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  1. So, just yesterday I finally got my hands on Dragon Quest Builders. The delay was due to me not owning a PS4 but I've owned a Switch for a year now and finally got around to buying Builders. ....I'm pleasantly surprised! I wasn't expecting to enjoy this game much due to the fact that I own Minecraft. I just assumed that this game would be a Minecraft clone. In a way it is but not in the way I was expecting. This game actually FEELS like a Dragon Quest game. In fact--it's odd just how much the atmosphere resembles a mainline Dragon Quest game. I'm enjoying building Cantlin so far and it's surprisingly fun collecting materials. It's a great piece of nostalgia pie to be back in Alefgard and brings me directly back to my childhood when I first played Dragon Warrior on the NES. Though I haven't gotten far, I already feel that the hero I'm playing is the reincarnation of the hero from original game. If so, this feels like almost amusing karmic justice as it seems that Rubiss is forcing the hero to clean up the mess his poor decision caused. I hope my theory pans out. Seems blatantly obvious he's either the reincarnation of the hero or a descendant of him. I could be wrong, though. What a great game! I'm enjoying it so far.
  2. I can't see myself importing it, no. I never have and never will. Not for such a heavily text-based game, at least. I play Dragon Quest games not just for the gameplay but the story and character interactions--especially the party chat. In fact--I love party chat so much that I actually bought Dragon Quest IV for mobile JUST so I could experience party chat on it for the first time....even though I already owned the NES and DS versions. While I despise playing Dragon Quest games on phones (I just don't like it)--I don't regret my decision with Dragon Quest IV--it's my favorite game of the series (well, tied with III, really) and it was a joy seeing those characters come to life. I don't really have the patience to try to figure out the Japanese commands or anything like that. I was more patient with video game when I was younger and might have tried it then but nowadays I just don't have the will for it while playing. Anyway, I already know that I'll end up getting both the Switch AND 3DS versions of this game when they're released. At this point, I own at least two versions of every dragon quest game in the series (save for IX and X).
  3. Well, I just assumed he was. I could be wrong but when I read that he is "the reincarnation of a legendary hero" and that this series shares continuity with Erdrick's trilogy I just assumed it was him. Maybe not, though--maybe it's the hero from the first or second game...or someone else altogether. Interesting theory. Perhaps if he doesn't cut his hair until age 16 or so, the latent powers of his ancestors will emerge! Here's a bombshell--maybe it's the reincarnation of the Dragonlord! Now THAT would be a twist, eh? Erdrick wore red and blue, primary colors. His descendants were treated as heroes. The XI protagonist wears purple and green, secondary colors that contrast red and blue. Due to his birthmark, he is chased from the castle as a baby, and as an adult is pursued by the castle guard. My money is on the hero being Wow, I actually made this suggestion as a joke suggestion before I even read this post of yours but now you blew my mind! You're right--those are the Dragonlord's color scheme! Interesting! I like it!
  4. Ladja might just be the most infuriating Dragon Quest villain...and he's not even the main one. Maybe he should have been--he screwed over the hero more than anyone else did. Ladja is one of those "I'm just dying to kill him" types of villains. In the remakes of V he definitely is more of the main villain while Nimzo just sits around in Nadiria. No wonder his real form is so fat. When I first played Dragon Quest V it was actually the DS version and I knew nothing of the game. I thought that Ladja was going to be the final boss and was rather disappointed when Nimzo was revealed. He was one of those "Just another Zoma--yawn" type of villain. In my view, Necrosaro left some mighty big shoes to fill. He was the most interesting final boss, in my opinion. He wasn't just some evil "I just want to rule the world just...'cuz" types--he was actually a bit justified because he was fed up with the cruelty of mankind and even had a heart/willingness to open his mind up to change as indicated by his redemption in Chapter 6. He was the best villain in my view.
  5. Hmmm...interesting... Thank you for that information! Hmmm...I wonder if it could have been due to a time constraint, then. I mean--I'm not saying that they couldn't have decided to do it this way for creative reasons, but we all know how strict some of the time constraints can be for video games. With as vibrant and colorful the rest of the game is, my assumption is that they went with grayscale to show contrast. Not due to limitations in size or time, just artistic direction.This is how I feel as well. I think the small size of the grey world and the fact that it's just a recolored version of an existing region lends credence to the theory that it was a space problem, even if it might not be the true reason. The world that's described to you before entering it is reminiscent of a traditional DQ "dark world," which usually evokes a feeling of dread or misery. This "dark world" is grey in a very literal sense to me. Instead of being some frightening and scary place, it is simply an alternate monochrome variation of the real world. I would never believe it was called the World of Darkness. Aside from Empyrea's egg was being held hostage, resulting in her terrorizing the village (if I remember right), you could barely feel Rhapthorne's influence over the world. If it wasn't so flat, you almost wouldn't mind living there. This doesn't evoke the kind of dark world you're used to in a Dragon Quest game. There had to have been a reason, be it lack of space or crunch or sheer laziness, behind the reason not to go all out with a new region, more monster variation, and a unique village. It really does feel like a space limitation issue. It really does. That was literally my first thought when I entered that place. Someone had to say it.
