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  1. So, I got home from a long workday yesterday and started playing DQXI around 11am. I wake up at 5:30 AM for work each morning so I probably should have slept. My wife was also staying away later than usual so I thought: "What the hell? If she's staying up a while then so will I" so I lay in bed and completed the Erik and Mia segments. ...Wow. This might be one of my favorite story lines of DQXI thus far. This one...HURT. Wow... I really view the Luminary as the brother Erik never had. The Luminary was the sibling Erik needed after losing his own. I was so enamored in this story that I didn't even realize it was 1am by the time I saved at the church, LOL! It's great to be back to this game after a long hiatus and I must say that the writing and character studies in DQXI have been simply phenomenal so far--above average for this series, even. DQV and VII level, even.
  2. That's a great assessment, to be honest. It DOES resemble Disney but more like Disney if you pulled out the stops/made the stories more like the dark fairy tales they're based on. I'd say a good example would be films like Pirates of the Caribbean--Disney-produced but darker material than the animated films. Merge those two styles and you pretty much have Dragon Quest. I'd also say Dragon Quest adheres to an old anime style, which makes sense.
  3. Exactly! It never feels TOO crushing in any scene. The only game I would say takes it past the usual Dragon Quest limits is Dragon Quest VII but that game manages to save itself with funny characters like Gabo/Ruff, Sir Mervyn and his prim and proper knight persona, Maribel's quips, etc.
  4. It's a shame. Dragon Quest games are the most enjoyable RPG experiences I've ever had. Sure, I enjoyed Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy VII and earlier--I hate this new era of Final Fantasy) but those games are lacking a certain charm and soul that Dragon Quest possesses, in my opinion. It's a zany series that doesn't take itself TOO seriously...just serious enough.
  5. You're right! I made all those assumptions and you assumed he would like Dragon Quest. We're an assumptive pair, it would seem.
  6. Oh, I like it, but I don't LIKE like it. In all seriousness, yes, it's a great game. Flawed? Yes. I consider the flaws, however, to be forgivable to an extent. This was an early-RPG game and they were still trying to hone in on a proper style. The game deserves respect as one of this series' pillars. It got the ball rolling on many major DQ hallmarks: the ship, multi-party system, large world map, series inter-connectivity of continuity from game-to-game, job classes before they were job classes, status spells, priests, multi-town saving, helmets, etc. I consider Dragon Quest to be the Prototype version, DQII to be a soft opening and DQIII to be the grand opening. The game has wonderful music, as you stated, and is an overall immersive experience. My cons for the game would definitely be the extremely unbalanced difficulty (the way classes/levels of enemies so dramatically change after a few steps in one direction, for example) and the rather-confusing fetch quest for the five elements. I noticed on my Switch playthrough that I did better than ever and I largely attribute that to leveling hard and early as well as taking the time to focus on proper armor for Cannock and Moonbrooke. A lot less coffin-dragging this time around. The mobile and Switch versions really are the prime versions of these games, to be honest. Dragon Quest II is the "almost there but not quite" installment in this series and deserves respect. Imagine a remake of this game using the DQ11 engine and a repurposed storyline. They could do quite a lot with the Princess of Moonbrooke and that entire incident. I'd love to see the entire Erdrick trilogy receive this treatment, to be honest. Could be a great way of tying 11, 1, 2 and 3 together.
  7. Sounds like he doesn't care for the JRPG style. I've seen a lot of people refer to Dragon Quest games as "boring grindfests" but I have to be honest: there are a LOT of games out there that I consider to be boring grindfests...Dragon Quest has never been among them. The thing about Dragon Quest is that it has a bit of an acquired taste for mainstream gamers, it seems. Dragon Quest gives you a much in return as you put into it and I think that concept is lost on many gamers. Good call on the boomerangs. That's what I always do with DQV in the beginning for the ghost quest. It's so easy to rack up some quick levels early on with the boomerang. People don't seem to have the patience to do a bit of tactical problem-solving with these games. I've also noticed most people who hate Dragon Quest always seem to be people who are bigger fans of more action-oriented RPG's (such as modern Final Fantasy games). To be honest? I don't care for most modern RPG's myself. This Dragon Quest style is my preferred style. I guess it comes down to a matter of taste more than anything. I'm just happy Dragon Quest is finally doing well. I'll bet that friend of yours may like DQXI--especially with its default battle system.
