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  1. SYLVANDO: He's probably the most distinctive main character in the game, in terms of JRPG characters that haven't really been done before. He works well as a comic relief character, with some major props to his voice actor who makes every line (sometimes literally) sing. But he also has a bit of intrigue about him from the get-go, as someone who understands more about the situation than he initially lets on. His chivalrous upbringing is just the kind of character detail that really helps define him and make him work. RAB: Another character greatly enhanced by stellar voice acting. Rab is endearing almost immediately due to both his connection with the Luminary and how earnestly the story portrays his sense of loss and grief. The bunny girl magazine is a fun little gag that gives him some personality, and thankfully they don't go to that well so much that it flattens Rab's character and just makes him into the standard old perv. It's cheeky without being intrusive. JADE: For a brief time, Jade was my favorite character. Her introduction during the Dundrasil sequence is amazing, probably the best of any cast member in this game. I tend to like these no-nonsense femme fatales, but a lot of the time they get obnoxious with being overly in-your-face about how they're "as strong as any man" or whatever. Jade doesn't cross over into cockiness--in fact, she's just the opposite, a character that's as motherly and protective of the Luminary as one can be. Powerful yet gentle, a dichotomy that really adds to her as a character. Jade's guilt during this sequence is palpable, and once she jumps after the Luminary and promises not to let go, I was pretty much smitten.
  2. ERIK: Fits the "loyal friend" niche well. He's crafty and likable, with just a touch of distrust based on how he handles Derk as well as the splashy Sylvando joining the party. Upon watching my wife play the game, Erik's budding trust in the Luminary is made even clearer, how he waxes nostalgic at the Manglegrove campfire about his adventures with Derk, unaware that the fun is just beginning. SERENA: Serena is prim and pleasant, the sugar to Veronica's spice. In Act 1, her properness is charming but can occasionally teeter over to dull when she doesn't interact with the rest of the cast much (besides her sister). I would've liked at least one other significant relationship in Serena's life; maybe she could bond with Jade over being younger sisters or both being on a Luminary-related quest from childhood? She also seems like she'd get along nicely with Rab. VERONICA: The littlest character with the biggest mouth. Veronica's lines always get me to kind of sit up and pay attention for how fiery they are. Sometimes I feel like the Luminary should be all "This girl does not represent us!" whenever she's mouthing off to some NPC, but her brash personality certainly adds a bit of spice to the otherwise pleasant party. Even rough-and-tumble Erik is charismatic when conversing with others, unlike Veronica. I guess since they've both got a bit of an edge, that's why they tend to squabble so much. The rest of the characters roll with the punches while Erik and Veronica get under each other's skin. I kinda wish some of her lines weren't delivered quite so...forcefully?
  3. So some major stuff went down and I'm treated to what's apparently some new content for DQXI. Pre-Act 2 new content spoilers: Next time, we delve deep into Act 2!
  4. I feel like the weakest DQ characters are the ones that are more forgettable than anything. DQVI and DQVII--despite how long they were--kind of dropped the ball here in particular. Nevan, Millie, Aishe, and to a lesser extent, Mervyn are all characters I struggle to remember. Not sure if I really like the original cast members in the Heroes games either. My favorites would be Erdrick, Taloon, Alena, Bianca, and Yangus. DQXI's cast is impressive too but I'll wait until I'm done with it before I pick a favorite from that game.
  5. My preferred DQ OSTs are IV and VIII, but they all have their bright spots. Having the same composer for so many games leads to a lot of consistency.
  6. I do like DQXI's soundtrack a lot. The city theme is lively and complex, I really enjoy the music that plays during the forge (and in some villages?), that triumphant theme that plays whenever things are going well with your party always makes me smile, and I enjoy the cave/dungeon theme too. I do wish some of the tracks didn't repeat so much, but that's a common Dragon Quest problem. And I can't figure out why the battle theme doesn't normally play the extended/longer version (they save this for minibosses), which really would help break up some of the monotony. The world's opened up a bit more now, but before going exploring, I did the next main chapter of the game: Lonalulu. Wow!
  7. Most recently, I've finished the Octogonia section and moved onto Puerto Valor. Jade is...kind of amazing? It's refreshing to see such a physically capable female character that's also not constantly dropping sassy man-hating comments at every turn. She's very strong, but also poised, protective and respectful, and has potential to be one of my favorites. So now I'm getting out into the open sea, ready for more adventures. Sounds like Lonalulu is next on my destination list.
  8. Hiya. Long time no (new) DQ! But XI's release has gotten me all hyped up, and I'm glad I waited for the Switch version to finally try it out.
  9. My first DQ since IX and it's blowing my mind! I'm about 25 hours in and just entered two new towns while exploring (spoiler marked to be safe): and I'm having a great time with it. Stronger Monsters is the way to go for anyone who enjoyed any of the original DQ releases' difficulty level. Are these towns pretty much the best RPG towns ever? I'm kind of in awe at how gorgeous and sprawling they are, and there's so much detail in every interior. Seamless transitions too.
  10. This game has really exceeded my expectations, even as a DQ fan. It really improves on the original in a lot of ways, and they've done a great job making the building more intuitive than ever. The story and characters are super-charming as well! I'm currently building up my main island after Furrowfield and the game just keeps throwing so many new features at me that I can barely keep up.
