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  1. I think it took me a couple of days to get Champion's Time for the Gold Cup on Easy. And I think a couple of hours to get Champion's Time for the Platinum Cup on Easy.
  2. Dakhil

    Switch RPGs...?

    So I've managed to find a new copy of Trials of Mana for the Nintendo Switch for $28.99 plus $4.98 for shipping on Amazon from a third party seller with a 98% rating. So I guess I'm getting Trials of Mana.
  3. Just managed to beat the Champion's Time on the Platinum Cup on Easy. Now I just have the Black Cup to conquer.
  4. I've managed to beat the Champion's Time on Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cups, but on Easy. Now, I have Platinum and Black Cups to go. Oh boy. Here's some footage of me beating the Champion's Time during the Gold Cup on Easy (especially if you want to get the accolade associated with beating the Champion's Time during the Gold Cup).
  5. People are still thirsty for a Dragon Quest VIII port for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, which I'm not surprised about.
  6. Square Enix announced that games meant to be announced at E3 2020 will be announced at around July and August. Which Dragon Quest games do you think or do you hope might be announced at around July and August?
  7. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/06/final-fantasy-crystal-chronicles-remastered-edition-lite-announced-new-features-trailer Additionally, the company will premiere a pre-recorded "Preparation & Review Special" video on June 27 at 12:00 JST, which will feature game director Ryouma Araki and MC Susumu Imadachi of Eleki Comic, who will introduce the game and further explain the "Lite" version. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is due out digitally for PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android on August 27 worldwide. In Japan, the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will be available both physically and digitally. Watch the trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery. English Japanese
  8. Dakhil

    Switch RPGs...?

    Since Square Enix said that they're planning to announce games meant for E3 2020 on around July and August, what games do you hope Square Enix will announce? I think The World Ends with You sequel is one definite announcement.
  9. Dakhil

    Switch RPGs...?

    We might hear something about The World Ends with You sequel soon since Square Enix announced an anime adaptation of The World Ends with You recently.
  10. https://www.siliconera.com/dragon-quest-hero-and-persona-5-joker-amiibos-will-arrive-this-fall/
  11. Dakhil

    Switch RPGs...?

    So I've tried the Trials of Mana demo today. Keep in mind I didn't play the SNES version of Trials of Mana. And so far, my first impressions of Trials of Mana are pretty positive. I do enjoy the art style. And the combat's pretty enjoyable, albeit not very challenging (I was playing in normal difficulty). However, I find sprinting to feel a little clunky. Maybe it's because I put analog stick covers/grips on my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but it didn't feel intuitive for me to press the analog sticks to sprint. Of course, that's probably because I'm spoiled by Dragon Quest XI S since you press ZR to sprint, which feels more intuitive to me. But I feel like the dialogue pacing when there's voice acting is all over the place. And the English dub is at best average and can be pretty terrible and all over the place at worst. Overall, Trials of Mana is a good JRPG. And even though I'm curious to see what happens after the demo ends, I don't know if Trials of Mana is good enough to fork over $49.99 USD to Square Enix.
  12. I know. But too bad I want my accolades. (And yes, I admit I'm a crazy person.)
  13. If I could pay someone to do the horse race for me, that would be swell, considering the Platinum Cup in the Difficulty rank is a huge pain.
  14. I find myself many times being so close to being in 1st place in the Platinum Cup at Difficult rank. But of course the person in first place happens to be faster than me.
  15. So I finished 4 out of the 5 trials. And right now, I'm doing the horse races at Gallopolis. And I've done all of the races except for the Platinum Cup and the Dark Cup at the Difficult rank. I hate the horse races. I don't know if I want to attempt to beat the Champion's Record.
  16. Dakhil


    @Plattym3's wife is definitely going to be happy that New Pokémon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch. The question is will New Pokémon Snap support Labo VR camera.
  17. Dakhil


    Although it's unlikely, I would be psyched if a remake or a sequel of Pokémon Snap is announced tomorrow.
  18. Please look away if you don't like to look or discuss politics.

    Otherwise, I thought I share this because I think it's extremely important.


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    2. Dakhil


      I really do appreciate your post, @cprmauldin. I want to make it crystal clear that I don't think everyone who's a police officer is an evil person, which is why I mentioned "police system" and not "police officers". But saying that, I'm really frustrated about how much corruption there is in the police system and how much that's encouraged by the U.S government. And I'm sure you are as well, @cprmauldin.  I also get really frustrated, but am sadly not surprised, when there are police officers who have abused their power and commit heinous crimes, but at the end, completely get away scot-free, free to continue abusing their power and committing more heinous crimes. I've heard that many good police officers eventually resign from the police system, because of how corrupt the police system is.

    3. cprmauldin



      I think that is a spot where Police Entities have poor optics. It often appears to the public that we are all on the "Same Side," when, in fact we hate police corruption and brutality as much or more than the average Joe. 


    4. DragonQuest2IsGood


      Who knew a metal slime could have such strong opinions!? (This is not an insult btw)

  19. The Dragon Quest Builders 2 origami comes courtesy of Square Enix during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to download and/or print the Dragon Quest Builders 2 origami.
  20. If you really care about resolution, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is similar to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with a dynamic resolution of 504p-720p in docked mode and a dynamic resolution of 378p-540p in handheld mode. I'll wait for a video from Digital Foundry to see what resolutions Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition run at most of the time in docked mode and handheld mode. Resolution wise, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is rough. But going by the screenshots, it definitely looks better than Xenoblade Chronicles 2, especially with a less aggressive sharpening filter.
  21. Off screen handheld mode footage: FPS in docked mode and handheld mode:
  22. Somehow, I forgot to upload gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. This is from TGS 2018. And this is from TGS 2019. Before I forget, the true name is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles S: Remastered Edition: Game of the Year Edition.
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