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  1. I'm not so wild about the first couple battle themes. My pick for favorite would probably be DQIV's. All those crazy chromatic runs! For boss music, DQVIII's is the only one I can recall offhand right now, so I'd probably go with that.
  2. Chapter 5 is a contender, but I went with the smaller, quirkier Chapter 3 for the poll. It was a very creative and unique scenario (how many RPGs have you play as a middle-aged, married shopkeeper?), particularly for the time it was released.
  3. I forgot to equip that sword. So, I haven't given an update yet since it's been a busy week for me (Tadpole Treble is now available on eShop, shameless plug!), but I finally put in some more time today and made more progress! PART 2: MONSTERS IN DISGUISE (naturally, this is going to be fairly spoiler-heavy, so turn back if you haven't played DW3!) My nonlinear sea adventure continued as I roamed about the continents, exploring further. As is typically the case when these games "open up," I occasionally stumbled upon a pack of difficult monsters upon setting anchor in some exotic land I wasn't "supposed" to be in. After coming across my dozenth jail door, I got tired of being locked out and searched frantically for the place to use my Dry Jar. Admittedly, I had to do something I generally try to avoid: consult help online to find the shoals where I was supposed to use the Dry Jar. But what the heck, game!? They're tucked away in the butt-middle of the ocean with no visual cue at all on the map! I could've gone hours without stumbling upon that tiny island! So I got my Jail Key and ended up being underwhelmed by what was behind those doors: other doors leading to other shrines I'd mostly already been to. An underground shrine network was kinda cool, but I was hoping for more of something in the Mini Medal or Awesome Equipment variety. One shrine did go to a new place, though--DW3's equivalent of South America, where I soon came across the kingdom of Samanao. The name made me crave samoas, but there was no time for cookies because a funeral was going down, courtesy of an abusive king. Eventually, I followed the clues to make my way southbound to relieve the nearby cavern of its Lar Mirror. First up, those Voodoo Man enemies can eat a bag of butts. One battle had them RobMagic my mage SIX times in a row, leaving me without enough MP to properly evaluate the devious Mimic ambush that was awaiting me later in the cave. Despite that, I was ultimately successful in my quest and whipped out the Mirror on Samanao's violent monarch, resulting in a boss fight against that pesky DQ standby...the troll. BossTroll got one of his signature crit hits on me, which hit my Hero hard (and my wallet even harder when the rest of my team fell apart shortly after). I prepped myself for a rematch, liberally tossing buffs and debuffs every which way until BossTroll was scratching my heroes for a mere 5 HP an attack. He fell quickly after that, leading to much rejoicing. The victim's widow was still mourning at his grave, but she did manage to thank me through her tears. Sometimes these games give me mixed emotions, man. Before I pressed onward, I decided it was time to make my Mage a Sage! So I used my Zen Book at the temple, but...the Sage is blue! So blue! Too blue. So, my party up until this point had lined up like this: Hero (blue), Thief (red/white), Priest (blue), and Mage (green/red). But with a blue/white character in the fourth slot, the color scheme was all wrong. Totally wrong! I couldn't do it. I had to reset. The colors, you guys...they were just so monochromatic. So...that probably sounds like a completely dumb reason to make my Priest a Sage, but that's the new plan! (after he learns Vivify, anyway) He's already blue/white so I keep the colors, and the world can rest easy knowing it's in the hands of a fashionably conscious party. Next up, Zipangu! Time to seek out Orochi and show it who's boss. The cave was somewhat labyrinthine, but I did stumble upon some creepy mask thing that totally wasn't cursed (especially when I saw that it raised my Def to like 350 or something). After a bit, I found the beast I was looking for--a rather frightening reptilian with multiple heads that were all looking for a snack. I figured that BossTroll was meant to be fought after that (since the enemies in the cave were a bit easier), so I went into this battle with some confidence. Orochi went down with a bit of a fight, and escaped into a portal afterward. I wasn't having any of that, so I chased after it (ignoring the sword and, well, HEALING MY PARTY in my haste) and was surprised to find that it led right back into Himiko's quarter. Well then! A twist! Himiko wasn't just standoffish from before, she was the beast itself! So I confronted the wounded faker expecting to hear some dying words, and instead she challenged me to keep quiet about it. I said heck no and it was time for a tussle. If Orochi was wounded, I couldn't tell because she was throwing everything at me this time around, often breathing fire twice in one turn to hit my full party 30-40 damage apiece. My warriors were badly wounded from the initial fight and I had to immediately start healing and buffing and doing everything in my power to stay alive. After a long, grueling fight, my Thief fell, both my magic-users were dried out of MP, and everyone else's health was so low that a single firebreath would wipe out the rest of 'em. And YET...I won! On the very last possible turn that I could stay alive, I sent Orochi packing for good, much to the rejoicing of the town. My reward was the first of (I presume) several mysterious Orbs. So it looks like next time around, I'll need to hunt out a few more of these! ...But first, I need me a Sage. What do you guys think? Turning my Priest into one mainly for the color-coordination a huge mistake or no? Tune in next time to see what crazy decision I make!
