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  1. I remember reading somewhere that they aren't going with the Toriyama art style specifically to appeal to the Western market more, that would suggest that they absolutely have plans for a Western release. Wish I could remember where I read that.
  2. So the Switch version has managed to get my wife excited to play the game. Man, took long enough for me to convince her to play a Dragon Quest
  3. They really don't need Nintendo at all, the localisation is essentially already done and by Squenix. This game is absolutely going to be published by Squenix directly, not Nintendo.
  4. I basically always have a PS4 controller connected to my PC, many games really do play better with a controller over a keyboard and mouse so it's nice to have that option available.
  5. They really should release the Switch version worldwide simultaneously, hope they do.
  6. I'm currently using the Luminary, however it was a REALLY tough decision between him an Sylvando.
  7. I'd prefer waiting for a translation patch.
  8. I got the platinum a few weeks ago, still have some stuff I want to finish up in-game. Taking a bit of a break though. Also still have my Steam play through to do. edit: Just double checked, got the platinum on the 28th, nearly the 27th of September. Was just looking through a couple pages back, what's this lightspeed thing and am I missing a badge that should have been easy for me to get because I didn't sign up for something?
  9. I think it'll be fine at this point, though I can be fairly certain that gone are the days of Dragon Quest being console exclusive, at least in the West. I imagine any future mainline games will absolutely release on Playstation, Nintendo and Steam.
  10. Squenix tends not to care about fan translations in general unless they have their own translation coming out shortly, such as with Type-0.
  11. Glad to see this, there'll be yet more sales when the Switch version releases. This should also be good enough to justify future localisations. They would have had even better sales if they didn't release days before Spider-Man as well, that was just poor timing, they didn't get to control the media coverage for very long at all because of Spidy. Hopefully they build from here instead of going back to their old tricks of thinking Dragon Quest will just sell itself in the West.
  12. I honestly couldn't put the game down. Now that I beat it I'm probably going to play it only a bit for a while to fill out my bestiary and item lists a bit more while I play Spidy. This has been the best new game in years for me and absolutely deserves awards.
  13. Eh, we'll see. It would be nice for sure.
  14. Because they buy their keys in bulk and thus are not selling at a loss.
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