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  1. I hope not, Dragon Quest menus are a long-established tradition and virtually a convention. They're pretty functional and accesible, I don't see a reason to complicate them. Plus, they beef up the humble aura of the IP. Square Enix will probably changed them, though, since they don't use to respect these things.
  2. III is the best Dragon Quest game, but I'd like to stick up for VII. I don't remember any other game with so many memorable adventures. It feels like a great journey with lots of awesome experiences. Plus, it has some of the best intense and tragic stories in the whole series, and is the last entry which gives them proper relevance, since VIII is more focused on the main story.
  3. All I want to know is if 3DS version will arrive
  4. So nothing on PSXperience... Good for me, since that decreases the exclusivity chances. But then, when do they plan to announce it? Back in june they said it'd be this year...
  5. So... Any chances for an actual announcement on Paris Games Week in two days? Square Enix usually appears on that event, though it would mean a PS4 exclusivity, so I hope that's not the case
  6. I think Switch version will be a downgraded PS4 port too. The reason is DQ Heroes I&II. It'd make no sense Switch version being a 3DS upgrade (though I prefer it over a PS4 downgraded port) if they had already ported another PS4 game of the same IP. I'll buy all 3 versions anyway.
  7. I'm not sure about 3DS version making it to the west. Last game Square Enix brought to the west for 3DS was ¿Theatrhythm Curtain Call? All DQ games have been brought by Nintendo, and since 3DS will eventually be replaced by Switch (and this game will have a Switch v/), I think Nintendo will prefer to bring Switch version alone and incentive Switch sales. I hope I'm mistaken, I love so much 3DS ver.
  8. Very interesting retrospective. I'm so glad they reconsider bringing the game overseas thanks to all the fans pressure
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