  4. Nice moveset, beets! I actually drew up a moveset of my own a few weeks ago--it seems that we share some ideas!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Thief has always been a class that I enjoyed, and my party mirrors the one I had (or had for most of the game) in DQIX (same names and all). I'll definitely consider making my Mage a Sage though; it was either going to be her or the Cleric. Not sure yet if I'm going to reclass the others or not. Outside of some encounters in areas that I'm not ready for, I'm currently finding the game a bit on the easy side--mainly thanks to the multi-hit weapons--so I'm not sure if I'll go for the strongest possible party...at least in this run. How do I get Silver and Gold medals? I've gotten plenty of Bronze, and multiple Bronzes from some enemies.
  6. Yeah, I've definitely had my eye on Dragon Quest Heroes. I ended up liking Hyrule Warriors a lot more than expected too. The only problem is that I don't have a PS4 or a PC, because it would be the first game I'd get for those systems! Might just have to play my brother-in-law's when/if I get the chance...
  7. Hi everyone! Just joined your fine message board community today and would like to chronicle my quest through Dragon Warrior III, which I've never experienced before! To introduce myself, I'm TriforceBun. I'm a huge fan of all things Nintendo, to the point where I made a webcomic for over six years. It's called Brawl in the Family, and it's all wrapped up now but I'm still doing podcasts for it. I also am an indie game developer; I made the game Tadpole Treble on Steam, which will be hitting the Wii U eShop in just over a week! Enough about me. Time to talk Dragon Quest! I've played the entire series except 3, 7, and 10--the latter for obvious reasons (as I live in the US), and 7 will be rectified in September, so now's the time to play through 3! I've already put in a good 15 or so hours (per my estimation) to this game, and I'm very impressed so far. I'll be using this thread to chronicle my thoughts and adventures as I continue through; I love the series and I'm excited to be able to finally try out this classic game with fresh eyes! PART 1: HITTING THE HIGH SEAS To bring everyone up to speed, I'd gotten the ship a couple hours ago and have been exploring. While filling in my map--always an enjoyable task in these games--I stumbled upon the prerequisite RPG eastern-style town, Zipangu. Everyone's in a tizzy about some sort of sacrifice, and said sacrifice seems to be hiding in a pot in someone's basement. The village leader was brusque about things, so I decided to march outta there hoping to find clues elsewhere. It sounds like I needed to pound whatever demon was eating people into the dust, but I couldn't find hide nor hair of it. Gazing at my map for a new destination... ...Something hit me. That town was clearly Japanese, sure. ...But that ISLAND it was on was shaped like Japan! Wait a minute! That's why the southeastern continent looks just like South America! Holy smokes! This world map is Earth! This game suddenly just got awesome. Romali is Italy. The desert is in Northern Africa, around where Egypt would be. Alaska connects to Asia. Everything makes sense! What a clever idea, and it's not even spelled out to me (or hasn't been yet), just one of those subtle things that slowly dawns on the player. Really impressed by this detail, and for a game that came out in 1988! Anyway, I had a few more adventures sailing, such as busting into the snooty castle Edinbear (which I think now might be a reference to England) and taking their Dry Pot, but not finding any shoals yet to try it out on. I also washed ashore in the equivalent of Russia but quickly got brutalized by some beefy bears before Returning to Aliahan. I'll keep you updated on my quest as I get further; looking forward to playing more! By the way, my party consists of a Hero (M), Thief (F), Cleric (M), and Mage (F). I'm considering using the Zen Book I got to make my Cleric a Sage, at least after he learns that 50/50 revival spell.
  8. Hi everyone! Thought this would be as good a place as any to make my first post. My favorite Dragon Quest game is a bit tough to narrow down. It really comes down to a top three for me: Dragon Quest IV, V, and VIII. DQIV is ambitious, especially for an NES game, and the characters are extremely memorable and iconic. It helps that you spend a chapter with each set of them so that it's easy to get attached, and the way they all meet up in the final chapter was a real surprise to me when I first played the game in the 90s. It may also contain my favorite soundtrack of the series. Just a long, involved quest with some good variety (like Taloon's chapter!) and creativity. DQV I only played last year for the first time (DS), but it really nailed the emotional aspect. This is a game that tugs at the heartstrings in a few ways, but never feels too overwrought or melodramatic. Both of the major "act endings" for DQV (i.e., if it was a three-act show, the finale of the first and second acts) were emotional wallops, among some of the strongest storytelling in the series. Won't spoil it here but I thought it was really effective. I also thought the characters were great, and loved how your final party of four could be your family; made me feel endeared and protective of them. DQVIII was the game that made me fall for the series all over again, after the loooong break I took between it and IV. DQ, up until that point, was a cool little NES series that I hadn't given a lot of thought to throughout the N64 or GCN eras, but DQVIII brought the series into the modern day and invoked a rush of nostalgia upon playing it. It was practically everything I wished the FF series became when it went to 3-D--large, gorgeous environments begging exploration, vibrant and likable characters, and a narrative that was earnest but didn't take itself too seriously. I'm excited to revisit this one on the 3DS. DQV is the only one I played recently but I'm eager to try out both IV and VIII again via their handheld remakes.
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