  6. Ladja might just be the most infuriating Dragon Quest villain...and he's not even the main one. Maybe he should have been--he screwed over the hero more than anyone else did. Ladja is one of those "I'm just dying to kill him" types of villains.
  7. So, he's the reincarnation of Erdrick, I'm assuming. Interesting. If Erdrick is being reincarnated it must be for a specific reason. Would be great to see the likes of Baramos and Zoma again. PS: I already know that no one else will agree with me on this, but that villain looks a bit like an older Marcello. I know it's NOT him but he looks a bit similar in my eyes.
  8. As much as I love this feature (and I do)--it's always bugged me from the beginning as to WHY they can't just make the whole game in this structure? What I mean is--why do they have to make you "choose" one or the other? Why can't the entire 3DS version just be played in this style? I mean--they could still make it so that the bottom could serve as an interchangeable map screen and use the sprite as your "current location" cursor. I don't understand the burning need to make it a requirement to choose one over the other. Unless, of course, there is a game detail that I'm not aware of that is governing this decision on Square-Enix's part. Just seems strange to me. Yeah, I know I always ask the oddball questions around here but has anyone else felt the same way about this detail?
  9. Pankraz's death scene from V without question. EVERYTHING about it was sad--from the music to the death itself. It's bad enough that Pankraz allows those monsters he could easily take down to pummel him but then Ladja unceremoniously blows him to smithereens. Then Saber is sent out into the wild and both the Hero and Harry are sent into slavery. Nothing beats that for me. Chapter 1 is like the "For kids" section of the game where it's practically a rollicking Disney cartoon adventure...then it ends on such a dark note and you're snapped out of it in an instant like a gut punch. A close second for me would be Zebbot's bones with Ellie lying next to him, finally shut down. That scene is unbelievably sad for some reason. An honorable mention would be Necrosaro's death. I don't know why, but this scene always left me feeling somewhat guilty for killing him. Strangely enough, one of the party members in the mobile version also mention feeling somewhat guilty over killing him. He's definitely meant to be a tragic villain. Thankfully, Chapter 6 rectified that.
  10. Wow, I'm surprised to see a revival of my thread so recently! Thanks for the replies, guys. I guess it could go either way. I've always gotten the impression that Dragon Quest VII and VIII may have been a bit rushed (but maybe that's a story for another thread) due to time constraints/tight schedule for release. This happens with a LOT of video games, really. I guess I'm wanting a large dark world in the series again like the one featured in III. III was unique in not only having the LARGEST and most expansive dark world of the series but also in the fact that it featured the SAME objectives from the first game, making Dragon Quest III practically two games in one. You could literally relive the first Dragon Quest while playing III and it was so unique during that time. From IV onward it was just a little island as the dark world in each game. It's debatable, but Dragon Quest VII's "dark world" was Orgodemir's lair in the past. That one was nothing more than just a castle floating in an orangish/black void. Then again, that game was already pushing the limitations of data so it's more understandable that the dark world in that game was so small. I heard someone once mention that VII technically had a larger dark world: the world map itself. I guess I can see what they mean: about 70-80% of the world map ends up shrouded in darkness at different points throughout VII which is quite reminiscent of III and how Alefgard was sealed off. I know it will never happen, but I wish they could release an expansion pack that would allow you to travel the rest of the dark world in VIII. I just love that strange noir style of it. Gives it this...timeless essence. I did have one theory about the dark world in VIII: perhaps the rest of the dark world's population was already wiped out and that one island was the only one still inhabited by humans. In fact--some of the party chat seems to imply this with one of them (maybe Jessica?) said something about how she wondered if that island was the only remaining populace in the dark world. Who knows.
  11. LOL! I love that reference. BIIIIIIIIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT!!! You're right--it's a strange little optional segue and you have to wonder if the monsters have done this to OTHER people using THEIR mirrors.
  12. To clarify--I'm referring to that optional section of the game where you enter a portal via a mirror in Argonia. I've always wondered--is this supposed to be a location somewhere within the world or is it in another dimension like the dark world and Dragovian Realm are? I find the concept fascinating because this area seems to be an origination point for trolls and cyclops. Considering how this game ties into at least one DQ title with the inclusion of Ramia, it would be neat if this troll realm was the origin of the trolls/cyclops we see throughout the series.
  13. Ah, so you're saying that both realms having the name "Nadiria" could have just been a mistake in translation? I think that would make the most sense, then. That would also fall in line with the duality of the two realms: Zenithia being the highest pinnacle in the sky and Nadiria behind the lowest point in the world. Thanks for info--I wasn't aware of that translation issue!
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