  8. After a VERY long hiatus, I FINALLY returned to my save file last night and am currently in the process of saving Erik from the gold monsters/vikings. As a massive lifelong Dragon Quest fan, I have NEVER left a brand new Dragon Quest game incomplete for months at a time if it was my first playthrough. Unfortunately, my life has simply been too busy this entire past year and I've been working very long hours Monday-Friday leaving me very little, if any, game time during the week. With little to no time during the week and mainly only weekend excursions, it's made this game difficult for me to fully enjoy. It's not this game's fault--it's the fault of my circumstances and the truncated way in which I've been forced to play this game. I hate it. This is not the way I like playing Dragon Quest games and 11 is, unfortunately, a unique circumstance for me. I was tempted to simply shelve this game until I can finally reduce my work hours but I had two issues: 1. I have NO idea when that will happen (it could literally happen any time or take longer--I don't know yet) 2. I've...missed the game. A lot. So, I'm back to playing the game in piecemeal as of last night. I hate that. Dragon Quest is an immersive experience that shouldn't be played in such a way, if you ask me...but what do I do? If I miss the game and the world of Erdrea, I either have to suck it up and just deal with it or hold off for God knows how long until my work hours are reduced. I chose to just suck it up and play it even with my reduced hours. I will definitely NEED to properly replay this game unhindered one day once I'm back to working regular hours. I need to do this game proper justice. Thankfully, this game is so accessible and so informative/user friendly that I was able to slide right back into the adventure last night with little confusion on where I was. I also just realized...the Dark World really seems to comprise of a large chunk of this game. I feel like I'm playing two games in one. It's reminding me greatly of Dragon Quest III, to be honest. Dragon Quest III felt like a whole other game in one once I reached the Dark World and this is the same, really. I've really grown to love the Dark World in this game as well. It feels like Dragon Quest's answer to Final Fantasy III--er, VI (I'll never stop calling it III by accident). It honestly reminds me of the Dark World from Dragon Quest VIII if you left the sky gray but colored the environments in. I've missed the world of Erdrea and I'm glad to be back. That's how much I've missed this game--I'm willing to continue playing it in piecemeal if I have to. But I WILL do this game the service it deserves one day down the line but replaying it in one go once my life gets less busy.
  9. So, I resumed my 2D file and am currently in Gondolia. Honestly, I'm debating at this point whether or not to just finish the game off in 2D mode instead of 3D. While I do love this game's 3D mode (in different ways from 2D mode), I find 2D mode so much more appealing. I guess I'm just too damn old school for my own good or perhaps I just see Dragon Quest more as a 2D top down series than anything else--I don't know. It's difficult to explain. What I love about 2D mode is how damn fast the game is. While I appreciate wandering around long stretches of land in 3D (again, I appreciate this style in different ways--not more or less--just differently), I much prefer the smooth and quick 2D style. Honestly, I feel more like I'm playing the Erdrick saga when I play it in 2D. I mean--this IS a part of the Erdrick series (no longer a trilogy--who would have thought?) so I prefer playing it this way. Now that DQ1-3 all share the same DQVI SFC engine (save for the sprites, of course), it now feels more like a four-part Erdrick series in an almost seamless fashion now. I love that. So, I haven't made my mind up yet but I'm eventually going to wind up catching up with the same point of the story that I left off in 3D mode (I cannot BELIEVE I'm already in Gondolia in 2D mode! 2D mode makes this game feel a bit short, I've noticed) and, at that point, I have to make a decision whether or not to continue on from that point at 2D or switch over to 3D. 3D has the advantage of showing more emotion in the characters. For those who've beaten this game, will I be missing anything huge if I decide to forego 3D mode and just beat the entire game in 2D? It seems that the major story sections are still retained in 3D cut scenes, so...will I miss anything substantial if I stay in 2D mode? I mean--I plan on beating both modes no matter what but 2D is the more appealing (and convenient) option for me at the moment. I was thinking of just beating the entire game in 2D mode and then finishing my 3D file at a later date. Would I be missing the impact of anything huge or will it still translate well enough in 2D? I'm torn here.
  10. Thanks for the info! Wow...this REALLY explains why the quality of DQII took a MAJOR nosedive once you acquired the ship. I knew there had to be a valid reason and you've just revealed it. I'm glad they finally got their act together for DQIII regardless. Third time really was a charm.
  11. -Sham Hatwitch (As we discussed--one of my favorites) -Robbin' Ood (Hate this one with a passion) -Natural Born Quiller (Funny as hell) -Buffalo Wing (Ugh...LOL!) -Slime Eewnicorn (Yikes...) -Nottagen (I prefer Loomin but this is OK) -Cruelcumber (Ugh...) -Barksman (LOL!...Ugh...)
  12. All these times replaying V and I did NOT know this. I may have to keep this in mind for my next inevitable DQV run.
  13. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten my butt kicked by Rhapthorne so badly if I'd only known this about those two. It STRUGGLED on Rhapthorne even WITH everyone being in the 60's on their levels.
  14. Here's what I've discovered from extended 2D play: the world map seems to mainly stick to one color scheme...until you enter towns. I noticed, after farting around in Hotto for 5 mins, that when I started walking on the world map, the color finally changed to being brighter/more like the overworld color from DQVI SFC. So, that dark color we saw must be "Dawn" whereas the brighter one is noon. For whatever reason, 2D mode only allows "Dawn" and "Night" for rest times. And, for whatever reason, time only seems to pass while traversing towns in 2D mode, it would seem. Odd but that's the only conclusion I've come to. It ONLY changes if I enter a town and stay there for a few minutes...in 2D mode, at least. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they didn't institute the day/night transitions from DQIII-V for 2D mode. That would have gone a long way in making it feel more like an authentic 2D mode experience. Back in the DWIV and other 2D games with day-night spells I used to prefer always keeping it night. I found it more visually appealing and it was practical. Typically harder monsters with more EXP and when I'd get to new towns I could explore them at night and then easily sleep at the inn and do daytime stuff. Also, I really preferred menus to be anything but white. God, I miss those blue text menus for night/dark world from Dragon Warrior III and IV. I wish they would have slapped those menus into the 2D mode of DQXI. I don't like the text menus for 2D mode in DQXI, to be honest.
  15. Never saw it, no. Tickington definitely seems to be the ultimate time keeping realm of the universe itself. Would be nice, for continuity's sake, if they acknowledge Tickington in future games.
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