 2D mode instead of 3D. While I do love this game's 3D mode (in different ways from 2D mode), I find 2D mode so much more appealing. I guess I'm just too damn old school for my own good or perhaps I just see Dragon Quest more as a 2D top down series than anything else--I don't know. It's difficult to explain. What I love about 2D mode is how damn fast the game is. While I appreciate wandering around long stretches of land in 3D (again, I appreciate this
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