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  1. LOL! Just remember: his heart is in the right place...even though his hair is not.
  2. Because of my massive shock at the World Tree, I will abide by your suggestion of not opening the spoiler box and I am BAD at avoiding spoilers most of the time. The World Tree shocked me. I want to be shocked again. I'm actually legit worried for the other party members. I'm wondering about Gemma and my adoptive mother. One part that really got me was:
  3. It definitely threw me for a loop. Dragon Quest VII was melancholy from the get-go. Dragon Quest XI begins mostly like VIII and feels cheery up until you hit Dundrasil and you're going "wait a minute..." and then the mermaid storyline and NOW...this. Wow... Even seeing that weather cow saying: "I can't do the weather anymore" felt sad. Thankfully, Sylvando was able to cheer Old Bessie up. This game feels like the chemical reaction to mixing Dragon Quest VIII with large doses of VII. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  4. So, I had a lot of time to play this weekend and... ...WOW. Oh...my...God... I'll just put the rest in spoiler tags for those who may not have reached this point yet. I made it past THAT scene with the World Tree.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, I was good...TOO good. Every boss from Dora on was stupid easy so I guess I got a little overzealous with the leveling.
  6. So, I've been extremely busy all week and haven't really had time to play much. I haven't moved from the Mural World yet. Not a sausage, as Rab would say. So, because I lacked time to really immerse myself last night, I hung out in the Mural World and found a perfect grinding spot at the save statue. What's great is that I can continually heal/save right here. I was doing great for the entire game level-wise up to this point. I reached the Mural World at level 26 for the Luminary and, for some reason, was PUNISHED ever since I set foot in this godforsaken world. Enemies just beating us up left, right and center. I'm not sure if I'm severely underleveled or not. All that I know is that I hadn't lost a SINGLE party member at ANY point entered I entered the Mural World. Thankfully, the perfectly grind spot was proven to be even better to me last night when I discovered some Liquid Metal Slimes. Now the Luminary is on level 30 WITH Zing in tow, thankfully. So...am I leveled up enough? I don't want to be TOO high but I also don't want to be punished for a while either.
  7. It's one of my favorites. I actually prefer IV and V but only by a small margin. Technically, DQXI is most likely the best of the series. XI isn't my favorite but I know it's most likely the best of the series from a technical perspective.
  8. Yes. It's also COLORFUL. Seriously--the SFC remake of DQIII has never looked better, if you ask me. It's amazing how well DQIII holds up even today. It's the first game of the series that truly helped Dragon Quest find its stride and III truly served as a springboard for how the rest of the series would progress. I'd say DQIII is a masterpiece.
  9. Thanks! I'm excited as I keep hearing how they apparently did something major that this series hasn't really done before. I've been lucky enough to avoid the spoilers on it but everyone says I'll be revisiting the map again. I think I have an idea--I think it will be something similar to Dragon Quest VII. I'm excited!
  10. After that Zenithia interview, what he says doesn't matter to ME anymore either. I love your stuff, Horii, but your talk about the chronology of the games is like listening to Miyamoto explain the Zelda timeline...no thanks.
  11. Regardless, I'm sure there's some interview transcript out there somewhere that claims Horii said Ramia was nothing more than an easter egg or something.
  12. I am loving the Switch versions of these games! I was initially against the character/enemy model changes but I've since embraced them and have actually grown to love them. I love seeing all these additional details to the monster animations and I find it fascinating how the backgrounds have all been redrawn to still closely match their predecessors. These might just be the definitive versions of these games in many cases. DQIII looks the best, of course. Has anyone else grown used to the character/enemy changes? It's far less jarring after you've played them for a few hours and they have even grown on me. Is anyone else enjoying these re-releases?
  13. If you go by the supposed Horii view of things (which I still question the validity of the translation), Ramia in DQVIII is nothing more than an easter egg. Oh, and DQIV and V having a master dragon while VI doesn't but DOES feature an egg hatching at the end that everyone views as important? Nope--it's not connected. Just a coincidence. Either Horii went "Full Lucas" or someone didn't translate his responses properly because Dragon Quest IV-VI is a trilogy and I don't care if Horii allegedly disagrees. Don't present your series like a trilogy if you don't want people to think it's a trilogy. Not hard to figure out. I hate it when creators pull that bs. Still, I'm giving Horii the benefit of the doubt that he either didn't understand the line of questioning or the people who translated it did so very badly. For God's sake, V references IV numerous times. Hell, the entire damn cast of IV and V appear in VI as part of the bonus material and the damn Secret of Evolution is used in V. Oh, and Nadiria is featured in two games. But nope--it's not connected at all, OBVIOUSLY. Sure, VI didn't include a dragon but then shows an egg hatching at the end with the implication that that will be their future leader while all of the Dream World dissolves away, leaving Zenithia in a true origin story format but it's OBVIOUSLY not a prequel to IV and V and it's OBVIOUSLY not the birth of the dragon even though the game is screaming that a dragon is about to hatch and become their leader but NOPE--no connection at all there! OK, Horii...OK...whatever you say. As for your Ramia reference--I would think that DQVIII would likely take place after III since she mentions how she's helped heroes in the past in a world where she was called "Ramia". I absolutely LOVE the thought of Erdrea being a Pangaea of the alternate Earth from III, though. It actually makes a strange bit of sense as well: Erdrea sounds like an anagram for "Earth" and "Pangaea" merged into one name and it helps explain why the orbs are in both XI and III. Plus, if you examine Edrea and DQIII's earth map, the continents all seem to match where they should be after a continental split.
  14. I have to admit--I didn't make much progress this weekend. Why? Because I downloaded DQI, II and III and spent the weekend heavily playing DQIII. I have to admit--those character/monster models have grown on me. Dragon Quest III looks so great. Amazing--the entire Erdrick tetralogy under one roof on the Switch! And, since I, II, III and 2D mode of XI all have the same 2D engine, we're looking at all four Erdrick games having the same graphical engine! Nice and seamless! I love that. Anyway, I DID make progress over the weekend on DQXI. After indulging in DQIII goodness for hours, I finally decided to switch back to DQXI and made it through the mini-medal academy (wow, best mini-medal location of the series, hands down!) and made it to the world inside the Mural. I'm not sure if I'm underleveled, but I had a bit of a hard time with several enemies in the Mural World. The Luminary is up to level 26 at present. Is that too low? Also, the Giant Cannibox MURDERED four of my party members and forced me to swap several people out. Thankfully, Sylvando, Veronica and Jade bailed us out. We made it through the crack and found the little girl. Once again, I warped back into the Mural World but went to bed before I could reach the boss. I love the Mural World--reminds me of the Time Vortex from Dragon Quest VII. Just curious--can someone tell me if I'm reaching the end of Act 1 any time soon? Just curious. I know Act 2 apparently involves something major but I'm merely curious if I'm anywhere near it as I'm anxious to see what this major development is.
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