  11. After a somewhat slow-paced beginning, this game has become ridiculously addictive! I'm already really impressed by all the little upgrades from the original, and look forward to seeing what further unlocks await down the line. I'm currently in the first main island after the intro, and am seeking out the final couple of crops. It's been a blast so far. Any suggestions for dealing with monster attacks on my town though? I built fairly tall so the Skeletons keep crashing through my farmers' sleeping quarters. I tried erecting a chalk wall in front of the whole side of the town and that seems to have done the trick, but is there a better way of keeping them from destroying my buildings?
  12. I am so flippin' excited about this, you guys. I absolutely love Smash and DQ (and Banjo-Kazooie!) so yesterday was a dream come true. I really hope this gives the series the boost it needs in the US.
  13. I'm a fan. It looks different but nice, and DQV is a great choice to base a movie on.
  14. Man, good things come to those who wait. I'm super excited to finally play this, especially with the enhancements!
  15. So did they forget to update that dungeon sprite in DW1? That's kind of funny. Are there any other remains of the original sprites tucked away in DW1?
  16. This game looks awesome! Ridley and Simon in particular are fantastic additions. I'm really hoping for a DQ rep--Slime would be my top choice, Erdrick right behind him, but I'd be thrilled with anyone, really. It's kind of insane to think that DQ hasn't gotten any Smash representation by now.
  17. Yeah, the Nanking thing is odd. I wouldn't say that's what's really being addressed lately though. Fair enough on your second point. Regarding the boycott talk, I fear that the series getting more bad publicity is only going to...well, hurt the series' success in the US. And I doubt it'd have any tangible effect on Sugiyama himself.
  18. I'm a guy, but in games where I can pick my avatar, I typically just go for the cooler-looking one, or the one that feels more "definitive" to me (I play female Inkling in Splatoon and female Wii Fit Trainer but male Villager in Smash, male in Animal Crossing etc). A defined female protagonist in DQ would be pretty cool. In fact, I kind of would prefer having the story built around a female character rather than having the option to pick. In a lot of adventure games, the sex of the main character subtly affects how characters interact with them (marriage in DQV, Young Link and Ruto's relationship in OoT, the romance angle in Illusion of Gaia, etc). Assuming DQ is back to being more narrative-driven as opposed to DQX and IX to a lesser extent, maybe we'll see a leading lady in XII.
  19. I feel the reaction to this whole thing is overblown--Sugiyama's an 87 year-old Japanese man expected to conform to 2018 American culture views on homosexuality. He comes from a completely different era of a completely different culture. Do the people boycotting DQ because of this apply that line of thinking to any artist? Because there's no way that, between all the media one consumes, every work is penned by people who share one's specific views on homosexuality, the environment, gun control, abortion, religion, the death penalty, immigration, health care...
  20. I enjoyed the demo a lot! Played through the whole thing yesterday and then just tinkered around for a while in the area. Will definitely be buying this next month. I'm curious--are the maps for DQB based on the ones from the original game? I looked at an 8-bit map of the Cantlin area and it does sort of feel like the first area in DQB--town near woods and plains with some impenetrable mountains in the way and a swamp behind it. Is there a comparison image or video for the locations?
  21. Haven't they already confirmed that DQB2 is going to be based on Dragon Quest 2? If that's the case, it only makes sense to have DQB3 be based on the third part of the Erdrick Trilogy.
  22. A cave near the end is brutal. I had to cave in and use a guide for it because it met several criteria: 1) it was long, 2) it was extremely maze-like and confusing, 3) the enemies were incredibly difficult compared to your party, and 4) due to its size, being kicked out upon dying was a pretty big penalty. However, if you enjoy that feeling of powering through a tricky section, go for it. Worst case scenario, you can split the difference and draw a map as you progress (that's what I did with EarthBound Beginnings and found it rather rewarding). Best of luck! DW2 on the NES is the toughest game I've played in the series. EDIT: I actually did that same thing with the steps from Tatangel Castle! Pretty fun. I will say that as someone who played through DW1 back in the early 90's (so, without a guide, etc), I feel the game does a better job at letting you know what to do than DW2 does in its second half. DW2 can be pretty obscure at times. I look forward to what you have to say about DW3. I played it for the first time a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. That's a game that really benefits from going in blind. Don't even read previews or anything for it.
  23. "Oh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-My-Own-Grandpa!" Welp, I finally 100%ed this game! I can't tell you the last time I did that with an RPG, but it's been a long while. Everyone to level 99, all postgame content, all photos, full bestiary, and last but not least, all Alchemy Recipes! Great game. Looking forward to DQXI!
  24. I beat the final boss last week and now I'm going for the full 100%! To keep my thoughts short--excellent game. I loved it! Great cast, solid pacing, tons of content, plenty of charm and neat 3DS streamlining features add up to one of my favorite experiences on the system. In fact, it's my new favorite Dragon Quest game (sorry, DQ3!). I'm doing pretty well on my 100% attempt too--I've gotten everyone to level 99 except Jessica, I only have about 15 Alchemy Recipes left to complete, I got all the Mini-Medal rewards, I filled out the Bestiary, and I've beaten all of the postgame and optional dungeon stuff except the very final battle (will try it tomorrow). Oh, and I do still need to get those last few photos, which are pretty annoying.
  25. It's good. I wish we got it on the SNES back in the day, because I've heard a few people say that the DS version doesn't really do the unique visuals and atmosphere of the game justice.
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