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  1. So, I resumed my 2D file and am currently in Gondolia. Honestly, I'm debating at this point whether or not to just finish the game off in 2D mode instead of 3D. While I do love this game's 3D mode (in different ways from 2D mode), I find 2D mode so much more appealing. I guess I'm just too damn old school for my own good or perhaps I just see Dragon Quest more as a 2D top down series than anything else--I don't know. It's difficult to explain. What I love about 2D mode is how damn fast the game is. While I appreciate wandering around long stretches of land in 3D (again, I appreciate this style in different ways--not more or less--just differently), I much prefer the smooth and quick 2D style. Honestly, I feel more like I'm playing the Erdrick saga when I play it in 2D. I mean--this IS a part of the Erdrick series (no longer a trilogy--who would have thought?) so I prefer playing it this way. Now that DQ1-3 all share the same DQVI SFC engine (save for the sprites, of course), it now feels more like a four-part Erdrick series in an almost seamless fashion now. I love that. So, I haven't made my mind up yet but I'm eventually going to wind up catching up with the same point of the story that I left off in 3D mode (I cannot BELIEVE I'm already in Gondolia in 2D mode! 2D mode makes this game feel a bit short, I've noticed) and, at that point, I have to make a decision whether or not to continue on from that point at 2D or switch over to 3D. 3D has the advantage of showing more emotion in the characters. For those who've beaten this game, will I be missing anything huge if I decide to forego 3D mode and just beat the entire game in 2D? It seems that the major story sections are still retained in 3D cut scenes, so...will I miss anything substantial if I stay in 2D mode? I mean--I plan on beating both modes no matter what but 2D is the more appealing (and convenient) option for me at the moment. I was thinking of just beating the entire game in 2D mode and then finishing my 3D file at a later date. Would I be missing the impact of anything huge or will it still translate well enough in 2D? I'm torn here.
  2. Thanks for the info! Wow...this REALLY explains why the quality of DQII took a MAJOR nosedive once you acquired the ship. I knew there had to be a valid reason and you've just revealed it. I'm glad they finally got their act together for DQIII regardless. Third time really was a charm.
  3. -Sham Hatwitch (As we discussed--one of my favorites) -Robbin' Ood (Hate this one with a passion) -Natural Born Quiller (Funny as hell) -Buffalo Wing (Ugh...LOL!) -Slime Eewnicorn (Yikes...) -Nottagen (I prefer Loomin but this is OK) -Cruelcumber (Ugh...) -Barksman (LOL!...Ugh...)
  4. All these times replaying V and I did NOT know this. I may have to keep this in mind for my next inevitable DQV run.
  5. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten my butt kicked by Rhapthorne so badly if I'd only known this about those two. It STRUGGLED on Rhapthorne even WITH everyone being in the 60's on their levels.
  6. Here's what I've discovered from extended 2D play: the world map seems to mainly stick to one color scheme...until you enter towns. I noticed, after farting around in Hotto for 5 mins, that when I started walking on the world map, the color finally changed to being brighter/more like the overworld color from DQVI SFC. So, that dark color we saw must be "Dawn" whereas the brighter one is noon. For whatever reason, 2D mode only allows "Dawn" and "Night" for rest times. And, for whatever reason, time only seems to pass while traversing towns in 2D mode, it would seem. Odd but that's the only conclusion I've come to. It ONLY changes if I enter a town and stay there for a few minutes...in 2D mode, at least. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they didn't institute the day/night transitions from DQIII-V for 2D mode. That would have gone a long way in making it feel more like an authentic 2D mode experience. Back in the DWIV and other 2D games with day-night spells I used to prefer always keeping it night. I found it more visually appealing and it was practical. Typically harder monsters with more EXP and when I'd get to new towns I could explore them at night and then easily sleep at the inn and do daytime stuff. Also, I really preferred menus to be anything but white. God, I miss those blue text menus for night/dark world from Dragon Warrior III and IV. I wish they would have slapped those menus into the 2D mode of DQXI. I don't like the text menus for 2D mode in DQXI, to be honest.
  7. Never saw it, no. Tickington definitely seems to be the ultimate time keeping realm of the universe itself. Would be nice, for continuity's sake, if they acknowledge Tickington in future games.
  8. You and I have another thing in common as I use that EXACT same party configuration in Dragon Quest IV myself, LOL! I never tried the the two new members of DQVIII on my 3DS playthrough. I may have to give them a try next go-around. Agreed on DQV. I normally use: Hero, Son, Wife (I always choose Bianca, the canon wife) and Goodian, the Slime Knight. That's my party every time. DQVI: I missed out the awesomeness that is Amos until my second playthrough. Why the hell was he even optional/miss-able? Stupid... DQXI: Luminary, Erik and Serena were my constants. The fourth was usually swapped often. Now that I have Hendrick, though, I might adopt a Dragon Quest IV approach and keep Hendrick in as a SECOND tank. PS: The Luminary is, without a doubt, the most powerful hero of the series, hands down. No contest. The Void more than confirmed that. DAMN, that's a powerful attack! My Luminary is laying waste to every field monster like they're nothing!
