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  1. Please look away if you don't like to look or discuss politics.

    Otherwise, I thought I share this because I think it's extremely important.


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    2. Dakhil


      I really do appreciate your post, @cprmauldin. I want to make it crystal clear that I don't think everyone who's a police officer is an evil person, which is why I mentioned "police system" and not "police officers". But saying that, I'm really frustrated about how much corruption there is in the police system and how much that's encouraged by the U.S government. And I'm sure you are as well, @cprmauldin.  I also get really frustrated, but am sadly not surprised, when there are police officers who have abused their power and commit heinous crimes, but at the end, completely get away scot-free, free to continue abusing their power and committing more heinous crimes. I've heard that many good police officers eventually resign from the police system, because of how corrupt the police system is.

    3. cprmauldin



      I think that is a spot where Police Entities have poor optics. It often appears to the public that we are all on the "Same Side," when, in fact we hate police corruption and brutality as much or more than the average Joe. 


    4. DragonQuest2IsGood


      Who knew a metal slime could have such strong opinions!? (This is not an insult btw)

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