  9. So I decided to switch back to my 3D file over the weekend and continue the main story. Interesting sequence in the Void. While I still think that Mordegon is a rather bland villain, I have to give him credit where it's due: he beats Orgodemir as THE most powerful villain of the series, if you ask me. Ordogemir managed to destroy most of the world's CONTINENTS. While Mordegon didn't sink continents, he did something SO MUCH worse: So, by the time I finished, Sylvando's clown band was suiting Don Rodrigo up in his clown gear. LOL! Sylvando kills me. Definitely one of my favorite characters in this game without question. I love the way that even the Luminary, Rab and--LOL!--Hendrick gear up in their clown gear. What's funny about Hendrick is how he's standing there, still doing his same contemplative poses while sporting a blue clown nose and clown suit and saying something in his usual dry manner: "I must confess that I have no entirely figured this Sylvando's character out just yet." Even more hilarious was how the Luminary was really getting into it and doing the same wave that Sylvando's gang was all making. It was a nice piece of comedy in this murky dark world. Also, it's nice to finally see the secret of Sylvando revealed. I must say that I love how his stats and skill tree themselves already serve as a foreshadowing of the big reveal. Now I know why Sylvando is a surprise tank in the game! They're really fleshing several of the characters out in this game and I really love that. Hendrick is quickly becoming one of my favorites as well. I love his dry personality. Some of his dry responses are hilarious. I also have to say...Rab is amazing! Both as a fighter and as a person. This guy might be one of the most forgiving Dragon Quest characters of the series--ESPECIALLY the way he so easily forgives Hendrick. This seems to be one of the most "forgiving" Dragon Quest games of the series, not that there is anything wrong with that. No wonder this game is so massive--they're really going to have me traverse the entire world a second time under this new veil of darkness? Very interesting. No wonder the map is a bit smaller than some of the other games. This would mark the first time since DQVII that we've seen a duel world map. I do have to say, though...I'm a tad bit disappointed in this ruined world. This is one of the rare times where I must say this: Final Fantasy did it better than Dragon Quest. Ouch...never thought I'd say that. I prefer the way they handled the World of Ruin in Final Fantasy VI so much more. The entire world itself was restructured and many towns were obliterated. In Dragon Quest XI--at least so far--it seems the main changes are the eternally smokey sky, singed trees and grass, a few landslides blocking your usual roads, some broken archways on the roads and an overall melancholy atmosphere. I was hoping for a bit more extensive destruction like Final Fantasy VI. Not a major gripe by any means, of course. I still find it ballsy of the creators. DQVII was already ballsy in how you spent more than 50% of that game running around on islands sealed in darkness. This game is also ballsy in the way it has you repeat the entire map under a gray/green, hazy, dead sky and melancholy atmosphere. This game really fools you: the beginning makes it seem as if you're getting another Dragon Quest VIII. Then the curveball is thrown in and you realize you're, instead, getting another apocalyptic Dragon Quest VII. One finale note: This game reminds me so much of Breath of the Wild sometimes (graphically speaking) that I still sometimes half-expect I can clime the side of a cliff, LOL!
  10. As a writer, I know that, more often than not, when you write a story, it often develops WHILE you're writing, meaning you have very little planned out in advance other than highlights and bullet points. However, certain projects might dictate certain forward thinking. My question is: does anyone know if Horii and co. had any of this planned out as a long range trilogy plan or did they sort of make it up as they went along? I ask because Dragon Quest 1 and 2 are absolutely rich with Erdrick/past lore. I personally believe that they did NOT plan this as a trilogy from the beginning and more were inspired to explore Erdrick's story during the planning stages of Dragon Quest II. I'm mainly asking because the Erdrick Trilogy is so neat and tidy that you could tie a bow around it. Very few, if any, holes in the overall continuity of it.
  11. I actually looked it up and I didn't realized that Sham Hatwitch was originally from Dragon Quest X (never played it). Apparently, it even had a variant there called "Ham Shamwitch". I like Ham Shamwitch but "Sham Hatwitch" is even better. I also like "Buffalo Wing" From DQIV, "Wax Murderer" from DQV and "Natural Born Quiller" from DQVII.
  12. I'm assuming it lies in another dimension? My only question is: is it relative at all to the afterlife or is it perhaps a cosmic parallel universe? Also--considering the fact that Tickington appears to control the flow of time, can we assume that all the time travelling shenanigans of Dragon Quest VII were also overseen by the tockles? I mean--this world of Tickington has full access to all corners of the universe and all time periods if those altars are any indication, so...does that mean the tockles would have had a hand in guiding the heroes of Dragon Quest VII? I know we're getting into retroactive continuity here but play along--it's as good a question as any to ask, considering how time travel is a main them in Dragon Quest VII.
  13. It's been forever and I day since I watched Sesame street in the 80s and I swear I just remember him as "The Count". In that case, that's a clever renaming and something less obvious than "Bram Mansion" or something like that.
  14. Really? The statue was removed in 2D mode? Damn... I used that as a liquid metal slime grinding as well as overall grinding area. The free healing from the statue allowed me to spend a great deal of time there.
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